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  • Sasha destroys the thieves' balls

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First part

Sasha is at her house relaxing and two thieves enter the house to rob her. When Sasha see’s them she smiles and tells them that they would better leave otherwise she will cause them great damage. She say’s that she is an expert in martial arts and that they will get great damage, especially at their manhood. The guys laugh at her, they don’t believe her and attack her. Then the fight begins. I want to see a diversity of hits. Punches, kicks, hits to ears and breaks of arms and legs. I also want to see a lot of ballbusting: kicks, back kicks to groin, groin grabs and punches to groin. I want Sasha to smile when she hits them to groin and say some words when she hits them to groin, such as “does it hurt”, “how your balls feel”, etc. I also want the guys to say words such as “oh my balls”, or “my nuts”, etc. After the fight ends, the guys leave the house clutching their groin and Sasha laughs at them.

Second part

Sasha is at her house relaxing and the same two guys come again, but now there is also a third guy, so they are three in total. They tell her that they come again to take revenge and now they are three, so now she has no chance. One or two guys may also carry a weapon at the begging, like a bat or something like that. Sasha laughs at them and asks the two guys if they are ok from the previous beating and if their groin is ok. She also tells them that if they attack her again, she will send them to hospital with permanent damage, especially on their groins. They are very angry, they say words like “we will finish you bitch” and they attack her. The fight will be the same like the first part. At the end she will give them blows that they will them unconscious. When the fights ends Sasha calls the police. She tells them that three intruders entered her house. The police asks her if she is ok and she says that she is ok and she took care of them. She also tells the police to call an ambulance. Police asks if she is hurt and she says that the intruders are damaged and need to go to the hospital. When police asks about more details Sasha says that they are badly hurt, especially in their balls.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha destroys the thieves' balls

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