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  • The competition of the fighters. Rob vs Josh

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Here is the script I came up with below:

Rob: tight-fitting black t-shirt (later shirtless), baseball cap on backwards (kept on throughout the video), jeans, everyday shoes

Josh: tight-fitting plain white t-shirt (later shirtless), jeans, everyday shoes

Setting: Indoor gym setting

Note: This fight video will be about 15-20 minutes long and have five fights between Rob and Josh. The fights will mainly focus on punches/kicks to the stomach and face, but other kinds of hits or moves are welcome. If possible, please have the camera zoom in on especially powerful punches to the guy’s stomach as well as show his surprised or shocked reaction to the punch as well. Also feel free to use slow-motion during especially powerful hits at times too. Have each guy grunt or groan in pain when taking hard hits. Once a fighter is KO’d, he should end up flat on his back with his eyes closed. Please no bruising effects or masks.

Rob and Josh are rivals who recently got into an argument over which one of them was the stronger fighter. They decided to hold a private bout of matches between each other to settle the argument and prove which of them is truly the best. The last man standing after five fights will be the champion. Both guys are cocky and certain they will win, however one of them will be humbled by the other in the end.

Fight 1

The fight is evenly matched between the two at first, but over time Rob starts taking more control. Eventually, Rob delivers a gutpunch deep into Josh's stomach (close up) that leaves him stunned with a shocked look on his face. Rob then delivers an uppercut that staggers Josh back a few steps, dazed and unsteady on his feet. Rob holds him steady with one hand on his shoulder and delivers another powerful gutpunch that knocks the wind out of Josh and doubles him over. Rob pulls the barely conscious Josh upright again and holds him steady, and says, "Take a nap, asshole." Rob delivers another powerful uppercut that briefly staggers Josh before he rolls his eyes and collapses flat on his back with a moan, KO'd. Rob flexes his biceps and smiles at the camera, saying, "That felt good." The camera then zooms in on and slowly pans over the KO'd Josh for 10-15 seconds before fading out.

Fight 2

The camera fades back in. Once Josh wakes from his previous loss, he tells Rob, "You got lucky. I'll prove it!" Rob smirks and says, "I'd like to see you try." They ready their fists and begin their next fight. The fight starts off with Rob in control, but Josh slowly takes back control over time. After wearing down Rob, Josh delivers a kick to Rob's balls (close-up) that briefly stuns him and leaves him leaning forward clutching himself in pain. Before Rob can recover, Josh delivers a knee strike to Rob's chin that snaps him back upright and leaves him dazed and unsteady. Josh places a hand on Rob's shoulder to steady him and then delivers a powerful gutpunch deep into his stomach (close-up) that leaves Rob breathless and barely awake. Josh gives Rob a shove, and Rob staggers back a few steps rolling his eyes. Josh then delivers a final kick to Rob's head that drops him flat on his back, KO'd with a moan. Josh flexes his biceps and smirks at the camera before looking down at his KO'd opponent and saying, "I told you I'd prove it this time." The camera then zooms in on and pans over the KO'd Rob for 10-15 seconds before fading out.

Fight 3

That camera fades back in. Rob slowly wakes from his previous defeat. He tells Josh, "I'll kick your ass for that!" Josh gives a beckoning gesture and says, "Bring it on, big guy!" Josh pulls his shirt off and tosses it away off-camera saying, "Show me what you're made of!" Rob does the same and tosses his shirt away but keeps his hat on. The two ready their fists and begin the next fight. Both guys fight aggressively at the start of the match, trading punches and kicks with one another. Over time, Rob slowly gains control. Rob manages to show Josh up against the wall behind him and delivers a powerful gutpunch (close-up) that leaves him stunned. Before he can recover, Rob delivers a beatdown of multiple slow, powerful punches to Josh's stomach followed by punches to either side of Josh's jaw, and then finishing with another powerful gutpunch (close-up). Josh visibly weakens with each punch and is barely conscious by the end. Rob grabs Josh by the chin and says, "Looks like you've had enough for now." He drags Josh by the chin back to the center of the gym and then holds him upright with one hand, before pulling his fist back and delivering a final uppercut to Josh's chin. Josh staggers backwards a few steps, dazed and barely awake, before he briefly rolls his eyes and collapses flat on his back with a moan, KO'd. Rob smiles at the camera and flexes his biceps, saying, "It's not looking good for him. He just can't compete with me." The camera then zooms in on and slowly pans over the KO'd Josh for 10-15 seconds before fading out.

