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  • Rhea gets the superpowers to destroy her boyfriend

Custom clip request 

Rhea is the viewer's girlfriend, who is given superpowers and then magic wishes, and the power goes to her head.

The scene starts with Rhea arriving excited that the viewer stole a magic ring that grants wishes. She should act super friendly, loving even, as she is manipulating the viewer into giving her what she wants. She hugs the viewer and talks excitedly about how this is a dream come true, how she can't wait to be evil and get revenge on the world, how she and the viewer will be unstoppable. She should spend at least a minute talking about what she'd like to do with superpowers (revenge on people, destroying armies and countries, etc).

She asks the viewer to give her those superpowers, and she then makes happy noises as she feels the power flow into her, she flexes her arms, looks around in wonder as she can "see through walls" and smirks happily at the viewer

She slowly unbuttons her shirt a little bit (3-4 buttons), to reveal the evil supergirl top underneath (whilst still wearing the shirt, partly buttoned).

"So how many wishes have you got left sweetheart? 2? How about you give me my own, unlimited number of all powerful wishes.. that no one can ever remove... yes... YES!!"

Rhea suddenly gains such godlike powers, and laughs hysterically. She clicks her fingers and the same black gloves as in "Rhea practices neck holds. Part III" appears on her hands. She then beats the viewer mercilessly, laughing as she punches them to his end.

The viewer comes back to life with Rhea pinning them to a wall with a single finger. She wishes that the viewer no longer has any wishes, then proceeds to break up with them. Telling the viewer that they only used them, all this time, to get what she wanted... and now.. she doesn't need them, they're only a toy for her to break.

Rhea then begins to experiment with her powers, finishing the viewer over and over again, using her wishes to bring them back to life. Midway through the clip she should click her fingers and change into the full evil supergirl costume (keeping the gloves). She should use the following methods to finish me;

- heat vision

- punching

- kicking

- head crush with hands and with boots

- hugging

- trapped between her legs

- giving me a weapon to shoot her, and after letting lots of bullets hit her (laughing and enjoying her invulnerability), she catches one and throws/spits it back (depending on if she catches it with her hand or teeth)

- any other idea you and Rhea think might be fun

She should completely overpower the viewer, and comment about how amazing it is to have wishes and superpowers throughout, and mock the viewer for being so easily used.

The final 3-5 minutes should be spent with her on top of 'me', choкling the viewer, breaking ribs and bones, and finishing it with a close up blast of heat vision.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Rhea gets the superpowers to destroy her boyfriend

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