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  • Sasha mesmerizes the bandit in order to destroy his balls

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This is a sequel to Ivy mesmerizes the bandit. I'd like to use Sasha for this one if possible. She's kicking one guy who can wear a mask. She's wearing all black including black stockings and black platform mules.  Guy should wear light colored pants. Please use a small guy like the one who got kicked by batgirl. Sasha is sitting in room when guy comes n and threatens her then realizes she isn't the girl he's looking for. He asks where is the girl who was there last month. Sasha is confused at first then slowly smiles. She says, "You're the guy who came in to rob her but got kicked in the balls instead. She's laughing at him now and he's getting mad and continues making threats. She says, "Hey I wlll be happy to kick you in the balls." This infuriates him and he comes at her. She sits there calmly and just before he reaches her she snaps her fingers and he stops in his tracks. She walks around him issuing instructions. She says, "You will lean against that wall with your hips thrust out so I can kick you with as little effort as possible. You will keep your hands on your head, your legs spread, you won't fall or cry out in pain, and if I ask you a question you will answer yes. Do you understand?" He does and gets into the position she instructed. She wheels a chair in front f him then asks if he'd like to be kicked in the balls really hard. He says yes and she delivers. She sits in the chair with her legs crossed slamming her right foot, toe first into his groin. When I say toe first I mean only the frontmost part of her shoe and foot should be making contact. Full leg extension with toes pointed towards the wall the guy is leaning against. I don't want her toes pointed toward the ceiling. As always she should keep her foot in contact for a second or two. Her attitude should be playful and superior as she delivers maximum pain and humiliation. Every so often she should ask a question like, you really enjoy this don't you" or 'you want more, harder" to add to the humiliation factor. I like a lot of close up shots and slow motion instant replay if possible. The video should mainly be shot from just behind and slightly to the side of where Sasha is sitting with the occasional facial shot to show her smiling. When the time is almost up she tells him she has to go. She gives him 3 more hard kicks then snaps her fingers. Guy falls to ground holding his groin. She tells him to come back any time and walks out. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha mesmerizes the bandit in order to destroy his balls

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