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Summary: A woman is a con-artist and manipulates people to get what she wants.

Scene 1: A woman wearing a tight shirt (with some cleavage) and short jean shorts (like what Samantha wore in “Invulnerable Samantha. Part II”) and a man (who can wear a mask or not) enter a room.  The man acts completely in love with the woman.  He speaks about how despite just meeting the woman, he’s never met a woman that he loves and trusts so completely.

The woman is carrying a small duffel bag.

The woman says that she loves him too (although she is just pretending to be in love with the man) and thanks him for letting her into this secret and secure police area and for telling her all about his secret job.

She asks him about the case he’s working on right now.

He (clearly in love with her) explains that right now they are working on a case to capture a mysterious woman who is a con artist and fraud.  She pretends that she is people that she isn’t and manipulates rich and powerful men to fall in love with her and steals all their money.  The man then explains that she is the best con artist ever and no one has been able to stop her or find her until now.  Now, they have all the evidence they need to capture her and put an end to her evil ways.

NOTE: The woman in this scene is the con artist the man is talking about (but he doesn’t know that… he trusts her completely and believes that she’s in love with him).  Every man in this entire video (from beginning of this clip to the end believes everything she says and obeys her every command not because of magic nor a supernatural power, but simply because they trust her).  No man, throughout this entire clip even suspects the woman is the con artist once she starts talking.

The woman asks where all the evidence for this mysterious con artist is.

The man tells the woman exactly where all the evidence is being kept and how to get there.  He then explains that it is impossible for the con artist (whoever she is) to destroy the evidence because the entire police compound is filled with security on the lookout for a con artist and there’s no way she could ever get through all the guards.

She thanks the man, and then tells him that he should get to work.  She says she doesn’t want him to get in any trouble and that she’ll just hang out in the room alone. And she tells the man not to worry about her.

They say that they love each other and blow each other kisses and the man leaves.  As soon as the man leaves, she woman sneers and rolls her eyes and says to herself “what an idiot?”

She opens up her duffel bag and pulls out a sexy business woman outfit (with some cleavage showing).

Scene 2: The woman (now wearing the sexy business woman outfit) is walking down a hallway with purpose and an air of authority.

A man (who’ll I’ll be calling man #2 for convenience) sees her and asks her to halt.  He explains that he doesn’t recognize her, and that this whole police compound is on high alert for a beautiful female con artist who tricks men into giving her money.  He asks to see her identification.

The woman angrily shouts at him and says that she’s The Director-General of Police.  She says that she's the highest ranking police officer and that he is incompetent for not knowing her.  She doesn’t show him any identification but acts bossy, angry, and confident.

Man #2’s demeanor changes completely, when she says this.  He believes her entirely and becomes completely submissive and apologetic.  He begs her to forgive him, and calls her “ma’am” or “sir”.

She chastises him and scolds him and threatens to end his career as a police officer.  She tells him that there was an area outside that wasn’t secure and orders him to go out and secure that area against the con artist threat.

He says “yes, ma’am! Whatever, you say, Ma’am.”  And runs off.

The woman continues forward.

Scene 3: The woman comes up to a door and it is locked.  She tries to open it and is frustrated that it is locked.

Another man comes up from behind her (we’ll call him Man #3).  He explains the same thing as Man # 2 did.  He says that this is a secure area and that there’s a beautiful female con artist who is going to try to break into this place.  He says that he needs to see her identification.

The woman, plays the same trick on this man as she did on Man #2.  She turns on him angrily and yells at him.  She says that she’s the Director-General of the Police and that she’s here personally to inspect the police compound.  She says that she’s unimpressed with the security there and she begins interrogating Man #3.

Once again she doesn’t show any identification (because as a con artist, she doesn’t have any, of course).

Man #3 becomes immediately compliant, and submissive to the woman as soon as she says that she’s the Director-General of Police.  He calls her “Madam Director” and answers all of her questions and begs her for forgiveness.

She yells at him and calls him an “incompetent buffoon” and orders him to unlock the door for her.

He immediately pulls out some keys and unlocks the door, apologizing to her the entire time.

She demands he give her all his keys.

He immediately complies and gives her the keys.

She leaves through the door and tells Man #3, that she’ll be watching him.

Scene 4:

The woman comes up to some sort of safe or lock on a  locker.  She is about to put in the code to the safe / locked locker.  There is no one else in the room.

The screen fades to black and a title card saying “Yesterday” appears on the screen

Scene 5:

We are in some sort of psychologist's office.  A man (we’ll call him Man #4) is lying on a couch (or sitting in a chair) and the woman (who is now wearing a tight sweater and skirt) and also sitting in a chair as if she’s a psychologist.

The woman is explaining that she’s glad that the man is confiding in her so much.  But that he needs to confide in her more.  “I am your doctor after all,” she says

Man #4, tells her that over the past couple of weeks that she’s been his psychologist that he trusts her more than he’s ever trusted anyone.  He always calls her “doctor” and is compliant with her saying things like “yes, doctor”, “of course, doctor”, “whatever you say, doctor” to everything she says.

