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  • Two bandits torture Tiffany's belly

Custom clip request 

Tiffany and 2 Males that are a lot bigger than her 

Tiffany is wearing a similar top to “Tom invited a third friend to take revenge on Tiffany” with a form fitting sweater/long sleeve on to start. and form fitting  white, pink, or light colored athletic pants or tights.  

*IMPORTANT* Please have her pants not be too high waisted, so her belly button and lower stomach Is exposed. 

The men are wearing regular clothing with masks on. 

*The men act very dominant like bullies towards Tiffany and she shows that she is nervous and uncomfortable although she won't talk. 

The men are two friends of the guy that Tiffany caught and put away. They find her out for a run and attack her, finding out that her belly button is her weakness so they target it. They tоrture her to find out where their friend is. 

Scene 1: 

Tiffany is in the trees trying to get away from two men. They eventually corner her. 

She tries to attack one of them but he isn’t effected by her attacks. They close in on her and one of them takes her to the ground and pin her arms over her head. Her sweater rides up a bit so the other guy puts his hand on her stomach, slapping it and pokes her belly button. He comments on how nice her abs and belly button are. He touches her in the belly again and she tries to squirm away. He realizes she is ticklish and her belly button is a weakness. He asks where their friend is being kept and she says she doesn’t know. They decide to tоrture her belly until she confesses where he is. One of them picks her up around the waist like a rag doll and they take her to their hideout.

Tiffany is carried sideways up the stairs while she tries to break free but the guy is way too strong. They tell her no one will hear her or find them here. 

Tiffany is hanging from the beams with her arms tied over her head.  Her feet are dangling in the air. (If too difficult there just on her tip toes is fine) *weather permitting* (If too cold I’m ok with her wearing like a tight shirt or tight long sleeve and rolling her shirt up to her bra to expose her belly). But If its fine she is now just in her sports bra and tights. Her stomach is completely exposed and vulnerable as she hangs from the beams. They approach her and ask where their friend is. She says she won’t say. They laugh and tell her they are going to have fun with her, as one goes behind her and rubs her belly from behind with both hands. She tries to get away but she’s stuck and he holds her still with his hands on her sides. They then take turns tоrturing her belly with pokes, slaps, punches, claws, and tickling. They take a special interest in her belly button as one of them holds her from behind to arch her back even more, making her ribs stick out, and the other guy pokes her belly button .  She is trying not to show pain, but her reactions and facial expressions show that she is. *Important* Please have most of the punches and slaps not be over exaggerated. Just light slaps and punches but good contact with her belly. Meant to be more annoying and tоrturous instead of really powerful. Then mix in one harder punch or slap every now and then. They also hold her head back so it stretches her more and she can't see what's coming.

They take turns hugging her belly from behind, commenting on how little she is. They both see if they can wrap their hands around her entire belly, squeezing her sides. They ask if she’s ready to talk, and she says never. They untie her hands and drop her on the floor as she holds her stomach. They tell her they aren’t done with her yet. One of them picks her up around the waist like a ragdoll and shake her, hurting her belly. He passes her to the other guy who does the same thing, showing how light she is. 

Now they will put her in compromising positions for her belly where one guy stretches her out so her ribs show and her stomach is stretched while the other guy tоrtures her belly. She tries to struggle but they overpower her easily. They take her to the brick wall and one guy holds her hands high above her head. The other guy slaps her belly and pokes her belly button, asking if she’ll talk and she says no. He punches her hard one more time and she falls to the ground. One of them puts her in a sideways bow and arrow stretch on the ground, the other guy rubs her outstretched belly, tickles her and slaps her belly a few times, touching her belly button too. For the last 5 minutes or so, They stretch her out in the middle of the floor . They pin her arms down above her head, , making sure her arms are completely straight and flat on the ground, and the other guy pins down her legs, also making sure they are flat on the ground. The guy on her legs uses his body to pin her legs down, either laying on them or sitting on them, so he has his free hands to torment her belly. She tries to squirm away but when she almost does, they make sure they pin her down even harder. The guy on her legs digs his fingers into her abs and sides, also slapping and punching her belly. He presses his finger into her belly button. He tries wrapping his hands around her stomach. He presses his fist right into her belly as she tries to contract her abs and fight it. They then switch places and do the same. The guy on her arms holds her chin back sometimes too so she can't see what the other guys is doing. And covers her eyes. They keep asking where she took him and she doesn’t tell them. They decide to give her a break. They slap her belly hard a few more times and leave her holding her stomach exhausted as they walk away. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Two bandits torture Tiffany's belly

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