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  • Lucas vs Rob in kung fu competition

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Lucas and Rob are in the room wearing their black kung fu pants, white t shirt, white socks, and black Toms. Lucas is practising with nunchucks and Rob is stretching his legs and practising crescent kicks.

After 20 seconds, Rob asks Lucas if he’s read to fight. Lucas drops his chucks and kicks it off to the side and gets into a fighting stance. He tells Rob he’s ready.

Both are in a fighting stance and start fighting. Each fighter does lots of kicks and punches to the stomach area and kicks to the face.

After several minutes of fighting back and forth, Rob gets kicked in the stomach by Lucas which pushes him back and he falls to the ground. He see the nunchucks close by and grabs it. Before he can lift it off the ground, Lucas quickly steps on Rob’s wrist to keep him from taking the chucks. Lucas is standing behind Rob. Rob tries to get his wrist free but Lucas’ foot is too heavy. Rob uses his other hand to gives a back fist hit to Lucas’ groin. Lucas goes down in pain, holding on to his groin and moaning in pain.

Rob gets up and kicks Lucas across the face, back and forth, over and over. After 8 or 9 kicks, Lucas is all weak on his knees. Rob then raises his leg and wraps it around Lucas’ neck to choke him. He chokes him for a big and Lucas struggles. Rob lets him go and circles Lucas, laughing at Lucas. As Rob comes back to face him, Lucas still on his knees, Rob puts his foot on Lucas’ shoulder and leans in and trash talks him for a bit. Lucas quickly then punches Rob in the groin. As Rob brings his foot down and grabs his balls, Lucas from his sitting position goes to do a handstand and grab Rob’s neck with his legs for about 10 seconds. Rob can’t get loose and Lucas brings him down to the ground while still holding on to Rob’s neck with his legs/ankles. Lucas asks Rob to give up, but Rob refuses. Lucas asks him again. Rob is struggling, but then sees the nunchucks close by. He grabs it and sucker strikes Lucas in the head. Lucas goes dizzy and lets go of Rob. Rob does a kung fu jump up back to his feet and goes to Lucas to pick him up and punches him in the face 3 or 4 times, each time with a Bruce Lee like voice. Lucas uses his kung fu back on Rob. Rob takes a few hits but also blocks the last one and strikes Lucas in the stomach hard that

Lucas doubles over. Rob then puts him in a front face headlock and scorpion kicks him 3 times.

Lucas falls to the ground nearly half out. He’s on his back with his legs spread. As Rob comes over to stand over him, Lucas is putting his hands above his head at the same time to be in a defeated position. As Rob is standing over Lucas with Lucas between Rob’s legs, Rob only says “you lose, buddy.” Rob snap kicks ACROSS Lucas’ face in a right to left motion and Lucas gets knocked out. Rob smiles and grabs his crotch as a fuck you to Lucas. He slowly puts his foot on Lucas’ stomach and hangs his arms down while staring at Lucas. Extended scene and close up of Rob’s foot on Lucas’ stomach. Rob slowly switches and put his other foot slowly on Lucas’ stomach but comes down hard enough to make a slapping noise with his foot against Lucas’ stomach. Rob keeps his arms down. Close up and extended scene of his foot and Lucas’ spread eagled defeated position.

Alternate ending.

Rob is being choked by Lucas’ handstand grab. Lucas is grinning that he’s winning as he continues to choke. Lucas lets him go does a kung fu jump back up to his feet. As Rob tries to catch his breath, Lucas

gives Rob back and forth kicks across the face a few times. Lucas puts his foot on Rob’s shoulder and leans forward and starts trash talking him. Rob pushes him off and gets up. Lucas does a spinning kick to Rob’s stomach and Rob falls back to the wall. Lucas pins Rob’s arms against the wall with one hand and kung fu punches Rob in the stomach the other hand 3 or 4 times. As Rob doubles over, Lucas puts Rob in a headlock and does a scorpion kick to the face 3 times. Rob falls over on his back. Lucas uses his foot to put Rob in a spread eagle position. (Rob’s arms and legs spread very wide as he lays on his back) Lucas claims his victory and puts his foot on Rob’s stomach, arms hanging down. Rob lets out a short groan as Lucas’ foot slaps down on Rob’s stomach. Extended scene of Lucas’s foot, looking down at Rob, close ups, Lucas switching his foot. Lucas keeps his arms down the whole time.

Round 2

Rob is wearing jeans, white socks, black Toms, and a button shirt with sleeves rolled up. Lucas is wearing jeans, white socks, black Toms, and yellow shirt. Rob is practising using a bo staff. Lucas is on the floor stretching his legs to get ready for the fight. Lucas starts to do sit ups, and Rob walks up to him and taps his bo on Lucas’ stomach. Rob asks Lucas if he’s ready to lose. Lucas tells Rob he’ll be the one to lose.

