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  • Ronda is chasing three guys in the woods

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This is again a Clip where a extremly strong strong Girl loses a fight, but this Time in another Location: In the Forest.  I god the Idea from the 1999 Movie „City of Darkness“ where a female Vllain follows a Group through the Forest and they are fighting several times Times, before she gets beaten.

Ronda fights against 3 Guys.

Ronda: With the Outfit as discussed  (Please make shure is looks good during the whole fight) and open Hairs and some soft Make up , she is very strong and a good fighter, her Kicks are very dangerous for the Guys. Ronda is arrogant, cocky and brutal, she always keeps attacking the Guys without a  break. She gets the most punches during this fight, but she only shows a little Body reaction from it. She doesn't bow much forward from the Belly blows, or turns around her Head like crazy from the Head punches. She takes all the blows like a Juggernaut and is always focused on the Guys. But she still moans from every single Punch, this is importand!

The Guys: You can choose any Outfit for them. One Guy is injured and the other ones are helping him, the are good fighters too and give Ronda always  good punch Combos with several punches against Belly and Head. It would nice to see one of them to be a fast attacker/puncher, like Sven can do it.

The Movie starts with the Guy running   through the Forest, they are in panic and fearful, as i said one is injured and the others need to support him, the injured one says: (You are free to regreat the Dialogs during this fight) „I can't go on, I need a break“ One says to him that They need to keep going, because „She“ will find them. But he is to weak to keep going and the Guys must stop. While one is looking for the injured Guy, the other one is looking around. And then he is in shock: We can see Ronda standing not far away from them. „ There she is!“ – „ We are doomed“  Ronda says nothing, she is slowly and in a strong/arrogant Way approaching them. While one Guy is still at the Side of the injured one, the 3 Guy stands before them and faces Ronda, ready to fight. When she stands befor him, she looks at him for one second, before she starts her attack. And the first fight beginns. (Around 3 Min)

As is said Ronda is a good fighter, and one Guy is nothing for her. She keeps avoiding every single attack, and keeps punching him (As is said her Kicks are very painful). The Guy gets a really hard beating, and the other 2 are only watching. After  a short Time, she dominates him completely:

She is holding one of his Arms in a lock and keeps no stop kicking his Belly with her Knee, he moans painfuly. Finaly the healthy Guy has enough, leaves the injured one behind, and  joines the fight. He catches Ronda on surprise ( the first Guy drops on the Ground)and can give her a good Number of punches, he can also avoid 2-3 attack from her, before she hits him. Ronda quickly turns the Table and starts to dominat this Guy too, now the first one  stands up again and she needs to fight against 2 Guys. We can see that 2 Guys are to much for her: Ronda  gets now  way more punches, that she can give the Guys. But as is said: she is like a Juggernaut, she takes all the blows like nothing, and always keeps attacking them. After every blow against her she is focused on the Guys and trys to attack them.  The injured Guy is still watching the fight with concern.  When we reach the End of this first Round the 2 Guys are lucky: They are standing in front of her, and together they can give her blow over blow, at the End they are giving her together one hard Punch into her Belly and she strumbles back. The Guys decide that this a good Time to Run away from her, they go the injured one and together they are running away. Ronda is  looking after them, before she slowly follows.

Fight 2 is 3 Min again, we can see the Guys going fearful through the Forest, always looking for Ronda. But she hides behind a Tree, and makes a surprise attack on them. For a short Time she dominates the 2 healthy Guys, and the injured one sees he needs to help, and starts attacking her too. Now i want the fight to look like this: Ronda manages to punch down one Guy and needs to fight of 2, so there is always a 2 vs 1 fight. Again, Ronda receives a very high Number of punches, but she  is still always attacking them. At the End of the 3 Min the Guys are lucky again: All 3 of them are standing in Front of her, and are attacking her. Ronda tries her very best, but this is to much: She fails very attack and gets blow over blow. They finish her off with a kick into her Belly and she falls down on her Back. Again the 3 Guys decide to run away from her. Ronda is looking after them, she stands up and now she follows them quickly: We can see on her Face that she is upset.

Final fight: After all the figthing and blows the Guys are exaused, while running away from her. Ronda can catch up to them, and starts attacking them again. We can see that Ronda has finaly enough: She fights very aggresiv now and is attacking the Guys quickly without a break. For a short

Time they can hold up with her, and can even punch her, but after a while she dominates all 3 Guys, and at the End all 3 are on the Ground around her. They are  weak and in pain. Ronda is looking at them, she is looking proud of her self.  We can hear from 2 Guys, stuff like: „She is too strong“ – „We tried everything, but. She is still standing“ – „I can't beat her“ and for the first Time Ronda talks „ You were really good, but now you're going to be destroyed“ and she smirks. Surprisingly the injured Guy i no ready go give up: He stands up and says „Come on Guys, we can do it“… he is approaching Ronda, she doesn't take him seriously

And starts her attacks. Now i want to look the fight like this: Ronda tries 1 oder 2 attacks on him, he avoids it, and gives her around 4-6 punches, after this she tries the next attack…. This goes on 5 or 6 Times like this. The other 2 Guys, still on the Ground are watching this, and they are getting a big Moral boost, because now one Guy, the weakest one, keeps resisting her. And the two decide to help him. Now Ronda fights against 3 motivated Guys, she still keeps attacking them, but she gets a extremly high amount of punches.  Now i want to see the same stuff, what you did in „ The unexpected humiliation of Super Tiffany“ around 15:45_16:20 : All 3 Guys are punching her, and Ronda seems (like Tiffany) overwhelmed with that Situation and gets blow over blow while she is leaning against a Tree, she loses her figthing stance too.  When the Guys finaly stop the attack, Ronda goes immediately in fighting position again, but she breaths hardly from all the blows . She rushes forward to attack the Guys, but she hits nothing anymore and they Guys are keeping punching her. In this last Phase of the fight, Ronda starts to look exaused and she moans more painful from the blows against her.  Near the End the 3 Guys are standing around Ronda, and punching her around: One Guy gives her around 3-4 punches, the last Hit is always a left or right punch against her Head, from this punch she turns around to the second Guy, and he does the same stuff. During this Time, Ronda gets weaker and weaker, she can´t attack anymore,she loses her fighting position, she is exaused and moans very painful now. In the End ist to much for her, and she drops down on her Knees, holding her Belly with one Hand. The Guys are standing infront of her, she is looking up to them: From her strong Character is nothing left anymore, she is beaten. One Guy says, its  time to finish her off, another one gives her a kick against her Head and she falls over and is out. The 3 Guys are happy that they defeated her, and the Clip Ends.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ronda is chasing three guys in the woods

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