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  • Guys unite to defeat the super strong Paula

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Paula plays is a ruthless Character who likes to taunt her Victims. The Movie starts with a Guy  tied up on a Chair and she comes in. She looks at him with a smile on er Face. He is fearful and begs her to let him go,  she

Is approaching him slowly and tells him that  he will never be free again, she will finish him off, but first: She would love to  have some fun with him. Paula stands befor him and starts  torment, she hits him, she slaps him and so on. Paula really enjoys this, she smiles and even laughes, when he is in Pain. She  walks a few times around him and hits him from behind or his Body side. As i said, Paula is really Evil in this Clip.

After a while, where he entertained her very well, the Doors opens and a Friend from this Guy comes hin. He says that he was searching for him,  and asks Paula what the Hell is going on.   She is approaching him, in a arrogant way and she says that this Day has even become better now, because she has now 2 Victims to play. He tells her that he is only her for his Friend, and she should let them go. Nobody will tell the Police or anyone else About this.

Paula thinks for a second, then she smiles and says: Lets make a Deal! She wants to fight him, and when he can hurt her, she will let them go.  The Guy agrees and goes in fighting Position, Paula is cocky and stands casual, she tells him to „bring it on“. And the fight beginns.

The Guy has a really good start, he avoids many attacks from Paula and he gives her many punches against her Belly/ Head. But Paula has a surprisingly high Body Resistens, she doesn´t bow forward much from the Belly Blows, or turns her Head like crazy from the Head punches.

She takes alle the hits with little Body reaction and moanings(!). She never looks hurt or in danger, and always pushes the attack against the Guy. Like a Machine she takes everything against her and keeps attacking him. After his good start, Paula can give him some more punches and starts to dominat him. When she realises that he is no threat for her anymore, she beginns to be sadistic again. She if fooling around with him, and keeps punching him, she even laughes when he is in Pain.  After a while she puts him against the Wall, one Hand against his Throat, With the other one she is ready punch his Face. „Did you truly think that you could defeat me?“ and she is ready to Punch him.  But then there is a surprise: The Guy on the Chair is free and stands behind her, he is holding her punsch Arm back and gives her some blows against her Body Side, befor he pushes her away. The Guy against the Wall slides down on the Ground, Paula: „This was a big Mistake“ And now a fight between them starts.

Like the first Guy, he is pretty good too. He gives Paula many punshes, while he avoids her attacks. but again: After a while and his impressiv start, she beginns to dominat him too. And again, she beginns to be playful and sadistic. After a while he is exaused and on his Knees.  Paula stands  with her Arms on her Hips befor him  and looks  proud of her self, so far she liked every second of this fight.  She didn´t realise that the other Guy is up again and sneak up behind her.  He gives her one hard blow  into her Kidneys/Liver.  This attack catches her off Guard and hurts her more than usual.  But she only turns around and says „nice one“ and tries to a Fist Punch against him. But he goes under this attack, behind her, and helps the other Guy up again. He tells him, that They Need to work together to take her out. Paula only laughes on this, she says that even together they are no match for her.  The Guys are going into a fighting Position, and Paula says „bring it on“ and gives them a sign to attack her. And now the longest Part of this Clip beginns: Her slowly downfall. 

At the start  even one Guy manages to hit her, and now she faces two. Paula gets a very high Number of punches. But she takes them all, she is always is the aggresor and attacks without a break. The Guys are more passiv, the are avoiding her attacks and between them the give her much hits as possible.

The Problem for Paula is, that the Guys are working together very well. She never can only Focus on one. Whe she manages to give a Guy some more punches, the other comes to help him, by attacking her.  But it should be clear that Paula is still the big Threat, she still can hit the Guys and  is like a  unstoppable power.

Somethimes when she manages to give a Guy more hits and he is in Pain, her sadistic character appears and she is having Fun.  

In this longest fight, They Guys also tries to make Paula defencless, so give some free shots against her strong Body.  There 3 differents Armlocks i would like to see during this long fight. They are all similar to the Pics.

One Hand in on her Spine, the other Guy uses this Chance to give her Belly/Head punches. After a good Number, she can break free.

This Time a Guy manages to put both of her Arms against her Spine, and she receives again many Blows.

Similar like this – In this one she says to the Guy holding her annoyed : Again? Are You serious?!

Please make shure Paula stands straight in all 3 Locks.

Paula can still take all the hits, but she gets  become upset about the resistens.  She tries now more serious to take them out and is non-stop attacking the Guys. She becomes so furious, that she doesn't even notice now manys Blows she receives in the next fight Part.

Paula is in the middle on the Room, one Guy is infront of her and one behind. I would say they are playing  Bing Bong with her, but Paula does not go back and forth because of the punches she gets. Is more like that she switches between the Guys herself and tries to fight them off.

Hier is a Idea How this should look:

Paula tries to attack Guy1, he avoids her attack and gives her several punches

Guy2 behind her gives her one hit against her Kidneys/Liver – she turns around to attack him, he avoids the attack and she gets several punches

Now she tries to attack him again but Guy1 is holding her punch Arm back, what gives Guy 2 the Chance to hit her again

After this she breaks the Grip from her Arm,  turns around to Guy1 again, she is attacking him, he avoids it and gives her several Hits

Guy2 gives her one hard blow against her Spine, this exposes her Upper Body, of curse Guy1 uses this and give her blows into her Belly

After this Paula tries a „Turn around „ attack  to Guy2, but he goes under her attack and she stands exposed for him, off curse he gives her several Blows

Guy1 gives her a punsh against her Rips – she turns around again to hit him, but he avoids it is punching her.

Guy2 kicks now the backside of the knee, and she nearly drops down on one Knee, but she can even handle this attack and turns around to him, Ready to attack… and so on.

The fight goes on like this, Paula switches likes crazy between the Guys but hits nothing and gets a incredible Number of punches. As i said she is furious , fights wild and has no Focus anymore. At one Point she even stands Sideways between the 2 Guys, and both of them can hit her left and right Rips.

For a long Time Paula can still endure this Treatment, but at the End its to much for her. She starts to look exhausted, she still tries to attack them, but is easy now to avoid her attack. She moans louder and breaths harder, while the Guys are keep hitting her.

At the End of this „Bing Bong“ one Guy manages to put her Arms back similar to the small Pic, on this Way she is defencless again and her Upper Body is completely  exposed. The other Guy uses this Chance, he starts punching her Belly with left and rights.

We can see on Paula Face that she is feeling more and more the Pain, it becomes hard for her to endure it and she beginns to moans painfuly. After he destroyed her Belly, he givs her a Punch against her Face. Meanwhile the Guy behind her Releases her, and from the Face punch she strumbles against the Wall. The Guy what was holding her Arms back goes now to her and starts punching her Head With left and rights. Paula is to weak to do something against it. After a while he takes her and pushes her into the Room, Paula is now really weak, it's hard for her to keep her up on her legs.  The Guys are looking at each other, and they decide it's time to end the fight.They are approaching her, and together they give her one final blow into her Belly. After this Paula goes down on her Knees, and one Guy Gives her several left/Right kicks against her Head, befor she falls over and is out.

Both Guys are happy, that They defeated the unbelievable strong Enemy.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Guys unite to defeat the super strong Paula

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