Lucas then jumps up from the ground to a fighting position.

Rob puts the bo aside and starts to attack Lucas. Lots of crescent kicks from Rob. Lucas grunts each time he’s kicked by Rob. Lucas fights back with spinning kicks to Rob’s stomach and punch combos to Rob.

After a few repeated kicks, Rob gets the wind knocked out of him and falls to the ground. Lucas stands close to Rob. Rob sees Lucas’ foot and grabs it. As he lifts it off the ground, Lucas overpowers Rob and pushes him back down with the same foot in Rob’s hand. Lucas picks Rob up by his shirt and does some punches to Rob’s face and stomach, then pushes Rob to the wall. Rob comes back and tries to punch Lucas with his right hand. Lucas blocks it and Rob’s arm stays there. Rob then tries to punch with his left hand and Lucas blocks it with the other arm. Holding Rob in place with both his arms splayed, Lucas strikes Rob back in the face with his shoulder. Rob comes back angry trying to crescent kick Lucas. Lucas dodges 3 of the kicks. The 4th kick, Lucas catches Rob’s foot/leg and pins it against the wall. Rob tries to get his leg free, but Lucas’ hold is strong. Rob then sees the bo staff leaning against the wall and grabs it quickly to strike Lucas hard in the balls. Lucas lets Rob go and falls to the ground grabbing his balls. Rob laughs lightly and circles Lucas.

Lucas tries to pick up the bo, but Rob steps on Lucas’ hand. Lucas yells in pain while Rob laughs and shakes his finger “no” to Lucas. Rob picks up Lucas by the shirt and pulls him up only to roll back on the floor, putting his foot on Lucas’ stomach and flipping him over. Rob repeats this 3 times. He picks up Lucas again and starts to beat him up with punch and kick combos. He kicks Lucas down. Lucas is laying on his stomach groaning. Rob is standing behind him. As Lucas gets up to fight more, Rob does a jumping side kick to Lucas in the back with a sharp Bruce Lee yell. Lucas is all tired. Rob walks around to face Lucas. As Lucas gets up, he tries to kick Rob in the head, extending his leg. Rob catches the leg and punches Lucas in the inner thigh 2 times. Lucas yelps each time and then Rob throws him to the ground. Lucas so tired rolls over on to his back. As he is slowly extending his arms above his head in defeat, Rob walks over to Lucas at the SAME time and stands with one foot at each of Lucas’ sides (so Lucas is in the middle between Rob’s legs) Rob says to Lucas – “you lose buddy…you lose.”

Lucas responds with “aw man, you beat me. Finish me off.”

Rob responds with “Nothing personal, buddy” and takes his strong foot and sweeps it ACROSS (back and forth) Lucas’ face. Lucas gets knocked out. Rob takes 3 seconds to look at his defeated opponent and prize. He then puts his foot on Lucas’ stomach and stares at him. After 10 seconds, Rob puts his foot on Lucas’ balls and says “Like I said, buddy….nothing personal” and gives his foot a little jiggle before returning his foot on to Lucas’ stomach. Extended scene of Rob’s foot and various camera angles.

Alternate ending:

From: He picks up Lucas again and starts to beat him up with punch and kick combos. He kicks Lucas down. Lucas is laying on his stomach groaning.

Rob kicks Lucas over to be on his back. Rob stares at Lucas for a moment and jumps up aiming to land on Lucas’ chest and put him out for good. Lucas realizes what Rob his doing and lifts his fist up in the air so Rob’s balls lands on the first. Rob is in agony and falls to his knees. Lucas jumps up from the ground and starts to give crescent kicks alternating his legs over and over to Rob’s face as Rob is on his knees.

After a few times, Rob catches Luca’s foot but Lucas is strong and starts to push down on his foot making Rob fall back. Lucas begins to do back and forth kicks across Rob’s face a few times. Rob falls back to the ground. Lucas picks him up by the shirt and gives Rob 3 scorpion kicks before Rob falls down all weak.

As Rob is settling on the ground and about to put his arms above his head with his legs spread wide, Lucas steps over so Rob is between each of Lucas’ foot. Lucas looks down and says “you lose buddy….you lose.”

Rob groans and says “you beat me, buddy….finish me off.”

Lucas does his own finishing moves that he comes up with and Rob gets knocked out in the position of spread eagle (arms and legs spread out wide). Lucas puts his foot on Rob’s stomach/chest. After 7 seconds, Lucas puts his foot on Rob’s balls and says “like I said…nothing personal, buddy.” And after a jiggle, puts his foot back on to Rob’s chest and keeps his arms down. After a few moments, Lucas puts his other foot on Rob’s stomach. Lucas puts his hands on his hips for a 10 seconds, then back down at his sides. Extended scene of Lucas’ foot on Rob, various camera angles.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lucas vs Rob in kung fu competition

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