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  • Sasha kicks the bandit who'd broken into her house

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Sequel to Sasha humiliates two men with her legs. Another man is sent to capture Sasha while she’s getting ready to go out for the night. She is gathering her purse, puts her keys in the purse, when suddenly a man creeps in through the door. Sasha is turned away from the door, but when she hears door open, she gives a look up from her purse, smirks, and simply goes back to fondling with her purse, pretending not to notice the man who is creeping along the wall behind her. When the man finally gets near her, she kicks one of her legs behind her and hits the man in the face while still looking down at her purse/belongings. The man crumbles to the ground. Sasha still has yet to look at the man, and is still looking in the opposite direction from where the man is laying. Sasha then takes out her phone and begins to text, while saying, “you’re gonna have to do better than that to touch me.”

Infuriated, the man charges Sasha, when Sasha suddenly turns to him and kicks him in the face. The man crumples to the ground. Sasha walks slowly towards him, smirking and taunting him. “Do you really think you could hurt me and take me away? Look at you. Pathetic excuse of a man.” Come on. Get up and let’s see you fight like a man.” The man staggers to his feat. He threws punches, but Sasha continues to dodge. After throwing about 5 punches, she then knees the man in the ribs and roundhouse kicks him in the face, which sends him to his knees. She then sends a few knees to his face. And he falls facedown to the floor. She brings him up to his knees, and begins to taunt him again, circling around him and whisper sexually in his ear “I thought you had done this before. You've destroyed many men, but can’t get even touch this?”

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The man gets up, enraged and begins to try and hit Sasha or tackle her. However, she kicks or knees him every time he tries with he her hands on her hips. After trying several times and getting kicked/kneed, he makes one last charge towards sasha, who knees him, grabs his arm, and tosses him towards the bed in the room. He lay sprawling on the bed, with his head hanging over the table, but looking upward towards the ceiling. Sasha then begins to strut around the bed a couple of times taunting him. His head follows her, but he’s so badly hurt that he can’t get up. At some point, she sees that he grabs his crotch area, assumedly to hide an erection. She laughs, and taunts, “now I see what you really want. But not only can’t you have me, you can’t even touch me.” She gets close to his head, and whispers, “how does that feel?” The man shuts his eyes and pleads for her to stop. Sasha laughs, and does one more circle around the bed. She then gets to the edge of the bed and puts the man’s head in between her thighs, while she leans slightly back with her hands on the edge of the bed. Sasha should be smirking and enjoying the type of suffocating hold she has on the man, not taking her eyes off of him. Meanwhile, the man will become more and more panicked as he loses air, beginning to try hitting Sasha’s stomach, which she laughs and says “you think that hurts me?” How weak are you? She has him in this leghold for a little less than a minute as his legs grow increasingly flailing behind her. At some point, she picks up the man’s phone on the bed beside her, still maintaining the hold, and calls the number. She puts it on speaker. A hoarse voice responds, do you have her? She responds, no but I got him. And puts the phone next to the man’s face so the person on the otherline can hear him gasping for air. Sasha then puts the phone down, and breaks the man’s neck. She stands there for a few moments with his head below her thighs. She then grabs her purse, and walks out. Camera should show her walking away from the man from behind.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha kicks the bandit who'd broken into her house

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