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  • Don't betray the mafia. Sasha vs Carol

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PART I (~10 minutes): ROB is the head of the local mafia and finds out someone is leaking secrets to the Feds. Member SASHA convinces him it’s TIFFANY so the 2 of them ambush her and beat her stomach to teach her a lesson while she begs, moans and pleads, insisting it wasn't her as she claims she was set-up. They don't believe her and make her pay with an EXTREME stomach beating.

PART II (~20 minutes) 3 months later, ROB finds out it wasn't TIFFANY after all, rather it

was the fucking cunt SASHA. ROB summons SASHA to meet him at an abandoned warehouse to help him with a business deal or so she thought. When ROB confronts her, she tries to escape

but when she turns around, SASHA is floored by a vicious punch to the gut by a healed TIFFANY. They then proceed to totally destroy SASHA’s stomach, making the beating that was given to TIFFANY’s ribs seem like a walk in the park compared to what's in store for the turncoat bitch SASHA.

They take turns punching, kneeing & kicking her stomach (one holds arms VERY secure behind her back / full nelson, etc.) and escalate matters using various weapons (in no particular order - brass knuckles, police baton, baseball bat, edge of chair, rifle butt, etc).

SASHA is a defiant slut & even spits in your face which TOTALLY pisses you off, so now you really make her pay & slug her in the stomach with a dumbbell OVER and OVER until she starts coughing up red liquid. You aren't done yet & ram a rifle butt in her gut numerous times and lay in a few more boots to her midsection and leave with SASHA clutching her stomach in total agony with serious internal injuries.

Girls ATTIRE (during ENTIRE movie) - see PICS at bottom for example of what I’m looking for:

⦁ Super TIGHT skinny jeans

⦁ WIDE belts that I would purchase

⦁ HIGH-heeled boots to knees

⦁ SEXY tops which show the girls stomach & navel

⦁ Try to use a variety of blows / angles, make sure the selling and reactions are great & the PUNISHMENT looks as real & hardcore as possible, with stomach bruising and spitting up red liquid.

⦁ Try to mix in some "distance shots" while the attackers are dishing out the blows so I can see the whole attire during the beating, as well as many instances of the victim clutching her stomach in severe pain when let go.

⦁ Please include a lot of trash talking by the perpetrators (cunt, bitch, slut, whore) as well as some defiant lines by the victim. Lastly, for some reason I love the word "stomach" as opposed to belly, so try to see if the perpetrators can use it frequently when trash talking and VICTIM says it when she's writhing in pain. (Example: "Oh my stomach hurts so bad”).

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Don't betray the mafia. Sasha vs Carol

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