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  • Stefania's mission to eliminate her ex-Master

Custom clip request 

Actors: Stefania and one male actor


-Black Catsuit with black high heeled boots. (For the boots she can either use the long spiked

heeled ones from “Agent Carol Destroys the Gang”, The under the knee boots from “Sasha

Rescues her Boyfriend”, or the boots from “Tiffany Fights Back the Mercenary”. Whichever pair

she can move/fight/kick the best in.)

-Karate Gi with black belt for flashback

Hairstyle and makeup should be the same as in “Stefania Teaches Impudent Fellow a Lesson”


Stefania is an agent who is an expert in martial arts. She receives a mission to infiltrate a

terrorist base to eliminate their boss. The terrorist she must take down is the man who trained

her. He betrayed the organization and his country so it is personal for Stefania. (Perhaps her

boss calls her so we can receive some exposition.)

There is a brief flashback to Stefania and her mentor training (they both wear karate gis and

black belts). Stefania attacks but her mentor easily blocks her, hits her in the stomach, and

throws her to the ground. He tells her “you have a ways to go before you can beat me” He helps

her up and tells her he will show her a lethal technique that even he has not been able to

master. They go to a training dummy or punching bag and he uses it. The technique is like the

Five Point Exploding Heart Technique from Кill Bill. He hits the chest area at several points

quickly. He explains that it requires precision and is nearly impossible. Stefania and her master

bow to one another.

Back in the present day, Stefania, now in her catsuit and boots, infiltrates the base and takes out

several masked guards on her way to the boss. (Similar to “Sasha Rescues her Boyfriend” and

“Sasha Destroys the Gang Smashing their Faces with her Knees” where the fights aren’t very

long but she shows that her skills are superior to theirs) also including a scene where she grabs

a guard into a chokehold and makes him to reveal the boss’s location like in my previous


Stefania enters the boss’s room (he is unmasked). He says “I should have known they would

send you. You were my most talented student. You should join me in кilling those fools and

taking over this world”. Stefania tells him “you betrayed everything you believed in. I won’t let

you leave this place alive”. The boss says “I taught you everything you know. You don’t stand a

chance against me.”

They get into fighting stances and begin to fight. It is even at first with back and forth action.

Eventually Stefania lands a few consecutive hits and the boss decides to get more serious and

begins to land more hits of his own. The fight is intense and it isn’t immediately apparent who

will win. After some time, Stefania begins to take control and lands more hits on the boss. She

eventually finishes her series of attacks with a side kick to his stomach that causes him to fall to

his knees (just like my last custom “Sasha Rescues Her Boyfriend”). Stefania walks up to the

boss but he quickly gets up and attempts to punch her. Stefania is quicker though and she

blocks his attack and uses the lethal five point palm exploding heart technique (from the

flashback) against him. He falls to his knees again and coughs up some blооd. “You….

mastered it?!” Stefania walks behind him and snaps his neck to finish him off. She calls her

base to tell them that the terrorist has been кilled and the mission completed. (You can pretend

she is using an earpiece). She then looks down at her defeated mentor and bows to him as a

last sign of respect.

The End

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Stefania's mission to eliminate her ex-Master

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