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  • The witch hunter

Custom clip request 

Stefania wears White Top  with white Legging, Barefoot with open Hairs and some Make up.

We Need one Guy, who can attack and Punch fast, Sven or Rob would be nice.

In this Video Stefania plays a powerful Witch, and the Guy is a Witchhunter.  She is sitting on the Ground and makes some Meditation with her Eyes closed and he comes in.  He tells her that he knows that she is a Witch and

he is here to take her out and make her pay for her crimes. But she doesn't respond to him, he goes to her and says „do you hear me??“ But before he can reach her, there is a „power push“ against him and he strumbles back.

Stefania opens her Eyes, stands up  slowly and turns around to him. She looks at him and says… „Witchhunter…. You are no match for the Powers in me. Go, and i let You life“ But he doesn´t listen to her and says he will take her out anyway and is ready to attack.

Stefania has two Powers, one is the a „power Push“ Power like in Star Wars, she makes gestures with her Hands and he gets pushed around. As a example: She wipes her Hand to the left and he strumples left, she pushes her Hand forward and for him is this like a hard hit against his Chest. For Stefania its very easy to push him around, and there is nothing what he can do about it.

Her second Power is reading his Mind, on this Way she knows about his attacks, before he even attacks her. Its very easy for Stefania to evoid every single attack from him, its seems even that she become playful with him , it should be clear that there is no chance for him to hit her. She even beginns to Punch him, before he can execute his attacks. With her Powers on, she is 100% superior to him. After a while she beginns to laugh „ You are such a Joke! I could finish You off now, but for now you entertain me… kepp going, Witchhunter!“ He says in a fair fight, he would take her out Stefania „Even without my Powers You can´t win. I Have a very strong Body, no one can take me in a fight“ she smirks to him „Come on… try it!“ The Guy hesitates, because he thinks this is a Trap, but she only stands before him. He beginns to Punch her Belly With left and Rights, but her Body is really very strong: She only Shows a Little Body reaction from the Blows, and takes them like nothing. After some Belly hits, he switches to her Head, but again: Only a small reaction from her.  After that she smiles „See… You can´t win“  She makes a power push and he strumples back.  For a short Time she dominates him again, at the end  he is on the Ground. He says „i must admit, You are indeed very powerful, but i am not done yet!“ He says a Magic Word (You can choose any) and first it seems nothing happens, even she says „Well…that did not work“ and she tries to choke him, but nothing happens. Stefania „Ah.. i see… You took my Powers away… but this will chance nothing.“ And she makes herself ready to attack him.

Now there is the first  long Part where Stefania gets a hard beating. She is always the attacker and tries to hit him, but he can dodge/evoid all of her attacks and gives her many Bell/Head punshes. She only shows a a little Body reaction and can take every punch with moanings. I know that i took a more cozy looking Top, so please make shure it looks good on her during the whole fight and stays in Place.  After she received her first beating, her Powers are coming back. She starts to dodge his attacks again easy, after he failed 5-6 attacks on her, he realises that her Powers are back too.

Fearful he steps back, while Stefania smiles at him „now its my time…“and she uses her power Push & Reading Mind Power again to dominat him. After a while she is chocking him, she loves that he struggles „I told You, You can´t beat me“ but the Guy manages to say The Magic Word, and she loses her Powers again. Stefania says „Again, are You serious?Anyway! She rushes forward to attack him.

Now Stefania gets her second hard & Long beating. She is still always the attacker, but without her Powers he is too good for her and keeps punching her Belly/Head without a Break. She can still take all the hits, bu after a while  she gets upset and fights more aggressive. After her second hard beating she receives several Belly hits and jells surprisingly  „Enough!“ and makes a hard power push into his Chest ,  he strumbles back. After that she is chocking him again, she looks serious „ You will pay now!“   But after all the Blows against her, Stefania became weaker. Her power grip is not that strong anymore.  The Guy still struggles, but he manages to go slowly forward to her. Stefania puts more Concentration to her power Grip, but he comes closers and closer. When he is near her, she says amazed „Impossible…“  he pushes her chocking Hand away and gives her 5-6 hits. After that she tries a power Push against him,  he  shows less reaction and only steps a step on the Side, he is still near her and give her again 5-6 Hits.  After that Stefania uses her second Power > reading his Mind. She can avoid 4 attacks from him, but then she gets one Blow. After that she avoids 3 attacks , but gets 2 more after that.

Now she can only avoid 2 attacks and gets 3, now only 1 and she receives 4. Stefania is visibly surprised „How can this be…“ The tells her that her Powers are failing her, and he will take her out now“

Stefania is ready to attack him, but she fights really serious now, because she knows: Without her Powers, it could be that he can really take her out, he is a very good fighter.  She tries everything to hit him, but he dominates her.  Stefania can still take all the hits, but she gets more and more desperate.

She even tries to use her Power, but with hardly any effect on him. At one Point its really bad for her: She tries a powere push, but he takes her Arm and Hits it. After that she tries to choke him with her second Arm, but again: He hits it. On this way both Arms are temporarily disabled, he uses this Chance To give her a high Number of Belly and Head punches.

Near the End of this Clip, Stefania leans against the Wall and he keeps beating her. She beginn to moan painful from the blows and looks weaker and exhausted. Then she makes a pleading Face, she tells him to stop and begs him to left her go. She even offers him to make him rich or give him immortality.

But he knows that this is a trick and gives her one Head Punch, after that her Face is full of Hate and Anger. „My Sisters will hunt You down, if You destroy me!“ She rushes forward to attack him, but he avoids her attack and she stands no in the middle of the Room. He starts punching her again and Stefania gets really weak, after a while its to much for her and she drops down on her Knees. He goes behind her, and is ready to snap her Neck, but even now she still threatens him   „You will pay for that“ he breaks her neck, she falls over and the movie Ends.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The witch hunter

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