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  • Gerda defeats the villain with the beauty of her body

Dear customers, Gerda is NOT back to the acting. This unreleased before clip published now especially for her fans.

This is a 15 minute clip with Gerda and a male wearing a motorcycle helmet. Gerda has been hired by a criminal organization to eliminate a superhero, who wears a motorcycle helmet. She ambushes him and attacks him.

The hero is a better fighter than Gerda. He is able to counter all of her attacks. She is frustrated and tells him that he is too good, and he must have a weakness. 

After he beats her again she gets mad and takes off her shoes. He is distracted by her bare feet and she is able to land a few hits. She laughs and now realizes that his weakness is her beautiful body. She strips down to her bikini and he is too distracted to fight well. After beating him down she is able to wrap her feet around his neck and snap his neck.

She laughs and calls her boss to say that the job is done.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda defeats the villain with the beauty of her body

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