Fight 4

The camera fades back in as Josh slowly wakes and gets to his feet. Rob taunts him, saying, "Are you sure you want another fight? We could just save you the embarrassment." Annoyed, Josh says, "Fuck you! We'll see who's embarrassed after this.” They begin the next fight with Rob starting off strong against Josh. Josh manages to endure throughout the fight and starts to turn the tables on Rob over time. Eventually a high kick from Josh stuns and staggers Rob back up against the wall. Before Rob can recover, Josh lifts and presses a foot against Rob's throat in a foot-choke. Rob chokes and struggles against Josh's foot for several seconds before managing to free himself and shove Josh away from him. Rob then charges toward Josh and throws a few punches that Josh quickly dodges. While Rob prepares another punch, Josh drops low and delivers a powerful punch straight to Rob's balls (close-up) immediately stunning Rob in pain and surprise and causing him to drop to his knees, clutching his balls. Josh grabs Rob by the chin and tilts his face upward to look at him, and then delivers a powerful gutpunch that knocks the wind out of Rob and leaves him dazed and swaying unsteadily on his knees. Josh grabs Rob by the chin a second time and tilts him upward to look at him again, saying, "How does that feel, tough guy?" Rob starts to roll his eyes as he loses consciousness, but not before Josh delivers another powerful gutpunch deep into Rob's stomach (close-up). Rob is KOed from the impact, and Josh, still holding him upright by the chin, gives a shove that drops Rob flat on his back, KO'd. Josh flexes his biceps and gives a smile and a wink to the camera, saying, "There's more where that comes from with the better fighter. The camera then zooms in on and pans over the KO'd Rob for 10-15 seconds before fading out.

Final Fight

The camera fades in as Josh is being interviewed. He proudly flexes his biceps and winks at the camera, saying, “Rob’s a big guy, but we all know who the better fighter is here. I’ll make sure to put him down fast.” The camera then switches to Rob’s interview. He flexes his biceps and gives a wink to the camera as well, saying, “Josh thinks he’s the toughest, but I’m here to prove him wrong. I’ll make sure he doesn’t forget it.” The camera now shows both of them as they face each other and ready their firsts and begin their final fight. Both guys fight with all their strength and are equally matched right up until the end. After blocking a punch from Josh, Rob counters with a painful kick to Josh’s balls (close-up) that leaves him stunned in surprise and pain. Josh doubles over, clutching his balls in pain. Before he can recover, Rob grabs him by the throat with one hand and lifts him upright. Rob lifts Josh up off his feet by the throat (use camera to make it look like this is happening). Josh chokes and gasps while trying to pry Rob’s hand open. Rob smirks and says, “How do you like this?” Rob then delivers a chokeslam to Josh, slamming him down onto the mat and leaving him stunned (if it’s not possible, or if actors aren’t comfortable with it, instead have Rob shove or drop Josh so he lands flat on his back). Rob drops to straddle Josh’s waist. He taps Josh awake saying, “We’re not done yet.” Josh groans and says, “Fuck you, man!” Rob then delivers several slow but powerful punches deep into Josh’s stomach. Josh jolts and grunts with each punch, until he seems to be KOed. Rob taps Josh awake again just to deliver several more punches. When Josh seems to be KOed again, Rob taps him awake again and Josh weakly mutters, “Please… no more…” Rob grabs Josh by the chin and pulls him up into a sitting position so they are face-to-face and says, “Anything you need to say to me first?” Josh struggles to stay awake and mutters, “Fine… you’re the… stronger fighter…” Rob smiles and says, “That’s right. Now let me make sure you remember.” While still holding Josh upright by the chin with one hand, Rob then delivers a final powerful punch to his belly and keeps his fist pressed in. Josh’s eyes go wide at first and then his eyelids slowly close until he is KOed with a moan. Rob slowly lowers him flat on his back, keeping his fist pressed in. The rest of Josh's breath escapes in a weak sigh and he's finally KO'd. Finally satisfied, Rob gets to his feet and gives a final wink and smile to the camera and flexes his biceps. "I told him I was the stronger fighter, but he wouldn't listen. He won't forget now though." Rob exits off-camera. The camera then zooms in on and pans over the defeated Josh for 15-20 seconds before fading to black. END

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The competition of the fighters. Rob vs Josh

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