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  • Goddess Sasha was overpowered

Custom clip request 

I really like the „Sven almost overpowered Goddess Tiffany“ Custom and would love to see the same 10  min Video with Sasha vs Sven. Sasha wears the Blackdress from „Goddess Sasha tramples the balls of her slave“ With open Hairs, she should look like a gorgeous Goddess.

We can say that this Clip is the reason why Sven goes after her to „teach her a lesson“

I think i don´t need to explain much: Sasha is a God and i know she can Play a cocky and very strong Character Role pretty well. From other Videos i know has also some dominant standing Positions. She only shows a little reaction from the blows against her but moans every time.

From the start  she gets way more punches (Belly&Head) that she can give to Sven, but she takes all the blows and always pushes the attack against him.

In the short times when Sasha dominates Sven, whe can see that she loves to make him suffer, as example: At one Point she Twists his Arm in a very painful Way and  enjoys his Pain.  She could have finished him several Times during this fight, but she is just fooling around. She takes the whole fight not serious.

He uses the Magic, what makes her Arms on her Spine, 4 Times. Everytime he gives her Belly a hard beating. Sasha can nothing do and stands straight during this treatment.  After the 4 Time, Sasha shows for the first Time a short weakness and is holding her Belly, but she quickly ignores the Pain and from now she fights furious and tries to take out Sven, but at this Point he keeps avoiding every single attack. When he tries the 5 Time to use the Spell against her, it fails like in the Tiffany Custom.

Near the End the Belly punches are very painful for her, we can see and hear it. But Sasha only goes down once: At the End of this fight on her free will, she goes down on her Knees to surrender and to stop Sven from hitting her. On this Way he teached her a lesson like Tiffany: Stop make suffering other People.

It would be nice if You can add some Dialogs during this fight, for example: Sasha is surprised that the Spell works against her, or she is annoyed that he uses it against her again and again. At the beginning she is mocking him, at the End she tells him that he can never defeat her no matters what he does… and so on.

Language: Russian with English subtitl

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Goddess Sasha was overpowered

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