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  • Rob's attempt to prove his superiority to Tiffany was failed

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After the hard humiliation suffered in his school, Rob decided to close his karate school. He has never been able to understand how a short and normal girl could beat before his students and then him too. After a period of discouragement, he convinced himself that the main cause was the surprise effect and from that day he started training harder and harder, every single day, with the idea of avenging the humiliation suffered for Tiffany and returning head on to fulfil his role.

Tiffany in the meantime lives her normal life alternating job, free time, sports and a bit of shopping but despite her quiet life sometimes she has had to put some big arrogant guys in their place.

During his hard training Rob has further raised his level by adding a few more Dan to his rich background but mostly with the sole purpose of avenging his embarrassment defeated and re-establishing the normal order of things: the male’s superiority.

To be 100% sure of reaching his goal, he didn't just increase his level but he summoned two dear friends for the occasion, the current national champion and another super expert karate man. The two friends were really funny by the idea that the opponent was a female but they didn’t know that Tiffany is a short girl not even black belt.

The scene starts with Tiffany doing some stretching in the gym when suddenly Rob enters.

Tiffany is a little amazed but not too much, he enters threatening her and really self-confident about his chances. Tiffany, joking with him, asks him if he is finally there to get some lessons as she proposed the last time.

But Rob doesn't want to joke and immediately says he's there to give her the lesson she deserves ...... He tells her that he trained a lot and became VIII dan, that the time before he lost because was taken by surprise but that this time, he won't fooled by having a short girl in front of him.

Meanwhile, the two companions don’t enter in the room and they remain hidden spying on the scene without being seen; they have order to come in action only in case something goes wrong. When they see the opponent, they can’t believe that Rob lost with her, they comment between them the surprise and the shame of Rob. (Please use the camera in the way that it’s clear that the two men are hidden and Rob and Tiffany can’t hear their comments).

Tiffany warns him if he's really sure he wants to try again, last time there were three of them and this time he's alone… .. but Rob is determined and starts attacking.

Tiffany immediately manages to control her opponent with ease, avoiding his blows, parrying others and above all by sending increasingly precise and powerful attacks, landing Rob several times. As always the reactions of Rob (or the opponent in general) must be logic, in the first part of the fight he gets up quickly and his attitude is dynamic, aggressive, self-confident, during the match he’s gradually more tired, less dynamic, angry but always he tries to fight back.

Among her comments Tiffany points out that to tell the truth, he doesn't seem much improved since the last time, she also asks him what level he has reached and tells him that he really looks like still a beginner. She jokes with his ego and the stronger sex. During the fight Tiffany makes him to surrender three or four times. A so big and experienced man and he can't beat a small girl, what a shame… .. Rob at the beginning of the match is very threatening and a couple of times before attacking her he threatens to destroy her, to beat her badly and have no mercy for her. Tiffany when the man is on the floor and she’s waiting say some phrases. I would like if a pair of time, waiting the man she crosses her arm or puts her hands on hips saying something like: come on big boy, you must defend your belt against a small girl or I expected more by a black belt like you.

When Rob starts struggling to get up Tiffany advises him to give up and to stop his revenge accepting definitively the fact that women are superior, if he doesn't want to do it, she has to to hurt him badly, but Rob doesn't want to hear any reason and tries to attack again and again.

Tiffany has total control of the challenge and Rob struggles to get up and attack, so she sends him against the wall and places her foot on his neck showing her powerful superiority, Rob tries to get free but he fails and slowly loses strength, it seems to be close to be KOed when suddenly the two opponents come in and ironically applaud Tiffany.

She watches them but she continues to push Rob against the wall.

Woww you are a really good fighter, you looked like just a small girl and instead you know how to fight ...... anyway Rob it's pathetic that after so many years of experience and training you can't beat a so tiny girl.

Tiffany slowly lets her opponent go down (he isn’t KOed but he’s really at the limit) …. She says something like: It seemed strange to me that he came alone, you men always move in groups at the slightest obstacle, you are so insecure about yourselves!! Who are you?

A man: I love small girls like you so bold …. I am (a name) I’m a real expert in karate, I won a lot of important tournaments; I am (the name) the national karate champion, we are friends with Rob who asked us to accompany him while he gives a lesson to an arrogant opponent, we never thought you was a small girl, by the way we don't like a small girl knocks down one of us and so now one of us will give you a lesson so that you avoid in the future to challenge opponents out of your level.

Woww I'm honoured to meet athletes of your level and I should be happy to measure myself against someone of you. But it’s a nonsense, I don’t’ have any problem with you, I only defended myself by an arrogant man. Ohhh it seems she’s afraid, ahahah!!! Tiffany laughs too, noooo I’m not afraid. If you like, I’m happy to fight you, only, before to fight, I advise you to not underestimate the women; I don't train assiduously in karate but as you have seen before against your friend I knocked him down easily.

What belt have you got small girl? I don't have any particular belts, I like sports and I like to try them all, I love in particular combat sports and I learnt to fight by myself only to punish big arrogant males.

You haven’t got any belt and did you knock him down? Rob, you are a shame for the black belt men, now let's see how many times you can resist with me. The expert man goes in the centre of the tatami ready to fight.

Come on girl, come forward, show me your fighting skills. The man has an attitude of superiority, Tiffany doesn’t let herself be distracted, she doesn’t wait and hits him going on target with some precise hits. The karate man is surprised and Tiffany: if you don't want to do a poor figure, I advise you to engage right away.

Ohhh sure small girl, you took me by surprise but now I'm going to show you.

