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  • Glenda destroys the gang of Dirty Beard with her karate skills

Custom clip request 

Glenda vs. Sven (dirty beard karate twin brothers and karate clones vs. karate woman). Will be very similar to previous Stefania custom with some changes.

Her Attire: as usual same black pantyhose/black leotard. Her hair and face just like her recent clip, put lots of lipstick. She talks with big lips (you know). Also pull the leotard sleeves down and big toes as usual.

Sven attire: he wears different attire, one is like pic.2, please see the script for other attire. His look very serious and mean, Angry look. This time please have his hand open when he confronts her (not crossed over his chest, see script for details).

Scene.1 Sven in full Judo uniform pic 38, same hat (or similar hat any color)

Just like Stefania custom, he comes to the scene very angry, but this time please have his hands open like Rob/Sven, bully look pics.30,31, 39 or chopped down like a blade (not on his chest this time), and his face angry like pic38. He turns around and see her just like pic.5, 6 or Stefania previous custom (you know), hands over waist, she has that very mean look with a little smile (big toes). They stare at each other for 5 sec, different angles. She says “welcome to karate club, we break bones here all day and night” and right from there they bow each other (from same distance). Please show as they bow, they keep an eye on each other like previous custom. Now from that same distance she stretches her leg way up very slowly towards him and hold it up like that for few sec. pic.7, 32, no hitting or anything, just a pose from distance to scare him like Ronda custom love that stretched leg pose, again it is not meant for kick, just a pose. If she can bring the leg higher, that’s even better.

She then walks towards him just like Paula custom pics 34,35,36,37 (love that approach poses pic36,37, bends, legs way open stares at him), then they bow left and right to her toes, they also bow same direction to her toes looking at it, other angles too as usual like previous custom. They then circle around each other a little, she again stretches the leg toward him from distance pic.7,32 (no hitting just a pose and hold it few sec). Then full karate pose, stare each other mean look. He is super angry at her kick pose, now attacks her with a big punch or karate chop, she breaks his hand over her shoulder like Stefania previous custom, really like those breaks from different angles. Also in one of the repeats, while she slides into him, puts his hand way up over her shoulder, waits 2 sec then breaks it. She puts hands over waist big toes front of his eyes says “as I said we break bone here, this time broken arm and shoulder, that’s what karate is all about in ballet outfit”. If enough time left, while he is holding his broken hand on the floor, she does one more pic.32 at him.                                                   

Scene.2      Balcony throw, he is in pic.2 attire twin brother. She is wearing open toes hi heels in this whole scene (same hi heels as Stefania). Will be just like Stefania custom with some differences

Like last custom he is practicing karate, she walks in with the same open toes hi heels shoes (the one Stefania wore, real nice), toes can be seen sticking out of the shoe. She shows him her secret agent ID, puts her eye bra up, tells him “I just broke your twin brother shoulder with karate moves, he is at the hospital, surrender now before I break your bones too, will be less painful and no screaming”. She puts the ID away (or cut/resume scene) and put hands over waist stares at him. He looks at her body angry up and down (his hands down like a bully like scene.1, not over his chest), says “I will destroy you for his revenge”

They go to full karate pose hands chopped, she steps back and again from distance do pics.7, 32 on him hold it few sec (no hitting just a pose). They circle around each other then another pic.32 pose, he says “I will destroy you in the balcony”. She now raises both her hands way up to the ceiling, then brings it down all the way stretched to front says “karate”. He now escapes, this time she chases him up the stairs with the hi heels (don’t take the shoes off). Like Stefania custom he throws blade at her she bends way down miss, he then starts kicking at her to stop her, she bends miss all the kicks, also show it from her front too like pic.20 (mouth little open). She continues the chase, they go full karate pose on the stairs, he attacks she bend miss go karate pose again, and finally he grabs her by the throat trying to throw her down, he struggles and push harder and harder pic15,16. Now please show one more angle filmed from downstairs far view, she turns around looks down and sees the height like pic.21, Then just like Paula custom she karate chop his neck once then hold her hand way up towards the ceiling and looks at him (please raise the hand way up to the ceiling), he loses control and bounce of the wall behind him (show his head bounce few time on the wall, left and right) before jumping to his end, she is watching him the whole time, with hand way up towards the ceiling like pics.

She then goes down hands over waist like previous custom, looks up the stairway then down at him few times back and forth say “what a heavy karate chop made him to jump to his end” she then checks his pulse. While checking his pulse looking up at the stairs again.

She turns around looks down, camera filming from downstairs, show the height                                   

Scene.3,    he is in same judo uniform or pic.6 attire (camouflage outfit)

Like previous custom, he is crawling on the floor looking for secret document and all the sudden sees her big toes in front of his eyes, looking at it left and right (her legs spread apart-big toes) and pic.44. He then looks from her toes up her body looking at her face, stares few sec at each other, also show this from floor view like pic.24,25,26 or like previous custom. She puts her eye bra up like pic.25 love that pose, and says “what a surprise, the last nasty karate gang is here”, stare another 5 sec. This time please have him go to karate pose looking at her while sitting and not standing up like pic.40,41,42,43, please have her leg wide open like pic.40 (pics are for reference and you can show any angle you want, any location in the room). He is still on his knees on the floor goes to karate pose at him, she goes to full karate pose too, staring each other both focusing hard mean look. He attacks her with a chop, she blocks his hand and with a right hand karate chop his neck hard (her legs wide open like pic41,43 during the chop, I also love pic.42 bend height) , she keeps hand on his neck for few sec then raise her hand way up to the ceiling say haaaa, looks down at him he is still on his knees, she says “karate chop in ballet attire finished him”, he falls on the floor, his eyes wide open

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Glenda destroys the gang of Dirty Beard with her karate skills

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