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  • Mortal kombat. Mable vs Naomi. Part II

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Mabel v. Naomi 2.

A screenplay on the theme of women's underground fights to the lethal end. Same style as my first order. It's 24 minutes long. Consists of three episodes, in each of which Mabel is finished, at times by excessive narcissism and arrogant bravado. The characters of the characters are left unchanged. Main focus as well to keep on Mabel, and her reactions, even at the moment of posing a winner. More close-ups.

In the last video, I was impressed with the chemistry between the actresses. I even got the impression that the girls really hated each other. I would like to see this "hatred" and mutual insults preserved in the new video. Leave a large amount of dialogue. I haven't heard swearing in your videos before, so I didn't put it in the script. But I really liked that the girls weren't shy with their language, and I would like to keep, or even increase, that aspect.

Mabel remains a sexy, bitchy girl. She praises her own looks. Plays to the public a lot by bragging about her body, and her breasts in particular. Constantly insults Naomi's appearance. (It's just like the last order of business. Mabel was very cool and realistic about it) Mabel changes outfits every episode. Every outfit Mabel wears is as revealing as possible. I wish they were lingerie sets, maybe corsets, or something like that. In the first episode, I'd like to see Mabel's outfit, from the first episode of the last order. Unless, of course, it would embarrass Mabel.

Also, keep the different details, like the choker, the gloves. Outfits for subsequent episodes, in the same style. (Lingerie, corsets, in short, anything overly sexy).

Hairstyles, at your discretion. But I want the hair to not cover Mabel's face in static scenes. Probably better to use a ponytail.

Naomi. Remains a modest, sweet girl with a hatred and dislike for Mabel, which she demonstrated perfectly in the last order. Often talks about how Mabel, her voice, breasts, and smell disgust her. Jokes and insults Mabel's mental faculties. Dresses in comfortable sportswear. Her hair is gathered in a ponytail.

Wears flip-flops, or sneakers.

The commentator's voice is the same as before. Often makes quips about Mabel. Does not hide her disdain for her. Openly cheers for Naomi, but sees her as an outsider because of her small stature.

1 Naomi warms up waiting for Mabel. The commentator announces Mabel, and she comes out, wearing sexy lingerie and stockings (dressed similarly to the first episode of the last video), playing to the camera, caressing herself, praising her body, and insulting her opponent. Takes off her shoes (in the first episode, Mabel is just in stockings, no shoes).

Before the fight is announced, the girls exchange insults. The fight begins, and the girls go into an exchange of blows, during which, they insult and swear at each other. After an exchange of punches, Mabel manages to knock out her opponent with a leg kick. Naomi lies on her back. Mabel turns away from her lying opponent, and begins to dance sexily in front of the camera. Taking off one stocking, she talks about how she's going to сhokе Naomi with it. (All the focus remains on Mabel.)

While Mabel is entertaining the audience, Naomi comes to her senses, comes up behind Mabel, and with the words "shut up already, Bitch" by the shoulder

turns Mabel towards her, and with all her might, she punches Mabel in the jaw. From the blow, Mabel is turned back around to face the camera. She stands in a groggy state, squinting her eyes, sticking her tongue out, and drooling. The commentator gloats about what her posturing has led Mabel to. Mabel wiggles for a while and falls to her knees. Naomi snatches her stocking from Mabel's hand and starts сhoking Mabel, cursing and insulting her in every way. Mabel drools and convulses until she is out. Naomi dismisses Mabel's softened body with disdain, and she falls onto her back. Naomi sits on top of Mabel, and smashes her face. From the blows, Mabel regains consciousness, and wraps her arms around Naomi and turns her around. The girls struggle on the ground. Mabel is stronger, and gets on top of Naomi. Starts сhoking her, babbling something about how she's the best. Suddenly Naomi releases her hand, and punches Mabel in the jaw, abruptly interrupting her bravado. Mabel does the "ahegao" thing again and drools and collapses her chest against Naomi's face with a soft moan. ( Maintain maximum focus on Mabel ) Naomi squeamishly throws Mabel's body off of her ( maximum focus on Mabel at this point too) expresses her disgust at contact with Mabel's body, calls her a whore, and talks about how Mabel's smell annoys her. Lifts Mabel up by her hair. Mabel stands in a groggy, drooling state. Naomi, cursing her opponent, delivers a hail of blows to her face, bringing her to the ropes (it's important that Mabel's face is visible at the moment of the blows, and her focus remains on her) Naomi tucks Mabel's hands behind the ropes. Mabel moans and drools. No longer able to resist. The commentator says, "It's time to finish this bitch off."

