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  • Mabel vs the Red Ribbon Strаngler

Custom clip request 

I would like a strаngulаtion neck fetish custom.

The most important elements are

1) Mabel shows extreme pain on her face during all the strаngles

2) Mabel stretches her neck alot during the strаngles and moves her head around

3) each strаngle scene should be atleast 3 min long


Mabel has her hair up in a bun like this with similar cloths


I want camera to be zoomed in alot of the time showing her stomach up like this

Mabel vs the Red Ribbon Strаngler

The story is

Mabel is a spy who is chasing a bad guy, who runs and hides into a building,

As she is looking for the bad guy, She gets a call from her handler that she is chasing the Red Ribbon Strаngler.

Her handler says he's too dangerouse, she need to escape before she is KOed.

Mabel is arrogant and refuses to leave and says the strаngler never went up against anything like her before. She'll defeat him easily.

Mabel sneaks around looking for the strаngler when she is attacked and the strаngler sadisticly strаngles her several times with his red ribbon.

He tоrture her via strаngulation until she begs for her life.

Then he strаngles her until she is out from the pain

And she awakens tied to a chair. Then the strаngler strаngles her several more times until she is KOed in the chair.

She is KOed with her head bent back and the cord wrapped around her throat.

Strаngle scenes

I want Mabel to be strаngled these positions

1) Strаngled from behind like this

2) her back on table strаngled like this

3) back against a pole strаngled from behind

4) on floor like this

5) Mabel is on top of strаngler like this

6) with her back against the wall like this

7) final strаngle she is tied to chair and strаngled like this.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mabel vs the Red Ribbon Strаngler

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