The woman asks the man to describe his current case with the police.

The man says that he’s working on a case where a beautiful woman con artist manipulates and tricks men into giving her whatever she wants.  She’s a fraud, a thief, and a con artist.  She’s stolen identities, and manipulated men to fall in love with her.  She posed as police officers, and judges, and lawyers, and doctors, and psychologist, and distant relatives and she always gets away with it.  But now his department finally has the evidence they need to put this mysterious con artist woman in prison forever.  He also explains that they’ve even captured over 50 million dollars that she’s stolen and they are keeping it at a secure location.  The man also explains that he is the only one who knows the code for the safe / locker where the 50 million dollars is located.

The woman says that this con artist must be really smart to manipulate all those men.

Man #4 agrees that she’s practically unstoppable.

The woman asks if Man #4 trusts her.

He says, “yes, 100%.  You are a doctor after all.”

She says that he is very depressed.

He seems surprised and says “Depressed?”

She says “yes, you are extremely depressed.”

He says, “I don’t feel depressed.”

She says, “it doesn’t matter if you don’t feel depressed or not.  I’m your doctor and I know better.  I’m telling you that you are the most depressed patient I’ve ever had.  You have an extremely serious case of depression and I’m sure, as a doctor, that I am your only hope of overcoming this.”

The man becomes slightly desperate, saying “of course, you’re the doctor not me.  Please won’t you help me, doctor?  I’m begging you.  I’ll do anything you say.”

The woman says, “if you want to overcome this depression of yours, you are going to have to trust me completely and unquestioningly do everything I tell you to do.  I am a doctor after all.”

Man #4 says, “yes, of course, doctor.  I’ll do whatever you tell me to do, doctor.”

The woman says, “first things first.  The first reason you’re so depressed is because you have too many secrets that you haven’t told anyone.  It’s too stressful for your mind and you need to relieve all that information.  For starters, earlier you said that you knew the code for the safe or lock that the 50 million dollars is hidden.  You must tell me that code.”

The man immediately and happily tells her the code and she writes it down.  He says that he’s happy to tell her whatever she wants to know because he can trust her completely because she is a doctor.

She continues, “the police compound must also have passcodes to shut off the alarms against anything being stolen.  Give me the passcodes to shut off all the alarms for the police compound.

Man #4 happily complies and the woman writes down the information.

Next the woman says, “now, you say you have evidence for this con artist woman.  I’m assuming that it’s physical documents and pictures and things like that but the police have made digital copies of everything as well, just in case something happens to the physical copies.”

Man #4 says, “yes, of course, doctor.”

The woman says, “I need you to give me all the confidential logins and passwords to access the complete police database, as well as all the backup files.  I need complete administrative access to all of the police’s servers and networks.  If you don’t tell me all of this you’ll be depressed forever.  I know, I’m your doctor.”

Man #4 tells her everything (and he’s happy to) and she writes it all down.

Next the woman says, “You’ve been working too hard.  As your doctor, I’m going to order you to not go into work tomorrow.  Take the day off.  It’s also important for you to be surrounded by relaxed people as well.  So I want you to order all of your staff to take the day off too.  Your secretary, your assistants, your deputy, and any other people who might be working in your office, I need you to order them to take the day off.  I want your office to be completely empty tomorrow, do you understand?  It’s for the best, I am a doctor.”

Man #4, agrees and says that he’ll make the arrangements.  And says that if his psychologist says this is what he needs to do, that he will.  She is a doctor after all.

Then the woman says, “You need to feel like you’re not being watched.  It’s important that you believe that it’s possible to be at ease at work.  So, in order to prove to yourself that your work is a safe place to work.  I want you to turn off all the security cameras for tomorrow at the police compound.”

Man #4 asks “What?”

The woman replies, “you need to feel as though it’s possible for these cameras to turn off so you won’t be paranoid.  So, as your doctor, I’m telling you that if you don’t turn off all the security cameras for the entire police compound for all of tomorrow, you will never be able to get over your serious depression.”

Man #4 agrees and promises that he’ll turn off all the cameras and that he’ll do everything that she says.

The woman then says, “One last thing.  You need to tell me all of your banking information.  Account numbers, passwords, login information, credit card numbers, everything.  In order for you to feel free it’s important that you relieve yourself of the burden of keeping this information secret.  You can, of course, trust me with all this information, after all I am a doctor.

Man #4 takes out his wallet and immediately shows her everything.  She begins writing down passwords and other things.

Fade to back with a title card that reads “present day”

Scene 6:

We are back in the room with the safe / locker (scene 4) and the woman there in front of it.  There is no one else in the room.

She pulls out a piece of paper with a code written on it and opens up the safe / locker.

In it is a bag.  She opens the bag and smiles to herself.

She says to herself.  “It’s all here.  All 50 million.  Men are so stupid.”

She closes the bag and takes it.

She walks up to a desk with a computer on it.

She says to herself, “and now to delete all your files.”

She pulls up another piece of paper with login information and begins typing away on the computer.

Time passes.

