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  • Ronda and Klara eliminate their victim with their pantyhosed legs

Custom clip request 

Ronda and Klara destroy a male Run time 10-15 min. Costumes pantyhose, stocking masks, scarves. Other clothing female wear see below.

Man in regular clothes is going through files in a desk or drawer looking for a disk and 2 females walk in the room quietly.

He is not aware anyone else is in the room.

Ronda wears dark tan pantyhose reinforced toes dress pants a shirt and a scarf with heels.

Klara wears black pantyhose reinforced toes a skirt and a shirt with heels.

The women sneak in the room with heels and stop when they get approximately 5 meters from behind the man.

They both remove their heels to reveal pantyhosed feet.

They point their toes like ballerinas while straightening their pantyhose.

Each female puts a stocking on their face as a mask. One stocking mask is brown and one is black. Doesn’t matter which mask the females wear.

Ronda removes her scarf and extends it and walks up behind the man putting scarf around his neck she winds it quickly around his neck 2 to 3 times and yanks him back.

She tightens the scarf hold and smiles as her face is close to his as she pushed him from behind.

Ronda says “We have caught you - now you are going to be punished”

Ronda still pushling from behind with the scarf turns the man toward Klara.

Klara does a roundhouse to the man’s face as he is being pushled by Ronda. Then Klara does a high side kick to his face.

Ronda drops the man to the floor who crawls on his hands and knees trying to crawl away.

Ronda goes to his side and kicks him in the ribs or stomach 3 times as he crawls.

* Note: As he crawls there should be NO kicking from behind him. The man should NOT be kicked in the ass as he crawls or standing and kicking from behind. All kicking as he crawls should be done when the females stand to his side not from behind or the rear - please*

Klara follows Ronda’s 3 kicks with 3 kicks of her own to his ribs or stomach as he crawls.

Then Ronda kicks him 3 more times to the ribs as he crawls followed by Klara with 3 kicks to his ribs.

Then Ronda and Klara kick the man in his groin or ribs at the same time standing on his left and right side.

The man collapses finally to the floor on his face due to the vicious rib kicking.

Ronda takes off her pants and Klara takes off her skirt. Both are in their pantyhose with their stocking masks still on.

Klara says “Kicking is just beginning now we show you something special.”

Klara pulls out a pair of brown pantyhose and jumps on the back on the man and lifts his face from the floor with Ronda lifting him from the front.

Klara shoves the pantyhose on the man’s face from behind and wraps the pantyhose legs ends around his neck tightly and pushes his neck from behind as she sits on him. He gasped for air and makes sounds. This last about a minute.

Ronda stands the man up who is dizzy and they both take turns kicking him around with different types of kicks to the groin, Dave and checks and a few knees to the face and karate chops.

After the brutal kicks and beating he falls to the floor again and Ronda finishes him off by pressling his neck with the pantyhose that were shoved on his head earlier.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ronda and Klara eliminate their victim with their pantyhosed legs

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