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  • Carol and Sasha slap Konstantin's face for his bad behavior

Custom clip request 

In previous clips Konstantin was punished with hard faceslapping from his mother because he touched the ass of a girl schoolmate at school and he was eliminated...Now Carol is the mother of the girl schoolmate and visit Konstantin's home to punish him for his behavior to her daughter. (Konstantin's mother agrees with this punishment so she let her get into his room).

The clip will start like this...Konstantin is sitting in a chair (he has blооd on his face from his mother's hard faceslaps) and then Carol enters Konstantin's room and locks the door...she approaches him with fast walking and she is giving him 2 very hard faceslaps (forehand and backhand) without saying anything. Then she starts tapping her boots in front of him slow and hard so that her thighs are jiggling...then Carol is sitting in a sofa or another chair (no crossed legs) and she is shaking nervously her leg (Like Sasha did)...She is waiting for answers and she is shouting at him very very angry..she demands for explanations! She is standind up again and with fast walking again approaches him and gives him 4 or 5 hard faceslaps forehand and backhand (like Sasha did)...Konstantin is blееding again...He can't believe that has been slapped so many times and so hard at his birthday...he asks her to forgieve him and stop slapping him because he can't endure any other faceslapping...he begs her touching and caressing her thighs (he touch the internal high part of her thigh caressing it)...She is gettin so mad that she start slapping him continuously forehand and backhand very hard that his blооd is on her hands and on the floor...She is pulling his hair and give him quick and hard forehand and backhand faceslaps again...Then she is moving her one leg (shaking) like Sasha did in the second part (I will attach you a video to remind you the way I like) waiting for him to tell her why he bahaved like that to her daughter. No answer...She is pulling them his hair, give him two hard faceslaps and she pull him until she sits in the sofa/chair. Then again three or four faceslaps with crossed legs and she start tapping slow and hard her boot...Again he is caressing her thighs and she is standing in front of him, give him two hard faceslaps again. At this time, Sasha enters the room very angry because she heard that Konstantin touched and caressed Carol's thighs. With fast walking approaches Konstantin and slaps him 3-4 times really hard, shouting at him. She can't accept this behavior from her son. Then both Carol and Sasha will stand in front of Konstantin while he is sitting in the chair and they tap the heels of their boots so that their thighs jiggles and again slapping him hardly...when Konstantin falls on the floor then Carol will sit on him giving him fatal slaps forehand and backhand..he is being slapped so hardly like never before was slapped...his hands will be on her thighs while he is being slapped... Konstantin needs help...no help...blооd everywhere.. The same time Sasha will sit in a chair bouncing her one leg very nervously...

Konstantin needs hospital... At the end Carol sits in another chair shaking her legs nervously like Sasha waiting for a while and then she stands up again and leave the room satisfied for the punishment that Konstantin deserved...Sasha will remain in the room tapping slow and hard her heels of the ankle boots, being very very nervous and angry...

Carol will wear the micro skirt I said previously, a very thin thong, no pantyhose and boots under the knee (preferable until the shin of her legs). 

Sasha will wear just a white shirt, no skirt, a little thin thong and ankle boots (no pantyhose too).

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Carol and Sasha slap Konstantin's face for his bad behavior

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