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  • Naomi is your bully. POV

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Naomi is the viewer's bully, and has made their life hell. She's about to go to a fancy dress party but wants to get a workout by hurting the viewer.

She arrives and approaches the viewer very arrogantly and begins to beat them up immediately.

I would like for her to use kicks, punches, slaps, even overpowering the viewer with a hug (much to her amusement). Naomi is free to use any other martial art she wants. Naomi should completely overpower the viewer, with no chance for them to fight back. I would also like for her to taunt the viewer about how superior she is to them.

The final minute or two should be spent with her on top of the viewer, сhoкling and punching them until they are on the floor.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi is your bully. POV

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