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  • Ronda is beating up Tiffany

Custom clip request 

I now would like a 25 minute video with two girls in it. These two girls would be Tiffany and Ronda.

The clip will be a one-sided face punching beatdown, Ronda will be beating up Tiffany.

Every punch should be jabs and hooks. No double handed hits please.

There will be three 5 minute scenes and the final scene will be 10 minutes. These scenes will contain different punching positions. I will send images of the positions I would like.

Clothing: Black leather pants for both girls. Tiffany should wear any kind of shirt that can be grabbed (Ronda will be holding her by shirt at some points) For the final 5 minute segment Ronda should put on fingerless black leather gloves.

Dialogue: There won't be much dialogue. Except just one thing at the start.

Angles: I will send photos of angles I would like. The majority will be from behind Ronda where Tiffanys face isn't visible.

Sound Effects: If you could make most​ of the punch sound effects be the one or two that sound like 'harder hits' could you use those two for the majority of the punches please? If you don't understand what I mean it's fine to just stick with the normal set of punching sound effects!

Throughout the whole clip Ronda should make grunting noises for every punch she delivers. Tiffany should also make 'reaction' noises when she receives a punch, until she is knocked out, I will specify when that happens.

Scene 1: The camera fades in on Ronda sitting on top of Tiffany who is on a chair. Ronda is smiling and excited for what she is about to do. Tiffany has fear on her face. This is where Ronda says "I am going to beat you up for a very long time." The beating begins with the angles being like in picture Part1a and Part1b left and right hooks, and also at points she holds Tiffany's head and gives her jabs to the face. In picture Part1b I would actually like the camera to be further behind Tiffany's head. At the end of the scene Ronda pulls Tiffany by her shirt off the chair and onto the floor.

Scene 2: Ronda picks up Tiffany and positions her like in the picture Part2a. The angles should switch between Part2a and Part2b, you can also add a few other angles but it should be mostly these two. At the end of this scene Ronda drops Tiffany to the floor.

Scene 3: Ronda gets down on one knee over Tiffany and pick her up by the shirt like in picture Part3x. She then starts punching Tiffany with the angle in Part3a and Part3b to be used. You can also show angles from behind Ronda with Tiffanys legs visible. Ronda drops Tiffany and mounts her.

Scene 4 (First 5 minutes): Ronda starts punching Tiffany with most of the angles not having Tiffany's face visible, it is ok to show her face in the 30 seconds or so of the punching. The angles change through the scene with the majority being like in picture Part4c and Part4g. For at least a minute Ronda lifts Tiffany's head and punches her like in Part4a and Part4b. Other angles to be used are Part4d, Part4e and Part4f. around halfway through this scene Ronda takes Tiffany's arms and locks them between her legs, she continues punching Tiffany with the angles I have sent you. By the end of this clip Tiffany is knocked out and should stop making reaction sounds/grunts. Ronda should still be making sounds/grunts all the way until the end of the video.

Scene 4 (Last 5 minute): At the start of this clip, Ronda, who is still on top of Tiffany, puts on a pair of fingerless leather gloves. (These gloves can be on the floor next to Ronda where she can reach them without getting off Tiffany. She then climbs over Tiffanys shoulders so she is sitting right above her head, Like in Part4h. The angles for the rest of this clip should be like in Part4i, Part4j and Part4k. The majority should be Part4j. The scene ends as the camera slowly fades to black with Ronda still punching Tiffany, a few punches can still be heard as the camera is black. THE END.

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Ronda is beating up Tiffany

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