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  • The unexpected humiliation of Super Tiffany

Custom clip request 

Actress: Tiffany

Costume: School costume  just like "Super powerful Tiffany shows her strength" BUT BAREFOOT and BARELEGS

Number of male actor = 3  i want the actor to wear mask and i want them to be skinny and look nerdy

Duration: 20 minutes


Tiffany is a strong,muscular and cocky superheroine. She is a famous superheroine for being invulnerable in which she can take punches and kicks. she actually feels a very small annoyance of pain when taking a hit. The pain is there but almost does not exist.

Super Tiffany is coming home when she sees the three thugs are trying to steal stuff from her home.

Tiffany is laughing and smiling with a cocky posture. The thugs are surprised and scared. they have no choice but to face her.

the conversation is up to you as long as tiffany belittling and smiling cockily at the thugs also some small laughing as well. the thugs will sound nervous and scared. tiffany should be straight with hand on hips

The first 5 minute is just like the “Super powerful Tiffany shows her strength” where she shows off her muscle and strength and the three thugs one by one try to overpower her in strength but fail. So it contains strength matches like arm wrestling, muscle squeezing, tiffany choking thugs with one hand up from the floor,  hand grasping, punch and kicks to, etc. Basically the domination scene in "super powerful tiffany shows her strength" will be here. You can be creative in the strength contest as long as tiffany look cocky and confidence with smile underestimating thugs

The next 10 minute is where the fighting began. the three thugs talk between each other that they should work together instead of one on one to ganged up on super tiffany.

“she may be strong but we are faster and there are three of us!” said one of the thugs at the end.

The thug then said: “hey bitch, Let’s have a hand combat instead of a strength contest!”

Tiffany give short laugh and said: “are you guys fucking serious? Do you know what just happened?” while in hand on hips position. You can add more conversation if you want

After the conversation, the fight started and at first Tiffany dominated the fight easily but the thugs were surprisingly good at teaming up on her. After a while, they start to get the upper hand. They dodge her attack and get more hits. You can get creative in combat but the important point is:

Tiffany does not bow. her upper body is straight during the fight. She does not have a fighting stance. This way she always look cocky and overconfident

no excessive reaction when Tiffany gets hit, only winces and flinches because remember that the hitting is just more annoying instead of real pain (this is important). After a while the wince and flinching can be added with back step or front step if the hitting is from the back (still upper body straight no bowing)  so it is more apparent that she is in trouble but still not excessive. 

I want the fight to show that tiffany strength is actually better than them but the thugs are working together and faster which make tiffany in trouble, so no scene like thug bending her arm or catching her arm because it shows that tiffany is weak.

Contain a stomach punch, a low blow, hitting at the back and ribs, hitting at the face. Several of these hits are a surprise attack to tiffany.

During the fight, the thug have some talk like "yeah it is working!, we can do this" , "c'mon she ain't so tough", "let's  keep hitting her, we can win this" , etc. Tiffany also have some saying/response like "mmpppphhhh" , "fuck you guys are so fucking annoying aarrnnnhhhh ". etc .you can add more saying as long as it humiliate super luna pride.

After the combat, the last 5 minute is a strength contest again but this time the thugs won and humiliate her:

Super Tiffany got cornered  with three thugs in front of them. She bowed a bit with pant breathing (just like after sprinting). The thug is also panting in breath with pain but they are all smiling

"you little assholes, i am gonna destroy you all". said tiffany grunting

The three thugs laugh and said: "how about we do strength contest again now!".  You can add more conversation as long as it makes Tiffany's pride destroyed.

Tiffany is really pissed , after all her strength is her pride. So the strength contest starts with armwrestling, tiffany arm wrestle one of the thugs. She flexes her muscles and pushes hard but suddenly the other two keep tickling and punch tiffany abs as well stomping her feet.  The attack and tickling made her lose focus. Both thug and Tiffany are struggling hard but in the end the thug won.  Here Tiffany is seen flexing hard on her muscle and her face is serious and grunting trying to focus but still failed. 

After the thug won, he said "holy fuck i can't believe i just beat super tiffany in strength". The three of them are laughing belittling tiffany. Tiffany's face is even more angry and surprised

The next strength contest is up to you as long as it shows Tiffany struggling and muscle flexing  with face grunting. The contest should also be a struggle to the thugs and it is obvious that Tiffany can win easily but since other thugs are tickling, stomping and hitting on her, she loses in a humiliating way. i want the thug who disturbs tiffany to talk down laughing on her like: "where is your strength now super bitch" , "All that muscle are just for showing huh?" , etc . The video ends with Tiffany lying down on the floor (up to you how she ended up on the floor) panting and feeling humiliated. the thugs are all laughing and high fiving leaving her. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The unexpected humiliation of Super Tiffany

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