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  • Carol chases the criminal

Can I have a custom with Carol please.

Carol arrests criminal  30 minutes

Carol wears shirt covering stomach, shorts, bare legs and feet, and mules. Hair is tied back. Hoop earrings and makeup. Tan skin

Criminal wears mask and casual outfit

Camera shots and Music similar to The criminal tries to escape Bionic Lesley and The bandit encounters Rondas feet in mules

She is very relaxed about all of it. A walk in the park for her. She knows she's hot. She knows she can win.

Lots of closeups of Carols body. Face, chest, hands, legs, butt, feet(arched showing wrinkles). Could you do some shots where her wrinkled arch covers the screen. See attachment. 

-Smiling and serious face and raising eyebrow

-Laugh every few minutes.

-Leg on stool shots with arched foot. 

-Sitting with legs crossed.  1. Pointing foot of crossed leg forward(show both sides and front view)

                                               2. Kicking crossed leg up and down(both sides and front view)

                                               3. Foot on ground is arched.(both sides and front view)

-Can you copy the Shoe pose images? Toe pointing with shoe at an angle with wrinkles showing.                                     

-Carol lifts him off the ground by grabbing his throat and with a bear hug. Pov of her face and foot shots

-Fighting is the same. Carol beats him up with ease. Blocking and dodging his attacks. Slo Mo of punches and kicks. 

-Closeup of hand grabbing crotch

-Stand behind him and kick his crotch. Close shot of foot.

-Stick leg out from behind a column and tease him.

-Stand with one foot on his thigh to stop him from punching you.



Hello again Darling. You never learn do you? Do you surrender? Good. Then you get my legs and my shoes.

Say these at least once during video. Anything else you can think of

-Everytime time the same

-Legs Darling

-Wrinkled arches

-Idiot. (could you say this more than the others) 

-I love this

-This is why you like me.

-You like me catching you

-You are my favourite criminal

-So stupid

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Carol chases the criminal

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  • Product Length: 31 minutes
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