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  • Carol, Sasha and Melanie kick the thief

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Actors: the girls CAROL, SANA, MELANIE and any of the guys. All the girls are wearing black tights and women's heeled boots. The rest of the clothing is your choice.

CAROL comes down the stairs with her purse on her shoulder, followed by SANA on the half floor and MELANIE two floors down. Suddenly, a guy jumps out of the door on the floor and pushes CAROL from behind, taking her purse off her shoulder. Sasna yells "rascal" and runs to CAROL lying there. The guy runs from her down towards MELANIE. SANA runs up to CAROL, helps her up, says "are you okay? Let's go get him! The girls run after the guy and both yell "stop thief!" MELANIE hears the yelling and as the guy runs by gives him a backhand, the guy falls and the purse flies off to the side. MELANIE picks up the purse, then SANA and CAROL run up. CAROL kicks him between the legs with a swing. MELANIE gives CAROL the purse, SANA comes up to them and asks "shall we punish the thief?", MELANIE asks "how?", CAROL lays the purse on the floor and says "let's kick it". The guy lies on the floor and moans from the blow between his legs. All three of them circle around him and start kicking him lying down. They kick him in the body with their toes and heels. Close-ups of their kicking feet and at the end, a view as if from the guy-bottom up on all the girls.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Carol, Sasha and Melanie kick the thief

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