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  • Rhea punishes her employees for mistakes

Custom clip request 

I would like a custom clip with Rhea and one actor playing 2 roles.

Clothes for Rhea black leotard string , stockings and black high heels.

Black leotard string and black high heels from clip http://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1319

Stockings from clip http://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1385

She will be the strict boss that comes to the company to punish her 2 employees after she learned for the big mistake they have done.

Scene 1: she arrives in the building wearing capartine open, sunglasses and goes up the stairs. She mets employee 1 who is going down the stairs.
She is very strict and asks him what mistake done. He refuses and then she kicks him many times in his balls. He falls in the floor holding his balls.
She steps over his body sadistically and continue walking saying that both of them will be punished hard.

Scene 2: Employee 2 sitting in his office. She walks, gets in the office and tells him that she learned the mistake they have done that caused damage
in her company. She takes and read the papers. She tells him that he done a mistake and throws the papers in the floor. She is very angry.
She tells him that he will be punished hard. She takes off her capartine and sunglasses slowly (not wear again).
She orders him to get on his knees in front of her. He begs her and she starts slapping him very hard (photo attached ''Slapping' for camera angle) until he falls to
the floor. After that she starts kicking him mercilessly with different ways (photo attached ''Kick'' and whatelse camera angle you like).
Also some stepping over scenes between the kicks.
After a lot of humiliation she opens the drawer , takes the gиn and shoots (sound off silencer gиn) to him finishing him off. She stands near his body and
steps over him (photo attached ''Stepping over'' in this scene). She leaves the office.

Scene 3: Employee 1 gets up holding his balls. She get down the stairs sees him and also shoots without delay finishing him off. She steps over his body.
Language: English 

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Rhea punishes her employees for mistakes

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