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  • Invincible Mabel destroys the bunch of men

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Mabel plays a supervillainess with many superpowers like heat vision (laser eyes), super strength, and invulnerability.

This clip is a series of similar scenes as Mabel finishes one person after another after another.  It can be indoors or outside (or both)... it doesn’t matter.

There is a lot of bullet-bouncing off of Mabel in this clip... that is very important (as well as some invulnerability to fire and explosions).

As Mabel approaches each man, they take out a shooter and shoot at her a lot and all the bullets just bounce off of her.

She’s completely invulnerable.

Some men might even take out a rocket launcher, flame-thrower, or grenade, and try to explode Mabel, but it doesn’t affect her at all, and she just walks through the fire and explosions completely unharmed.

The men never run out of bullets and just keep on shooting at Mabel, and all the bullets just bounce off.  The men never stop shooting at Mabel, until they can’t anymore (because Mabel is finishling them).

Another very important thing is that Mabel doesn’t just stand in one place as a man shoots at her, but instead she is always walking towards the man.  She doesn’t stop moving until she’s reached the man to finish him.

So as the men are trying to shoot Mabel, she just walks towards them and only stops once she reaches them.

Once Mabel reaches a man she stops and destroys the man in one of two ways.  Half the time she uses method one and the other half she uses method two.  She either (1) shoots lasers out of her eyes, destroying the man, or (2) she breaks his bones until he is overpowered… snapping, twisting, hitting, squeezing and crushing his bones (ribs, arms, hands, fingers, legs, neck, back, hips, skull… bending elbows, wrists, and legs the wrong way)... smashing his head against walls, doors, desks or anything else, snapping his neck, or crushing his head like in “terminatrix Karina crushes the heads”.  There should be lots of bone breaking or crushing sound effects for these particular destroys. Once Mabel begins breaking the man's bones, he obviously drops his shooter and can't continue to shoot at her anymore.

In both methods of destroying (laser eyes or bone crushing) the men are completely overpowered and cannot fight back.

Once Mabel finishes destroying a man, she walks away and finds another man and the situation repeats.

She walks towards a man, and he shoots at her with a shooter… tons and tons and tons of bullets bouncing off of her (and maybe even an explosion if the man fires something at her that would explode).

It’s more important for the camera to be pointed at Mabel and to watch the bullets bounce off of her than it is to see the man shooting.  You can show the man shooting at her (from time to time), but showing the bullets bouncing off of Mabel is much more important, so the majority of the screen time and focus should be showing Mabel walking forward and being invulnerable to bullets and explosions (and it’s less important to show the men shooting at her).  So we should only cut to the man shooting at Mabel for short periods of time, and focus more heavily on showing Mabel being invulnerable (as she's walking forward).

This continues for the whole clip: Mabel finds a man, walks toward him and is shot at, she continues to walk as bullets and explosions don’t affect her, she reaches the man and destroys him half the time through laser eyes and half the time by destroying his bones, she then walks off to find another man, and repeat.

She destroys man after man after man after man, etc. etc. until the clip is done.

Throughout the clip Mabel acts sadistic, evil, and arrogantly happy.  She smiles or laughs at the men.  Mabel doesn’t talk a lot throughout the clip but from time to time she’ll talk a little bit to mock the men’s attempts to stop her, make fun of the men as she’s destroying them, or to gloat about her invulnerability.  She enjoys destroyng the men and loves her invulnerability.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Invincible Mabel destroys the bunch of men

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