After awhile she says to herself, “and now delete everything.” and she presses a button and laughs to herself.  “This is just too easy,” she says to herself.

She pulls out a flash drive.

“Now, I know everything is deleted but I want to upload a special virus for the police networks.  This will screw up all police computers for months.”

She puts in the flash drive to the computer and clicks some buttons and then says, “and upload.”  She laughs to herself again.  “Now, to get rid of the physical evidence,” she says to herself.

She leaves the room with the bag of her money.

Scene 7

The woman (still wearing the sexy business woman outfit) enters a room with one man in it (let’s call him Man #5)

Man #5 asks her to stop and says that he doesn’t recognize her.  He explains that there is a beautiful and sexy female con artist on the loose and that he needs to see her identification.  

She responds with the same act she did in earlier scene with Man #1 and Man #2.  She shouts at him and declares herself to be The Director-General of Police.

As with all the other men, Man #5 immediately becomes submissive and completely compliant with her.  

She interrogates him and calls him incompetent and threatens his career if he doesn’t shape up.

He begs her for forgiveness and calls her “Madam Director.”

After chastising him and berating him, she demands that he retrieve all the physical evidence and notes on the con artist woman case.

Man #5 runs to compile to the order.  He brings up some papers in an envelop.

“Is this everything?” she asks angrily.  “I would hate to have to put you in prison for disobeying a direct order from a superior.”

Man #5 assures her that it is ALL the evidence.

The woman orders him to destroy all the evidence right now, in front of her by burning it (like in a barrel, or trash can, or stove, or fire place).

Man #5 immediately complies without question, saying “Yes, Madam Director.  Whatever you say.  I’m terribly sorry.  Yes, right away, Ma’am.”

Man #5 burns all the papers and evidence in front of her.

After that’s done she scolds Man #5 telling him that she’s “been disappointed with his performance lately and that she doesn’t want to have to fire him.”

Man #5 says, “I notice that you have the 50 million dollars from the case, Madam Director.”

(She is still holding onto the bag that she got from the locker / safe).  “Do you want other monetary confiscations, Madam Director?”

The woman blicks for a second, a little bit surprised but she recovers quickly.

“Yes, of course, I want all moneys that the police has confiscated that being held at this compound,” the woman yells.  ‘If you were competent you’d already have the money ready for me when I got here.”

Man #5 says “I’m sorry, Madam Director.  I’m terribly sorry.”

The woman asks “how much money do we have here right now.”

Man # 5 says, “a little over 600 million dollars, Madam Director.

The woman smiles evilly.

Man # 5  says “it’s really heavy, Ma’am.”

The woman then says, “we’ll then you’d better carry it out to my car.”

Man #5 says “yes, Ma’am.  Right away, Ma’am.  Whatever you say, Madam Director.”

Scene 8

Outside next to a car.

The woman is standing next to her car impatiently.

There is a montage of Man #  2, 3, 4, & 5 (but not man #1 who was in love with her) carrying boxes, bags, suitcases, or whatever else to her car and filling her car, passenger seats, truck, and back seats with the stuff.   (The men aren’t necessarily in the frame at the same time).  (Presumably all of these carrying methods are filled with cash… it doesn’t matter what they are, they could be garbage bags, bankers boxes whatever).

The entire time, the woman is bitchy, mean, and berating the men, who are clearly tired and exhausted from all the carrying they’ve been doing.

By the end of the montage, the woman’s car is filled.

She turns to Man # 5 and after chastising him a bit she says “I’m going to let you off the hook with a warning this time.”

Man #5 says, “yes, thank you, Madam Director.  Thank you very much, you’re too kind.”

Then the woman says, “Now don’t you forget.  As you were carrying what I wanted to my car, I got all of your information.  I now have your names, address, social insurance number, driver's license numbers, credit cards, banking information, email and password, computer login and everything.”

Man # 5 says, “yes, and we were happy to comply and answer all of your questions, Madam Director.  We would never disobey an order.  We were all happy to give you whatever information you wanted, Ma’am.”

Then the woman says, “Alright, I’m giving you one last order, for all the men here.  I am on a secret mission, so don’t tell anyone that I was here or that you gave any of this police material to me, do you understand?”

Man #5 says, “yes, Ma’am, of course, whatever you say?  We won’t tell a soul.”

The woman then says, “now, you be careful about this woman con artist.  She’s a genius.  She isn’t your normal thief.  A thief needs to sneak in a snatch something from you and then run away as you chase after them.  A cunning con artist will not only have you not chasing after them, but they’ll have you happily giving them everything they want.  A true genius con artist will have you so convinced that not only will you give them what they want, but you’ll carry it out to them and you’ll put it in their car for them to drive away with your stuff.  And you won’t even notice that you’ve been robbed and had your information stolen until it’s too late.

Man #5 says, “don’t worry, Madam Director, this con artist won’t get the best of us.”

Man #5 holds the door open for the woman, who gets into her car and drives off.

As the man is now alone, he says to himself, ‘Weird.  I didn’t even know there was a Director-General of Police.”  He shrugs his shoulders and walks off.

The end.

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