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  • Klara breaks the biggest fight of MMA champion

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Rob has the biggest MMA fight of his entire career tomorrow, but his body aches from so many fights. He searches the internet for masseuses who are available to arrive in a few hours and finds a masseuse. Rob decides to call her on the phone and the masseuse tells him that she can, so they meet in a few hours. 

After a few hours, while Rob is punching a punching bag, there is a knock on the door. Rob opens the door and the masseuse walks in with a backpack.

KLARA: "Why did you need me so urgently?"

ROB: "Because tomorrow I have a very important fight and I want to be without pain in my body."

KLARA: "I understand. And why is it so important?"

ROB: "Because I'll get a winning record and they'll give me €50,000 if I win."

KLARA: "Wow! Then let's get to work. Take off your shirt and lie face down on the bed."

Rob takes off his shirt and is left with only his underwear on and lies face down on the bed.

KLARA also takes off her clothes and heels and remains in her underwear and barefoot. She mounts on top of Rob and begins massaging Rob's back.(15 sec)

KLARA stops massaging and gets up.

KLARA: "I've seen that you have a contracture, I'm going to take a syringe from my backpack and I'm going to prick you to calm the area."

ROB: "Okay."

KLARA takes the syringe from the backpack and mounts on top of Rob again. She pokes him in the back with the syringe and she gets up again.

KLARA: "Okay, now turn around."

Rob rolls over and is now lying on his back. KLARA mounts on top of him and begins to massage his chest.

KLARA: "I thought that if you win the fight, we could share the 50,000 dollars because if you win it's also thanks to me."

ROB: "Hmm how about I give you free fighting lessons?"

KLARA: "Wrong answer"

KLARA punches Rob in the face and Rob screams in pain.

ROB: "What are you doing??! And why has he hurt me so much?"

KLARA: "I have injected you, now you are weaker and the blows you receive are going to hurt a lot. He shares the $50,000 with me and nothing will happen to you."

ROB: "No way!"

Rob tries to punch KLARA, but Rob is weak and KLARA dodges the punch.

ROXANE: "You have chosen wrong."

KLARA punches Rob in the face and Rob groans in pain with each punch. As KLARA punches Rob in the face, she occasionally asks "Do you like this?" (2 min or more)

KLARA gets up and searches her backpack for a shooter. She picks up the shooter and climbs back on top of Rob. KLARA points the shooter at Rob in the face.

KLARA: "Last chance, are you going to share the $50,000 with me?"

Rob doesn't answer and KLARA hits Rob in the face with the shooter. 

ROXANE: "Answer!"

KLARA hits Rob in the face with the shooter again.

ROB: "Never!"

Rob recovers his energy and hits KLARA, who falls to the ground with the shooter. KLARA tries to retrieve the shooter but Rob pounces on her and pushes the shooter out of KLARA's reach. Rob and KLARA grab each other and start rolling on the floor, mount on top of each other(20 secs or more) until Rob mounts on top of KLARA and punches her in the face. KLARA moans with pleasure every time she receives a blow, from time to time she says "Hit me harder".(1 min or more)

Rob feels the poison in his body again and, tired, falls to the side on his back.

KLARA mounts on top of Rob.

KLARA: "You really don't want to share?"

ROB: "I'm not giving you anything!"

KLARA punches Rob in the gut(20 sec or more) and punches him in the face.(1 min or more)

KLARA: I think I'm going to take the wrestling class now.

KLARA scissorizes Rob while she punches his gut (Scissor.png)(15 sec or more). Then she gets up and grabs both of Rob's legs as she stomps him in the balls. (10 sec or more)

ROXANE: "Get up!"

Rob gets up and KLARA punches and kicks Rob until KLARA places Rob on the ropes(ropes.png) (15 sec or more). KLARA knees him in the gut(Knees.png)(20 sec or more) and mounts on the ropes to punch Rob in the face(RopePunches.png) (30 sec or more). KLARA gets off her and Rob falls to his knees. KLARA kicks Rob in the face until Rob falls from so much pain. (30 sec or more)


Rob wakes up in a dark room tied to a chair or sofa. KLARA is mounted on top of him.

KLARA: "Good morning honey, did you sleep well?"

Rob tries to let go but can't.

ROB: "Let go of me motherfucker, I have to win tomorrow's match!"

KLARA: "You should have accepted my proposal"

KLARA slaps Rob (30 sec or more) until Rob gets free and pushes KLARA to the ground. Rob mounts on top of KLARA and spends all her fury punching KLARA(30 sec or more) until KLARA pushs his neck. KLARA as she pushs Rob's neck, she mounts on top of Rob. Rob pushs KLARA from the ground as well. KLARA pushs him until he is almost without feelings (20 sec or more). Later, KLARA punches Rob in the face until he knocks him.(1 min or more)

ROXANE: "Pathetic"

While KLARA is riding on Rob, she strikes a victory pose. She then stands up and strikes a victory pose placing her foot on Rob's stomach.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Klara breaks the biggest fight of MMA champion

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