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  • Stefania is a bounty hunter

Custom clip request 

Hope to make custom with Stefania, in the exact scene as video "Tiffany is on a mission to catch a criminal". Start on beach, then enter building, then roof. My wish is to have 3 different versions / remake scene of the Sonya vs Kano fight, different outfit. 


Actress: Stefania

Actor: One actor. Preferably other than Rob. Clarke is good. To play multiple roles. 

Length: 12 minutes

Location: Same as Tiffany is on a mission to catch a criminal.

Female Outfit: First Stefania to wear the green tank top as in my last Roxana video, skinny black leather pants, boots. Later she will wear similar cut white tank top. Lastly she wears a black skirt. Please include the chest holster Sasha wore in "Sasha looking for treasure" for all cases. Also she wears a black bra in all cases.

Male outfit: Any outfit for henchmen scene. Final scene, black top, black pants.

Language: Simple English


Stefania is a bounty hunter, hunting her bounty to collect prize money. 

First 4 minutes 

(Stefania wears green top, leather pants, boots) 

Scene opens on the beach. Stefania is seen walking along the beach. She finds a henchmen with mask. They have a conversation, she demands the location of his boss. He refuse. She will beat the information out of him. They get into a fight stance. Here please remake the Sonya vs Kano scene. She beats him until the scene where she tries to knee him and he pushes her to the ground (she may get one or two hits before). He tries to stomp her, she rolls away and on her hands and knees. He takes his time. He gives her three kicks to her stomach, slowly one at a time to make her suffer. He asks her if it hurts. Stefania takes the kicks like Naomi in the attached sample, elbow and head supporting the floor, kick lifts her body high in the air. She then gives him the reverse handstand scissors, and break his neck.

Next 4 minutes 

(Stefania wears white tank top, leather pants, boots) 

Stefania is seen entering the building. She meets another henchmen with mask. Again she demands for his boss. He refuses. They fight. This is the second version of Sonya vs Kano. Similar to fight 1. He lands one or two hits to Stefania. The kick scene, on her hands and knees, he kicks her stomach three times also. Slowly one at a time. She suffers pain. Handstand scissors, neck break. 

Last 4 minutes 

(same white tank top as fight 2, black miniskirt with colored panties, boots)

Stefania goes to the roof. The boss awaits her. She tells him to surrender, she will capture him for bounty of $100k. He refuses and no way. They fight. Version 3 of Sonya vs Kano. This fight is back and forth. Boss to hit her stomach more. Facing the wall, he punches and knees her stomach similar to Carol scene attached. During the kick scene, he kicks her four times in the stomach. This time have her flip after each kick like attached example, she rolls and flips from one end of the roof to the other end as he kicks her. She suffers and in pain. He asks if it hurts. He asks if she likes his boot to her stomach. Then handstand scissors, and neck break. She holds her stomach in pain, she says "my stomach". She calls her employer, says job done and get payment ready. 

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Stefania is a bounty hunter

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