The man attacks with great conviction but Tiffany avoids and parries with great precision and ease and scores her counterattacks. The man becomes to get nervous and attacks even more but he suffers some very precise and powerful blows and a super powerful flying kick.

The national champion is amazed and incites his friend, he is a very quoted karate man and he can’t be in real difficult against a small girl.

The man tries to find his maximum concentration and says: you are very fast, I'm starting to understand your techniques and I have much more experience so now I'm going to change my attacks and he try this kind of fight (photo 1), Tiffany as well as being able to keep the centre of the tatami places a couple of techniques on him by knocking him down. Tiffany provokes him: honestly, It seems you have more words than skill, I expected a lot more from a so experienced man like you, if I have to tell the truth I'm not even making a lot of effort, you need to engage more if you want win. The man attacks really angry but Tiffany has the control of the challenge and begins to knock him down with increasingly frequent and powerful strikes and knockdowns. It is the most intense moment of the challenge and the man gives is best, he doesn’t have any more to defend, but he hasn’t any chance against his little opponent. Tiffany says: more than a champion, you seem almost like a beginner … Is it possible that male level is so low? The man is down again and Tiffany: I suggest you to give up if you don't want to end badly and she extends her hand to help him but the man gets up, he says: you can't beat me, I won a lot of important tournaments and you're just a small girl …. Now you will pay for this.

Tiffany increases the challenge and proposes: to show you what a small girl can do now I will fight without using my hands. But her speed and her skill allow Tiffany to continue to dominate the challenge by sending kicks indefensible for the man.

The man is practically without strength and Tiffany puts a very painful hold on him (photo 2), while the man is really close to knock out the last opponent gets up and says: ok ok it’s enough!!!!

It's time to teach you a lesson, you're a small girl but really arrogant and someone musts put you in your place.

Tiffany: First of all you came here to challenge me and not the contrary and secondarily are you sure you want to fight me after seeing how it went for your friends?

The guy is a bit nervous but he laughs; I’m the national champion you can’t have any chance against me and then angrily he attacks Tiffany that as usual incredibly takes control of the challenge. The two spectators incite the national champion but Tiffany is stronger, faster and more skilled and she makes him to surrender several times; one time without using hands. Tiffany jokes a little more with him, he’s the national champion and she expected a little more by him, she expected almost a little more of resistance than the other two. She incites and provokes him with some phrases, she invites him to attack and she easily avoid his hits. When Tiffany's superiority is evident, she proposes to the boys to stop definitively the fight but for the men there isn’t any way to stop it, they really don't want to give up. After a knock down she is talking with the two men and the national champion tries to attack her from but Tiffany is prepared for any attack. At last Tiffany puts on him a really pain hold (photo 3), she could easily break his arm. He doesn’t want surrender again so he shouts help by the other two. They immediately intervene, one of the two try to breaks the hold of the legs and the other one tries to break the hold on his arm. Both men can’t obtain any result and the national champion continue to shout for the pain so also the second man try to break the hold around the neck together to the first man but Tiffany’s hold is unbreakable, she leaves the man only when he desperately taps out. Now the national champion needs to regain his strength and invites the other two to fight together and to finally destroy Tiffany.

She says: OMG you are so pathetic that you want fight a girl in a handicap match??

They are confident again, fighting in a 2 vs 1 match they think they can beat her but it's Tiffany who dominates again the fight. During the fight they attack both singularly and simultaneously but Tiffany always kicks their ass. I like too if one time or a pair of time she blocks one of the two men and keeping him blocked she kicks away the second man. At one point Tiffany blocks both the men in a painful hold, the two can’t free themselves and they give up but suddenly the national champion returns in the fight and this time he has a bat in his hand. Tiffany: woww the national champ needs a bat to face a small girl, interesting. She leaves the two opponents on the floor and fight him. She disarms and knocks him down a first time, then lets him pick up his weapon and knocks him down again. She picks up the bat and she gives it to the champion …..Come on try again big champ. The man tries but she stops the bat with a hand and she kicks him really hard. You are really pathetic if you think to beat me with a bat. You must accept that women are not more the weaker sex and I think I showed it to you.

The male’s ego don’t consider this possibility ….. the three men regain a little of strength, they look at each other, they line up in fighting way still convinced they can beat Tiffany.

So, it becomes a 1 vs 3 but there is nothing to do. Now Tiffany is really on fire and during the fight she uses some simultaneous kicks, she immobilizes one or two and she fights the other, she does some holds waiting for another opponent: Tiffany plays a little with her opponents, putting on them a pair of multiple holds and making them to taps out, some high kicks hitting her opponents in series, when she puts an hold in one of the three, she invites them …. Come on big boys your friend needs your help, what are you waiting for?

The challenge continues but the men struggle more and more to get up and Tiffany decides to end the challenge by putting them to sleep, one at a time while she does some comments. When men will be able to accept that women aren’t since long time the weaker sex and that they have surpassed men in every field …. I can’t understand why in front of a clear defeat you don’t reserve honour for the opponent who has proved superiority but you continue to insist on increasingly humiliating and pathetic challenges…..

Tiffany puts the hold (photo 4) on Rob telling him how much he’s pathetic to try to challenge her a second way, she advices him to accept definitively his defeat and her superiority and then she puts him to sleep; then with a double hold the other two on the ground at the same time instead the national champion asks for mercy.

The fight end with the three men on the floor and Tiffany who walks amongst their body and their egos totally destroyed putting her feet on them and saying some comments about female superiority, about their stupid egos. She unties the black belt from the national champion and she puts it on is neck than she puts her feet on his chest and she finishes with a victory pose watching the camera.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Rob's attempt to prove his superiority to Tiffany was failed

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