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  • Mabel was trapped and beaten

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Mabel received a tip on a hostage situation and is on a rescue mission to recover him. However, this is a trap to defeat her in a most humiliating way as a revenge.


Mabel sneaks in to a room. There are 2 thugs and a hostage. Hostage is seated and tied to a chair. The 2 thugs are interrogating him in a threatening manner. The thugs were back-facing Mabel. Only the hostage can see Mabel coming. Mabel signalled to hostage to keep quiet while she sneaks up.

The hostage, however, shouts for Mabel to help him and save him. The thugs turned around and saw Mabel sneaking up. Mabel lost the element of surprise. She gave the hostage an angry look, but nonetheless, thinks it doesn’t matter anyway. She is confident of taking down these thugs.


One thug fights with Mabel while the other still stays near to the hostage. Mabel trade blows with the thug. She has a strong resistance and is able to shrug off the blows with ease. The thug is beaten back. The second thug fights with Mabel, and suffers the same fate, gets knocked down.

[Thugs Fight dirty]

The thugs joined their powers and fight Mabel. In a 2 on 1, they were quite evenly matched.

The thugs starts to fight dirty and starts to deliver low blows to Mabel (kicks/ punches). Mabel initially can withstand the low blows and continues to trade blows with them.

** add scenes

1.Crotch kicked from behind

2.Mabel stretches her leg out and pins one thug (at the neck) using her leg against the wall. The other thug seeing Mabel’s exposed position (outstretched leg and wide-open crotch) give her a hard kick at her crotch.


The sustained low blows slowly chips away at Mabel. Her crotch is still a weak spot, even for a girl. She feels pain and takes longer to recover on each hit, resulting her being more on the defensive and less on the offensive.

Mabel change strategy and she now attempts to block low blows, but she is getting weaker by the moment and still has quite a lot of blows landing on her.

[Mabel Frees the hostage]

Mabel musters up her strength and gives an all-out counter attack, ignoring pains. She managed to knock back both the thugs onto the ground. She goes over to the hostage and frees him from the bondage.

“You are free to go.” Mabel tells him.

“I’ll stall them and buy you time to escape”

She turns round to face the 2 thugs who have recovered. She gets ready to face them again. She thought the hostage will escape and she’ll just focus on taking out the thugs.

[Trap triggered]

The hostage delivers a hard kick to Mabel’s crotch from behind, taking her by surprise. This is followed by the 2 thugs smashing her from the front.

The 3 of them surrounds Mabel and hit her from all directions, making it difficult for Mabel to counter or block their hits, which comes from all around from 360 degrees.

Knowing her weak spot, the thugs concentrated their attacks on her crotch. They deliver a variety of frontal kicks, crotch kicks from behind her, punches and jabs, and even claw holds to inflict maximum pain.

[Mabel Remains Defiant]

Mabel gets weaker and weaker over time, but remains defiant. She is struggling to survive the fight, but refuses to fall.

There are some moments she mounts counter-attacks. But these are short-lived moments. In a 3 on 1 situation, she is quickly overwhelmed again and remains on defensive most of the time.

** add in some scenes

Putting Mabel in vulnerable positions like Boston Crab and performs cunt attacks

They pull out stretching Mabel’s legs apart, beyond her flexibility limits.


Towards the end, Mabel is just staggering around the 3 of them, receiving hits & bouncing off the three and weakly defending herself.

[More humiliation – stripped down]

Thugs decided to strip down Mabel. Removing her shirt (leaving only bra on) and pull down her jeans. Shasha puts up a fight to prevent removal of her pants, but unsuccessful. She manages to fight off the thugs pull it back up once after it was partially pulled down (knee-level), but was still eventually overwhelmed by 3 of them and her pants was fully removed, and left with just her panties.

[Threatened to obey and not to defend]

Mabel pleaded for them to stop, and she admits defeat. Thugs demanded that she obeys their orders and not to resist or defend. Or else they will continue to strip off her last clothing pieces. Mabel has to reluctantly agree.

Thugs commanded her into variety of vulnerable poses* where her legs are spread out & hands are either by the side or raised above her head/ body bent over/ arched back/ one leg raised and held high. They low-blow her in a variety of ways, and threatened that if she disobeys, or falls, they will strip off her last clothings.

*Some times she poses by herself. At times, one or two of the thugs will “assist” her into positions.

[Ultimate defeated & humiliation]

After some hits, Mabel drops on her knees in pain, or falls on the ground holding her crotch to relieve pain.. She will be commanded back into position for another round of punishment. This cycle repeats.

It get tougher and harder to get back up, yet she is fearful they strip her naked if she does not follow their command. Some hard low-blows hits leave her crossed-eye and tongue slightly sticking out in semi-consciousness, before recovering to senses to continue.

In the end, she struggles harder and to get back up (for more punishment). She totally lost consciousness , with eyes opened while in pose (dazed), while the three thugs laughs at her defeat. They played with her face (pinch face, stretch mouth, pull tongue, etc) and there’s no resistance/ reactions from her.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mabel was trapped and beaten

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