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  • Superheroines sisters failed in the fight with Villain

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Actors: 2 super girls (Naomi and Tiffany). 1 super villan

Background: Naomi and Tiffany are known as super sisters, and they have very close relationship that they even live and fight against the evil together.

The super villan has the ability to control/manipulate one's mind. In this scene, he controlled Tiffany, and manipulate her mind to make her a foot worshiper.


Naomi wears a blue leotard, white pantyhose, and white/blue/red long boots plus a stocking at the same color as her boots.

Tiffany wears a white leotard, tan/nude pantyhose, and another colored long boots (like if Naomi wears a blue one, then she wear white or red one), and she need a pair of stocking at same color as her boots later.


Part 1: Overwhelmed by Villan (~ 8 minutes)

Tiffany found the villan in the forest and start the fight. But the super villan is reading her mind so all her attacks are missing and the super villan make use of her misses to counterattack, kicking/fisting her while dodging, grab her fist and throw her towards a big tree. Then put his hand on Tiffany's throat, holding her against the tree and drain her energy. Tiffany struggles but can't get rid of his hand, soon she lose too much power and her costume starts to break down, her boot become a pair of stocking with same color as her boots.

Right at this moment, Naomi sense the danger of her sister and come for rescue, she strike from behind and throw the villan away from Tiffany. Tiffany covers her throat, sit on the ground under the tree trying to recover, and Naomi stand in front of her to protect.The vallan gets up, fights against Naomi. He again using his power to read Naomi's mind, but not only trying to dodge and counter attack, he also pretend to attck Tiffany and make Naomi to protect her and get hit. The villan managed to grab and hold Naomi's kick and took off one of her boots during the fight too.

Part 2: Escape but controlled (~5 minutes)

After Naomi fall to the ground many times and can't get up anymore, Tiffany finally get back to her feet, she launches a powerful flash, blinding the Villan and escape with Naomi, she holds badly hurted Naomi's arm and bring her to an abandoned building near by. But as soon as they enter the building, Tiffany suddenly fall to the ground, crying while holding her left foot. Naomi had a closer look at her foot and it is badly blееding, she looked back and there is a blооdy wood sticks exposing at the enterence of the building.

Note: Only one foot is injured

Naomi took off the boot left on her feet (as she only have one left and it is inconvinvent to walk one foot tall and one foot short), then she managed to find some bandages in the building and help Tiffany patched her wonded foot, take off her blооdy stocking and strip the pantyhose to apply the bandage. But Naomi didn't notice that Tiffany is already controlled by the villan. Tiffany went to get that stick while Naomi looking for the bandage, then hits her leg after Naomi done patching her wounds. Naomi's leg is badly wounded and she pushes Tiffany away in pain, then try to stop the blееding with the bandage left,

Note: So Tiffany have one foot without stocking and torned pantyhose

Part 3: The end of Naomi (~13 minutes)

But the villan shows up at the entrance, Tiffany is now under his control and walks to his side, Tiffany and the villan laugh at the injured Naomi trying to roll the bandage on her leg to stop blееding. They waited for Naomi done patching herself, then Tiffany walks (she is still injured and lame) towards Naomi and make a fighting pose. Naomi was shocked, trying to talk to Tiffany and wake her from the control, but Tiffany didn't listen to her and just started attacking. Naomi doesn't wish to hit her sister and just trying to dodge. But with a injured leg and not attacking at all, she soon get hit badly (Use the "Mortal kombat. Mable vs Tiffany." in your website as a reference for fighting, like stomping between her legs, bear hug, stomp on the wound to get more blооd, etc)

Then Tiffany were ordered to finish Naomi, she seems like resist the order for a moment, but then she sit over Naomi's body and put both of her hand to Naomi's throat, squeezes, and destroyed Naomi despite all her struggles and moan.

Then the villan release the mind control over Tiffany, she immediately realized what she did, crying and shakeing Naomi, pushing her chest (CPR) trying to revive her.But after a minute, she realize she has destroyed her sister forever. Tiffany grab Naomi's feet, caress Naomi's leg, touching Naomi's feet with her face, and kissing Naomi's toe to say goodbye. Then she took off the stocking on Naomi's feet and wear them on her feet, believe this will make her sister fight together with her.

Part 4: Final fight (~ 12 minutes)

Tiffany were no match to the villan at all, and now she has injuries on her feet, so she were badly beaten by the villan (reference to those Male Dominating videos, such as "Newcomer Tiffany failed her first mission", punches on her face, push her against the wall and knee on her stomach, etc) During the fight the villian also pulled off some of Tiffany's stocking. In the end Tiffany were beaten, blооd comes out from her mouth and nose, then the badguy comes up, holding her throat against the wall until her end. Then drag her body to the side of Naomi's, pull their arm and leg to make Naomi and Tiffany facing and hug each other, throwing the boots/stockings took off on them. Then some closer look at their body (especially feet and face) and the end.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Superheroines sisters failed in the fight with Villain

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