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  • Sasha plays with man who challenged her

Custom clip request 

Main actress: Sasha

Actor: can be anyone available, wearing a mask.

Time: 10-15 minutes depending on how much time you need to follow the script. 

Sasha's attire will be similar to this attached Photo along.

The scene begins with a POV of Sasha's  bare soles while she is texting on her phone (See attached photos for positioning): 

After roughly a minute of this POV the Masked man enters the home and notices Sasha and she notices him and she stands up.  

She says, "Are you here for the Ad I posted?"

He says "Yes, your post said anyone who can survive a fight with you gets alot of money"

She says, "Yeah but no ones survived yet"

He confidently says " I think I can handle a small woman"

She says, " let's find out"

The man gets into a fighting stance and Sasha walks over to him, he tries to punch her and she catches his punch before twisting his arm and kicking him in the balls. she lets him go as he grabs his balls in pain and falls to his knees, she then begins to kick his face back and forth, hard kicks but slowly. After about 20 seconds of kicks back and forth he holds his face and she kneels down and grabs his balls (add SFX grab and crunching sound for the grab) she squeezes for a while and smiles and she says "Still think you can handle me?"

When she finally lets go, she gives him a hard kick across the face and he falls over onto his stomach. Sasha then walks over and grabs his arm  and hold it up and painfully for a moment before placing her foot over his mouth and nose (see reference picture below, although in this clip Sasha will be barefoot): 

Before he stops breafing she removes her foot. she says "not yet, I still want to play" then she releases his arms and backs up behind him. he begins to get up to his hands and knees and she reached down from behind and grabs the balls again (add SFX grab and crunching sound for the grab) squeezing hard. he cries out "ok ok you win i quit. I don't want the money anymore."  after he stays this she lets go and gets angry. She stands up and kicks his stomach, making him roll over onto his back before grabbing both of his legs and lifting them into the air and taking her foot and stomping his balls over and over. after a few stomps she says "you will play with me, or i will finish you off"

The man says " no more please" and then she gives a big stop before dropping his legs. she kicks his side, making him roll onto his back. She then grabs his arms and places her foot in the center of his back before pulling and cracking his arms. she breaks the arms one at a time then lets go. She then picks him up, his arms dangling and he can defend himself; she begins to punch his face while holding the collar of his shirt. After she is done he drops to his knees. She begins to knee his face over and over again for a while until he falls flat on his back. She then stands over him and hovers a foot over his face. (see photo for POV reference below):

She then says " this game was fun but i'm done with you now, Good Bye" and she starts Hard stomps ( The camera shakes violently after each stomp). She stomps his face for like 15 seconds from this POV until she stops and hovers the foot low over the camera and then does one last stop and the camera blacks out as she does and the film ends.

Language: Russian with English subtitles 

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Sasha plays with man who challenged her

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