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  • Mortal kombat. Rhea vs Tiffany

Custom clip request 

They are both bare legged no stockings and in one-piece suits and in stilettos. 

I’d like Tiffany in a long sleeve one piece black suit Like Rhea wore in the fight with Sasha.  

I'd like Rhea in a black one piece with the crisscrossing strings down her chest like Sasha wore in the Rhea vs Sasha fight.   

Again both women began by sizing each other up and then they start circling one another.  Tiffany starts off very aggressively and snaps a high kick into Rhea’s face sending her into the wall and  then she moves in and starts to unload right and left fist combination into Rhea’s gut doubling her over.  Then Tiffany grabs her by the hair as she’s doubled over and floors her with  a knee to the head.  

Tiffany circles Rhea with a cocky stride as she fluffs her hair.  

Rhea slowly gets up clearly shaken but when Tiffany goes on the offense again, Rhea blocks one right cross then a left cross and head butts Tiffany sending her stumbling back rocked.     

Tiffany shakes her head trying to clear her head. 

Rhea peruse her and drops to one knee and viciously rams her fist up into Tiffany’s crotch.  When Tiffany doubles over Rhea stands up and slams a huge right uppercut into her head reeling her back onto her butt.      

Now its Rhea’s turn to strut around Tiffany as she whips her hair back.  

Now the fight really gets started.                                               

Again its one sided for a while and then it changes and is one sided for the other.  These two very confidant proud woman fight it out with only one left standing.  

I really loved your innovations so have fun with it.  If you could keep it moving again with no holds all fists, kicks, elbows and any other blows you can think of.  If possible, if you could throw in a believable flip or two that would be great but that might be too much to ask for with the cement floor.  

As with the Rhea vs Sasha fight, this isn’t a fare fight and neither hold back from giving low blows.  

Both are defiant to the end.  

The end is one of them having the other slammed up against the wall with an uppercut and then finishes her with one uppercut after the other.  Then with one last giant uppercut the winner is clear as she puts the other out for good.   

The loser slides down the wall to her haunches with her back up against the wall.

The winner sticks the ball of her stiletto on the others cheek and gives her a shove sending her to the floor.  Then the winner proudly swaggers away fluffing her hair leaving the other on the floor.  

Each woman gets equal time battering the other but again after the opening its not back and forth.  Its one sided and then one sided again until one finishes the other.      

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mortal kombat. Rhea vs Tiffany

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