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  • Agent Roxana is hunting a gang leader

Custom clip request 

I like the outdoor scene of the video with Roxana in the woods with light clothing. 


Actress: Roxana

Male actors: Any 2 male actors, to wear masks to play multiple role

Length: 15 minutes

Location: Outdoor woods like video with Roxana

Female outfit: Fitting army outfit. Tank top, army pants boots. Something like attached picture. The colour of tank top similar is ok, not important for exact match. She wears a mask too initially. 

Male outfit: Army outfit

Fight scene: Roxana to receive lots of belly punches and kicks


Agent Roxana is hunting a gang leader. Scene opens with her in the woods, she is on her knees inspecting her machine gиn. She puts on a mask.

First 2 minutes (shooting scene) 

Roxana exchange gиn fire with multiple soldiers and shoots them.

Next 3 minutes (fight) 

As she continues in the woods, a soldier with mask is hiding behind a tree. He jumps out and grabs her machine gиn. They struggle and the soldier manages to drop her gиn. Then they both get into a fighting stance preparing to fight. They start to fight. Roxana is strong and beats him. However during the fight he manage to punch her face once, and follow up with a strong front kick to her stomach. She falls to her knees, holding her stomach, coughing. Camera to zoom in to her face showing her pain. She recovers and and finishes him.

Next 3 minutes (2 vs 1)

Roxana continue in the woods with her gиn. She removes her mask to catch her breath. Two soldiers jump out of a tree and struggle with Roxana. One of the soldier puts a iron chain around her neck and chokes her. Her hands are on the chain. The other soldier picks her machine gиn and ask her "Who do you work for". She struggles to reply "fuck you". The soldier then hits her in the ribs, right below her right breast, with the machine gиn end (push hits only). The hit was hard she bend sideways holding her ribs and big grunt, but the soldier behind her pulls the chain around her neck to stand her up. The front soldier touches her stomach and says "your stomach is going to feel good and soft". He hits her hard few times in the stomach. Roxana is hurt. The back soldier drops her to the ground. She falls to her hands and knees, coughing. She gets kicked in the stomach, she flips on her back holding her stomach. Camera to zoom in on her face in pain. The soldiers are enjoying the moment. As they pick her up, she fight back. 

Next 2 minutes (she eliminas the soldiers) 

Roxana battles the soldiers and she uses the chain to finish them both. 

Last 5 minutes 

She finds the gang leader (no mask). He says "Agent Roxana, you will be finished". She replies "we will see". They fight. Fight elements:

- Roxana starts strong 

- Leader fights back. No rapid punches. 

- he punches her stomach and face a little 

- he smash her face in a tree. She continues face tree with her hands on it. He punches her kidneys from the ba

back. She reacts in pain, bending to the punches.

- he throws her to the ground on her hands and knees. He kicks her hard in the stomach 5-6 times.

- looking defeated, on her hands and knees holding her stomach, he laughs. He is going to kick her again, but she uses her leg to sweep kick him and he falls to the ground. She mounts him and punches his face multiple times. She then takes out chain and chokes him from behind until his end. She walks away in the woods. 

Language: English. 

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Agent Roxana is hunting a gang leader

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