Naomi climbs over the ropes, and twists Mabel's neck (it's important that Mabel makes a sharp jerk with her head.) Mabel convulsively slides down the ropes. Naomi picks up Mabel's stocking, and with the words, "I'm so tired of your babbling, it's a good thing you shut up forever," shoves the stocking into Mabel's wide open mouth. She puts her foot on Mabel's collarbone, sitting leaning on the ropes. (Focus on Mabel as she poses as the winner) Camera fades to a close-up of Mabel.

2 Naomi is waiting for her opponent. Dressed in a white top and shorts. Sneakers on her feet. The commentator announces Mabel. Mabel comes out wearing a Black bra, possibly fishnet, different from the first episode, short skirt, with porta-potties on her feet, shoes - possibly boots, or platform shoes. She wears a choker around her neck and gloves on her hands. She is holding a taser and a hammer. She talks in a languid voice about how she is going to finish Naomi with it. She enters the "ring" and puts the weapon on the floor (it will come in handy later).

Squeezing her chest, bragging to Naomi and insulting her. Talks about her beauty.

Naomi calls her a stupid ugly whore, and that she is sick of Mabel's "ugly" voice.A duel is announced. The girls exchange punches, and insults. The exchange of punches is again in Mabel's favor. Mabel beats up Naomi, and laughs at her helplessness, insulting her looks and height. Even as Mabel dominates, the main focus remains on her. Mabel assumes different sexual poses after each punch, working for the camera. Naomi stands in a groggy state. Mabel knocks Naomi out with a leg kick. And continues to work for the camera, caressing herself, passionately opening her mouth wide with pleasure. She picks up her taser from the floor. Caressing himself he walks over to the lying Naomi. He puts his foot on Naomi and tells her what he's going to do to her. Naomi, coming to her senses, shoves Mabel's leg off, and punches Mabel in the crotch. Mabel screams wildly in pain, grabbing her crotch, accidentally squeezes her taser, and electrocutes herself. Mabel convulses for a few seconds, letting out a scream, and falls to her knees with a passionate groan, letting the taser out of her hands. Mabel makes an "ahegao" sound, drooling. Taunting the situation with a mockery of Mabel, Naomi lies across from her and kicks her in the face, throwing her onto her back, throwing her arms back, exposing her armpits. Mabel lies on the floor. Naomi, with her foot, spreads Mabel's legs wide. The commentator says, "this slut is not used to spreading her legs" Naomi kicks Mabel in the crotch with a running kick. From the pain, Mabel regains consciousness and starts screaming. Lifting her head, Mabel is kicked in the face again. Naomi lifts Mabel's legs, and delivers a series of blows to the Mabel's crotch, insulting her in the process. Mabel's body convulses. Naomi lifts her up by her hair. When she comes to, Mabel squirms in pain, grabbing her crotch. Naomi pushes Mabel into the wall. She picks up a taser, grabs Mabel by the hair and begins to taser her. Mabel shakes hard ( all the focus is on Mabel ), 

Foam comes out of her mouth. After this, Mabel slides to her heel. Naomi picks up the hammer. The commentator tells her to finish Mabel off. Naomi replies that she will gladly do so. Bring Mabel to her senses. Mabel is exhausted. Stares in horror at Naomi, who is holding a hammer in her hands. She starts begging for mercy. Naomi delivers several blows to Mabel's body, and moves on to her face. After each blow, Mabel screams heartbreakingly in pain, and begs Naomi to stop. But Naomi gets a taste for it and turns Mabel's beautiful face into a mess. Mabel stops screaming, but her limbs are still shaking from the exertion. Naomi, getting a taste for it, continues to throw punches. You can hear the sound of bones breaking, and the hammer hitting the meat. Naomi finally stops. Sits down next to Mabel, and showing her disfigured face to the camera, three by the hair, gloats over the fact that now Mabel is not so pretty. The camera fades in on Mabel.

