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  • Newcomer Tiffany failed her first mission

Custom clip request 

The male actor can be anyone. I’d like Tiffany to be the rookie agent. 

As I mentioned, the script isn’t too important. I just want Rookie Agent Tiffany to be sent into the field before she feels prepared - she’s nervous and scared for her mission. No confidence at all; only fear, begging, and weakness. You have freedom over the rest! 

When she encounters the terrorist, she tries to throw one weak and feeble punch but is immediately blocked and countered. What follows should be a complete and brutal one-sided maledom beatdown. Lots of moaning and groaning in pain, with occasional begging for mercy. 

1. Mounted ground and pound to the face. Eyes roll occasionally. Continued punching even after she’s knocked out. She is KOed, but her body still twitches and convulses reflexively. 

2. Hammerfist ground and pound to the face; entire body twitches with each impact. 

3. Actress is mounted, the attacker holding the actress by the hair as she looks dazed, and receives jabs/crosses to the face. Eyes cross and roll before she goes KOed again. Punching continues even after she’s knocked out. 

4. Actress is on her knees, unstable and being held up by her hair (or the mask she’s wearing). She receives HARD jabs to the face.

5. Actress lays face up, and gets her face stomped on. The camera would be at an angle that shows the entire body twitching and convulsing in that tight suit. Also some angles that show a closeup of the actress’s eye rolls as she gets stomped. I’d like to see a lot of stomping. I’d like to see this as the final knockout; the attacker stomping on our actress’s face until she can no longer stay conscious, and continuing to maniacally stomp and kick her face even after she’s knocked out. 

6. I really enjoy for the attacker to keep attacking, stomping, and kicking the actress’s face even after she has been knocked out and unable to react or even express her pain. Her body reacts purely reflexively to the blows.

7. At some point, right before the actress receives the final stomp to her face, if she could deliriously call out “James…please help me…”, like she’s calling out to a lover in her final moments…I’d love that. It would happen in her final moments before being eliminated. Attacker should keep stomping and kicking even after she’s eliminated.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Newcomer Tiffany failed her first mission

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