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  • Guys take revenge on Tiffany for their humiliated ego by kicking her in the crotc

Custom clip request 

I would like to have a custom (maledom) with Tiffany and 2 guys.

Similar to [Tiffany was betrayed and defeated]

Length: 30 minutes

Actress: Tiffany

Attire (Tiffany) -  tight blue jeans, white blouse, boots, long straight hair – similar to [Tiffany was betrayed and defeated]; White bra and panties.

Focus of the video: lowblows on Tiffany; revenge by thugs on Tiffany through making her not to defend after holding her sister hostage.


[Tiffany faces 2 thugs]

Two thugs had captured Tiffany’s sister and held her hostage elsewhere. Tiffany had earlier kicked their asses and the thugs wanted revenge. She was too strong for them to take on, and they decided to do a revenge beating by threatening to hurt her sister if she fails to obey their demands.

Tiffany was invited into their liar to face a beating.

Tiffany: “Where’s my sister?”

Thugs ready to deliver a beating: “She’s safe, if you obey us. You are our target, not her. She will be free after we crush you. Now, stand still and don’t defend yourself!”

Tiffany: “You better honour your words.”

[Shrugs off beatings]

Tiffany stood still, while the 2 thugs punches and kicks her. Tiffany was strong and is able to endure their hits. Even though she feels pain, she shrugs them off. She remains standing strong when the thugs start to get tired after around 20 seconds with seemingly little effects on Tiffany.

“Is that your best? You guys are pathetic!” Tiffany scorns.

[Focus on weak spot]

The thugs discusses among themselves and strategize. They walk closer to her to observe her from all angles. [camera zooms in on Tiffany]. They pointed to her crotch saying she could not be strong there, and they have to break her at her weakest spot.

“Keep your hands behind your head, spread out your legs!” The thugs demanded. Tiffany reluctantly obeys.

Thugs begin to focus their kick on Tiffany’s crotch, both from the front and from behind. Tiffany endures the pain at the beginning, but clearly, she is much weaker at her groin and is not able to withstand such constant beatings. Slowly, her hands begin to involuntarily move toward her crotch each time they hit her weak spot. Eventually she blocks a kick with her hands, and starts to hold her crotch in pain.

The thugs are happy: “We’ve finally got you where we wanted! Hands behind your head or we will hurt your sister!” they demanded.

Tiffany obeys and continues to endure a variety of kicks, punches, jabs, uppercuts on her groin. Occasionally, the thugs hits at Tiffany’s head, but most of the attacks focuses on her groin. [Some slow motion playbacks on Tiffany’s reactions to groin attacks, and with somer close up shots of her face, and crotch]


The thugs decide to change tactics to further weaken Tiffany. They take out a hand-held taser and jab it at Tiffany’s side of her neck for a few seconds. This electrifies Tiffany in pain. She is angry but did not retaliate. They do it a second time at her neck, causing her to twitch her head and let out a slight scream as they do so.

The thugs teased Tiffany with the taser near her crotch. Tiffany is fearful as it’ll hurt a lot.

“No, not there, please.” Tiffany says.

“Yes, it will be there!” exclaimed the thugs as they jam the taser into her crotch for ~5 seconds. Tiffany screams and twitches in pain. The thugs continue to do this several rounds. Each round, Tiffany weakens further. Her mouth drools a bit a water and starts to lose consciousness (though remains standing).

“No, we don’t want her to faint.” Says a thug as he stops the other from tasering her too much. They slap her back to awake her, so that they can continue the punishments.

Tiffany was clutching her crotch, and writhing in pain.


“I know you are flexible, do some leg stretches!” the thugs demands.

Tiffany spreads out her legs and perform splits. The thugs make Tiffany to overstretch her legs beyond her limits, causing her to scream in pain.

They commanded her to change several stretch poses, and each time, adds on additional pressure to help her stretch more, causing her pain along her inner thighs. They also take opportunity to chop, jab at her out stretched crotch in her vulnerable positions.

[Back to focus on crotch hits]

After weakening Tiffany from taser and over-stretching, they demanded her to be back in her standing position with hands behind her head and legs spread wide. They do their previous kicks and punches to her crotch.

This time, Tiffany is not any to endure the pain. Each hit causes her hands to go to cover her crotch. Thugs demands her not to defend and put her hands away, but on each hit, the pain causes her hands to involuntarily protect her groin.

[Holds a barbell]

The thugs hands Tiffany a barbell with some weights, and orders her to hold it above her head. Thugs demanded that if the barbell drops, or if Tiffany falls to the ground, they will call for the hostage to be hurt. She is then asked to go back into position with her legs spread out for another crotch session.

Tiffany is in deep pain and tries hard to hold the barbell without letting it touch the ground. Thugs continue their attack on her crotch with various forms of kicks, upper cuts, chops and punches from front and behind. Since Tiffany is holding on to the barbell, her hands cannot protect her crotch, and she is taking all the damages. Eventually her legs give way and her knees drop to the ground and the barbell falls.


One thug starts to pick a phone to call the hostage site to hurt Tiffany’s sister.

Tiffany begs him not to do it. She’ll do anything they want.

The thugs then strip Tiffany down to her bra and panties (white bra & panties).


“You are now totally unprotected” laughs the thugs.

Tiffany is very much in a weakened state. The thugs positions Tiffany in various vulnerable poses and performs crotch attacks. Tiffany screams in pain. [Camera zooms in, some slow-motion replays]

Poses includes:

Puts Tiffany into a Boston-crab to over-stretch her and hits at her crotch.

Holds one of Tiffany’s legs and raise her leg high up and crotch kick.

Crawl position on all fours and kick from her rear.

Handstand position, legs stretched out apart, karate chops on groin.

Lie down face-up position, stomps and grinds on crotch.

[ultimate defeat – cracked ]

Finally both thugs positions Tiffany in a face-up lie down position, each thug holds one leg and pulls her legs apart till a crack sound is heard. Tiffany is broken at her pelvis and unable to move her legs anymore. She does an open mouth silent scream with a fearful face.

Thugs hits at her crotch, but Tiffany is unable to move her legs as they broke from hip downwards.

Tiffany slowly loses consciousness, with water drooling from an open mouth.

Thugs are then satisfied with their revenge, squeezes her jaws open and give a final punch to her face to knock her out with a broken jaw. Camera zooms in on Tiffany’s defeated body.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Guys take revenge on Tiffany for their humiliated ego by kicking her in the crotc

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