3 Mabel walks out to Naomi. Naomi is wearing a white top, shorts, and sneakers. Mabel is wearing something very sexy, possibly with a corset, (your choice. Something to show off Mabel's breasts Mabel is wearing fishnet or torn tights and other accessories, a choker or jewellery around her neck and evening gloves up to the elbow if she has any. If it is not a corset dress, the same skirt. In short, about this image.) She has two ponytails on her head, similar to the Harley Quinn look.

As always, Mabel is bragging about her looks. Between the girls again skirmishes with mutual insults. The commentator interrupts the dialogue by announcing a fight.

The girls engage in an exchange of punches, and insults. After numerous blows, Mabel gets very tired, and can no longer hit the more resilient Naomi. Naomi smashes Mabel's face. Mabel tries to save herself in the struggle. She takes Naomi down, but Naomi does better here, too. She climbs over Mabel's back and takes her in a сhokе. Turns over on her back. Mabel lies with her back to Naomi. Naomi, lying underneath Mabel, continues to сhokе her. Mabel drools. Naomi dismisses Mabel's softened body with disdain. She sits on her back and does a camel clutch. Mabel screams in pain, and curses viciously, promising to finish Naomi. Naomi wraps her tails around Mabel's arms, and slams her face against the floor several times. Then Naomi takes her forearm over Mabel's throat and starts pulling Mabel up, arching her back. Mabel screams at the top of her throat. A crunch is heard. Naomi starts making jerks, and after a few jerks, Mabel goes silent with a ridiculous cry. Naomi gets up with Mabel, puts her foot on the back of Mabel's head, then flips Mabel onto her back with her foot, putting her foot on Mabel's face, turning it into the camera. After insulting her defeated rival several times, Naomi walks toward the camera. Mabel abruptly opens her eyes (I would like a close-up) Afterwards, the camera captures Naomi, who speaks unflatteringly about her rival. Behind Naomi's back, Mabel is seen getting up and sneaking up on Naomi. She looks at the camera, puts her index finger to her lips, and winks at the camera and starts сhoking Naomi from behind, insulting her and laughing at her with a villainous laugh. She tries to get Naomi to stifle her, but suddenly Naomi (if she can) throws her leg up and kicks Mabel in the face. After a few kicks to the face, Mabel squirms and drools. If that doesn't work, Naomi elbows Mabel several times in the stomach, whose arms go weak, and then elbows Mabel in the jaw with a U-turn. It's the same as before - Mabel makes an ahegao, drooling. Naomi mothers her opponent, grabs her by the throat, and delivers a series of punches to the face, and some knee strikes to the groin. Mabel falls to her knees, but Naomi lifts her to her feet, letting her know that this isn't over. Mabel squints her eyes and groans staggeringly. The commentator says, "Finish her off at last!" Naomi walks around Mabel from behind, and with a jerk twists Mabel's neck ( also asking for a strong headshake ) Mabel folds up like a fall in an unnatural pose. Lying on her back, possibly half sideways. Convulsing, and drooling. Naomi screams: "you bitch!" She pushes her foot with her foot from top to bottom into Mabel's throat, whose limbs have tensed up, and in a twisting motion she breaks her throat. Mabel stops shaking. Naomi lifts Mabel up by her hair, showing her face to the camera. Gloats over her, and dismissively flips her off. The commentator says it is now time to take out the "trash" and Naomi drags Mabel's body away. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mortal kombat. Mable vs Naomi. Part II

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