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  • Mabel and Sasha beat each other to a pulp

Custom clip request 

The video is in this style "Rhea and Mabel beat each other to a pulp"

I'll write the key points, and the rest is like in this video, only without the punches between the legs (low blows), mostly all sorts of punches in the face.

I like the way Mabel reacts to blows!

Sasha drags Mabel by the hair, Mabel crawls on all fours behind her.(here the camera emphasis is on Mabel's butt)

Sasha puts Mabel on his knees, holding her hair and gives her blows to the face (Mabel's head is like a ball in different directions from the blows, then wraps his head and gives her more blows (as in the example)) different angles from Mabel's back, from the front and from below, in general m everywhere different angles)

Knee kick and Mabel on his back. Sasha gently, starting with her feet crawls on Mabel (here, too, the camera behind) and sits on his chest and blows (as in the video with the river).

The same with Sasha. 

More that I want some moments as in this video "Mortal kombat. Mabel vs Naomi"

When Mabel's hands are behind the rope and she gets punched in the face(as in the example)

Where the ropes, when her head is thrown back, instead of turning the neck, you can make Sasha hit with her hands first and then finish with kicks (as an example).

Sasha lifts Mabel lying on her back (as an example) by the hair and begins to apply some blows, then she falls to her knees and continues to beat her. 

It's the same with Sasha.

Well, and the finals, as in the video with Rhea, they take turns beating each other. In the end of each, can be direct, that was finish with a powerful, swift blows to the face with different options (fists, elbows, etc.) Interesting one of the angles, anywhere where someone or sitting on top is a rear view (as in the example from another site) and other angles also need:), so that was visible to both and when the blows legs and arms twitched from below.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mabel and Sasha beat each other to a pulp

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