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  • Villains interrogate Nightgirl Naomi bending her back

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After the last video where the guys beat and broke Catgirl Tiffany, Rob finally found Nightgirl (Naomi). The video opens after a fight of 1 hour and we see Rob dominating Nightgirl with the same moves as the scene « Opening scene ». Rob says « I finally found you Nightgirl, you will join your friend soon ». Nightgirl answers « I will kick your ass anyway ». Rob says « we will see that, my friend is coming ». Just after, we see Sven entering in the room just front of Naomi. Nightgirl, still stuck in the wrestling move, looks at Sven and make big eyes because she know she will be in big trouble. Rob says « with our all 4 arms, we will break you slowly »

Nighgirl becomes angry but is still very weak. Then, we have the below moves in the same order :

Scene 1 : Rob holds Naomi as the scene. Sven says  « we will begin by your ribs. By this way, you will have enought air during all seconds your punishment ». Then, Sven will make 2-3 punches on each side of ribs but will not punch the belly here.

Scene 2 : Rob will make the moves and before to bend her, Rob will say « Now that your ribs are into 1000 pieces, let’s bend your back and belly to make you feel pain. » Then, Robs makes the moves and Naomi will scream. Sven will punch her 2-3 times right in the belly. After this scene, Nightgirl will show big difficulty to breath.

Scene 3 : Rob will take Naomi and choke her exactly in the same way as the photo. If possible, Rob has to lift her and Naomi’s feet have to be in the air. Then, Sven will punch her in the ribs once again

Scene 4 and 5 : Rob will bend Naomi at the maximum and Sven will punch her right in the belly. Then, we will have the same scene as scene 5 with Rob who will hold the legs and Sven will bend her by her neck.

Scene 6 : We will have exactly the same scene with Sven who will put Naomi’s body in the exact same position on Rob’s knee and will bend her. Rob will says « what a great sensation to feel you’re back breaking and me only seeing you suffer».

Scene 7 : Rob will lift her from the ground and choke her with his hands and he will bring her near the metallic goal post and we will have exactly the same scene as the scene 7

Scene 8 : The roles between the guys are not important here.

Scene 9 : Here, Rob will make the moves and Sven will punch Naomi right in the belly

Scene 10 : For this last scene, Sven will take a chain while Rob bring Naomi to the metallic post with several punch in her belly. Then, we have the scene as the scene 10. At the end of the scene, we hear a big cracking sound that means the guys finally broke Naomi’s back and ribs.

Punch scene : sometimes, Rob or Sven will make the same hold on Naomi and the other guy will make a big punch in the belly

Then, Sven looks at Naomi’s body and says « it is finally done, 2 superheroines broken ». Rob answers « yes, and it is not finished »

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Villains interrogate Nightgirl Naomi bending her back

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