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  • Cat fighting. Carol vs Sasha

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Sasha and Carol start off by meeting face to face in dresses and heels. ( Same dress as Carol arresting the burglar with her legs video or something like that and Sasha in a similar dress.)

Sasha nails Carol with a round house kick and drops her to the floor right off. Sasha doesn’t waste any time and halls her to her feet by her hair and wheels her around and slams her back first into the wall.

Sasha slams a huge right cross into Carol’s mouth and then goes for a left cross an Carol blocks it and grabs the top of Sasha’s dress and swings Sasha around and slams her into the wall.

She doesn’t let go of Sasha’s dress and pulls her toward her and then she slams a backhanded fist into her face. Carol waits a moment and then steadies Sasha by her dress and slams a right hook into her check.

Sasha snarls and swipes her hand away from her dress and loads a a straight right jab at Carol’s pretty features but Carol blocks it and slams a combination right and left cross into Sasha’s face and then follows with and huge right uppercut.

Sasha slowly buckles and slides down the wall to her haunches and Carol rudely places her stiletto on her chest and pushes her backward to the floor.

Carol turns arrogantly with a smirk but she knows Sasha is going to need more that that to go down. She starts to remove her dress and tosses it tosses is to one side and then her stilettos and kicks them out of the way. Then she turns to face Sasha and signals her to get up and get real as she stands there bare foot in her panties and a top (same as the video where the bandits break into her place)

Sasha is more than willing to comply and stand and angrily removes her stilettos and swipes them away with her foot and takes her dress off and stands bare foot and in a panties and a bra or what ever works but two piece.

They circle and Carol goes for a right cross. Sasha leans back avoiding the punch and grabs Carol’s wrist and twist and wrenches Carol’s arm up her back hard in a hammer lock. Carol winces and goes up onto her tip toes. Sasha spitefully rams Carol arm up her back again making Carol grimace in pain as she went up onto her tip toes again.

Sasha marches her to the wall and slams her into it faced first. Sasha spreads her legs aprt slightly by sliding them out with her right foot and then her left. Then the tall brunette starts slamming her knee up into Carol’s crotch from behind

Carol goes up onto her tip toes with every ram and Sasha doesn’t stop until Carol’s knees fold into each other and she’s pigeon toed against the wall.

Carol’s face is smeared up against the wall and its her turn to slide don the wall face first to her haunches.

Now Sasha gloats as she touches up her lipstick and fluffs her hair and turns to face Carol.

Carol sneers defiantly at Sasha and rises and they circle each other slowly.

Suddenly Carol spins around in a full circle and nails Sasha with a back fist to the jaw.

Sasha back peddles and Carol pursues as she latches onto Sasha’s thick hair. Carol pulls her into a side headlock and sneers as she starts pumping right jabs into her trapped head. The third jab sends Sasha to her back.

Carol takes her time as she circles Sasha and bends down and grabs an ankle and pulls it up over Sasha’s body and starts to fold her into a match book. With Sasha’s legs folded over her head and spread wide, Carol holds Sasha in position with her palms on Sasha’s hamstrings and then goes to her knees above Sasha’s head. Carol rears her head back and slams it into Sasha’s crotch not once but three times.

Carol release’s Sasha’s legs a and they flop to the floor.

Sasha rolls into a ball holding her battered crotch.

Carol stands seemingly proud of her dirty work and swipes her hands together as if she finished the job then goes to her cloths that are laying on the floor.

But Sasha’s not through and struggles but get to her hands and knees and then her feet.

Carol turns and smirks as if to say. “Ok…let’s finish this!”

Now it’s a brawl and it’s one woman standing at the end and it’s your turn to drive the story.

I love your innovations every time. The women are great and very talented and full of expression which really adds to the entire project. Again you choose the winner.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Cat fighting. Carol vs Sasha

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