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  • Naomi and Tiffany compete in flexibility

Custom clip request 

Can I please order a custom for Naomi (N) and Tiffany (T). Script below. 

Outfits: N, hair should be like “Namoi demonstrates her flexibility to Ivy”. Should have black ankle socks and yoga pants and top, not that black and grey outfit, but something colorful.

T: hair in ponytail, grey, white or some color other than black socks (but still ankle socks) with yoga pants top.

N sitting at a table waiting for T to finish up on the mat before her turn. T is practicing her high kicks and does not look impressed at all. N tells her to hurry up and finish to which T looks at her at says she will take however long she feels like and then slowly (as slow as possible) slides into a split staring at N the entire time. Once she is on the ground she smirks and shrugs her shoulders with attitude then throws a straight punch towards her (while still in split) with a loud kiya. N looks at her a rolls her eyes and says “cute your flexible”. She proceeds to take off flip flops and does a cartwheel towards T and then when infront of her, she then does a slow split infront of T, but as she does she is playing/fixing her nails (not paying attention at all T). Once on the ground in a split, she looks at T and says “oh yeah, I forgot that part and does a punch towards T with a loud kiya, so they are not both in a split with fists in each other face. N tells T she can leave now. T says fine, “I was done anyway” and stands up, but quickly kicks N in the face, knocking her back and says “I was done stretching, not beating your ass”. N stands up and says you are going to wish you never did that.

N does a jump kick that stuns T and immediately follows that up with a spin kick to the stomach. The kick should be POV. T, bent over from the kick, and N kicks her in the face knocking her back to the wall. With this kick from N, she kicks her but then continues to bring her leg up, that she catches with her hand and holds above her head and says “if am going to be kicking you in the face, going to need to stretch my legs”. N then walk over to T and strikes her in her throat to stun her and then stands next to her (N hands on wall) brings her leg up and does side kicks to T chin. (About 4 in total). After the 4th she pulls leg back and tells her, this last one is going to sting and she does the side kick, but hit T with it right between her eyes. The first 4 kicks should be with the flat top part of her foot. The fifth kick, her foot should be extended out and her big toe should do all the damage in the kick.

T drops to her knees in pain with N looking down at her, while her leg still in air (as high as possible). T gets up and says she is done and starts to make her way to a door to leave. N says “leaving so soon” and does two cartwheel towards the door and beats T there and puts her leg of the door (she should be flat on the door, like doing a split on the door). T her back to the door and N facing door and N says “but am just getting warmed up”.  T says ok, but I bet you didn’t see this coming and pokes N in the eye. Then she quickly drops to split (N leg still in air) does 3 punches. N drops her leg and turns and is bent over. With T still in split, N (backside facing T), T does uppercut punch to groin and holds it a second. The scene should have the uppercut punch and T looking through N legs at the camera with N in pain. After that N should drop to her knees. T should then do some kicks to her. She then grabs her chin and says “ let me help you up” and stands her up. N is dazed and T starts to bounce from side to side the proceeds to throw different kicks at N and does them at different angles. These should all he fast like N doesn’t know where they are coming from. Should be no more than 3 or 4 and she ends up in front of a wobbly N. She stops and takes a step back smiles and does spinning back fist with loud kiya to N face knocking her down. T then shows off and does some high kicks to the air (about 5) during which N gets on all fours facing her. After the last kick T does a heel stretch and looks at N and says I want to try something. She lets her foot go and puts it under N chin and lifts her up and says stay right there. She turns and does 1 or 2 cartwheels away from her and turns around. She then holds her hands out like taking a picture, but sizing her up and does a handstand, then splits her legs and puts her foot right in N chest (basically doing an upside down split). She holds it for a few seconds and goes back to the handstand. N stumbled back and T stands up. T walks towards her and N throws a punch, but T dodges it by putting her head on the side N hip and does 2 or 3 scorpion kicks to N. N drops to her knees and T does cartwheel kick knocking her on her back. T is a few feet back from N laying on the ground and with her back towards N does a few quick stretches with legs then looks over her shoulder smiles and turns and runs towards N laying on the ground and slides into a split hitting her. She should hit the side of her ribs and begins to laugh with N in pain. She gets up and picks N up and walks shoves her towards a table in the room. She then lays N on the table belly up and then does a high ax kick (leg over her head) and drops it on N stomach and then leans forward to stretch. She then takes her leg off and goes to do it again, but she has made her way to N head. She does a heel stretch and is holding her leg high and look at N and says it is over. She lets go and brings it towards N, but N brings her arms up and blocks it. She pushes it off and T goes to grab her head , but N grabs her head and while laying on her back kicks T in the head. T stumbles back and N gets off table and starts her come back. The comeback should last a few minutes with N doing high kicks, jump kicks and a scorpion kick or 2 of her own. After the last kick, T stumbled back and N gets a chair puts in next to table and sits with legs crossed looking at her nails laughing at T. T says “you won’t find this funny” and lunges at N, but N quickly gets her leg up (the leg that was crossed) and catches the bottom of her foot (toes bent towards her) under T chin and drops her to her knees. N should hold this pose for a few seconds looking down at T. N then stands up and should pick T up by the chin. She should stand her infront of the table and the N climbs up on the and does a heel stretch as high as she can and looking down at T drops her foot on top of head. T then falls to the ground with N standing on table smiling looking down at her. T puts her hand on table and starts to get up using the table and N rolls her eyes. N then does a split on the table and when T stands up again they are eye to eye and then N strikes her in the throat to which T stumbles back. N then gets of table, but as she does her back is towards T and T bear hugs her from behind. N laughing saying you can’t be serious, stands straight up and grabs T hands and uncrosses the and now both T and N arms are stretch out. N then does a kick over her shoulder and hits T. This should be done in 2 camera angles, first normal straight ahead and the second from the top down (camera guy on ladder looking down) and ideally the kick in the second shot, her foot be flat so you see the bottom and her toes hit T. After that N turns around and now holding wrist, basically holding T up, does a high kick, but brings leg straight up and connects with T chin. The bottom of her foot should hit chin And T head should snap back after being hit and N foot should remain. Same as last, shot from 2 different camera angles normal and from above. N let’s go of T and she slowly drops to her knees and when she does N puts her foot on top of her head (N leg should be up the whole time) holding her up. N looks at her and says “now let me show you flexible” and takes her foot off her head and T falling on her back. N walks and gets one chair and puts it next to T and gets another chair and puts it on the other side of her, then does a split on the chairs over her and does a few straight punches down to T stomach laughing. She then gets of the chairs and walks back to the table and leans on it standing up legs crossed T, in pain, gets on all fours and starts to crawl out from the chairs and trying to get away. N says, not so fast and runs and slides into a split hitting T in face (insert neck break sound) and T drops to mat face down. N still in split looking proud of what she did leans forward and stretches and while in split takes off one sock, then switches legs (in split) stretches takes off other sock. She then stands up and barefoot and does some kicks as it ends.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi and Tiffany compete in flexibility

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