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  • Mortal kombat. Mabel vs Naomi

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Mabel is described as a sexy, arrogant, self-righteous, conniving, bitchy, femme fatale with sadistic tendencies, who has repeatedly taken part in such tournaments and enjoys it. She is the clear favorite, because of her superiority in height and experience. But she looses in every episode. Her coming out is always a whole show. She comes out with a seductive gait, performing various sexual acts, caressing herself, her breasts (play it up as you see fit) showing off her figure, and in particular her breasts, to her rival. It takes all three of Mabel's outputs completely off.

Naomi is characterized as a modest but fun and playful girl. No one believes in her victory. Has a hatred for Mabel.

Wants to avenge her sister/girlfriend (you can think of a conditional name), who was destroyed at the hands of Mabel in a similar tournament. This motivation, can run through all the episodes.

The announcer/commentator is a female voiceover. Doesn't believe Naomi will win, but is rooting for her. Can't hide her contempt for Mabel at times.

Can be insulting to her, or barbaric.

Note. I wish Mabel had worn stripper shoes in the first episode. And in the others, more comfortable shoes. But in the first one, they can be taken off after she leaves, for comfortable wagering on the groggy state, etc.

It is important that Mabel convincingly play off the groggy state, perhaps even in an exaggerated way.

Scene 1

The voice-over announces the girls, and Naomi comes out first. She is dressed in a modest solid swimsuit. On her feet, she wears Czechs, for even more emphasis on the height difference.Her entrance is simple and short. (Shown only in the first episode, in later episodes, she just waits for Mabel in her corner) and gets to the right corner. I mean, to the right of the ropes. I'd like to see the girls enter the "ring" by climbing over the ropes, but it's not a big deal. Make it as it will look more spectacular. Next, Mabel walks out with a seductive gait. Dressed in black (or darker shades of any color) lingerie, ideally fishnet lingerie that highlights Mabel's breasts, and stockings, with shoes, like thongs, on her feet. I would like to see different details. For example, a choker, fingerless gloves on the hands, maybe long if they fit the image, or short. Hair loose. On the nails red nail polish. On her feet are shoes, like stripes (I don't know if you can walk on the coverage you used in videos like this on heels, and would it be coverage?) She plays a lot on camera, caressing herself, doing some hot, possibly dance moves. Walks to the left corner. Where she continues to play to the audience. Squeezes her breasts with her hands and says in a languid voice looking in Naomi's direction:

"The last thing you're going to see is your face covered by my tits, and then darkness..."

Naomi replies: "That won't do you any good, bitch. I'm here to get my revenge and finish you off."

In response, Mabel laughs.

A voiceover interrupts the altercation, announcing the start of the fight. A fight ensues, during which Naomi lunges at Mabel, but Mabel dodges all blows, and playfully answers her opponent with her punches to the face and stomach. Mabel laughs at her opponent and brags about her breasts, praising herself, and working the camera. (Even when Mabel dominates, the main focus is on her) after a series of punches to the face from Mabel, Naomi stands groggy. Mabel says, "and this is nothing you put up against me?"

She then theatrically pokes Naomi in the forehead with her finger, causing Naomi to fall.

Mabel continues to work the audience, begins to dance sexily, praising herself by touching her breasts, and tells the recumbent Naomi that she can enjoy the spectacle while she's alive. She then stands over Naomi's head, mouth wide open, anticipating the sadistic pleasure, with a gentle moan, sits smoothly on her knees, tucks Naomi's arms under her to block them, and begins choking Naomi with her breasts. Naomi tries to resist, but weakens. Mabel, meanwhile, in a languid voice tells her what she is going to do to Naomi. When Naomi quiets down, Mabel declares in a gentle voice that she is about to finish her off. Continuing to play to the audience, she runs her hands over her body, running them behind her head lifting her hair. Trying to say it was too easy, Naomi comes to her senses abruptly, and interrupts Mabel with a sharp kick to the face, throwing her leg over herself. ( or knee, as the case may be). So she throws five or six punches, and after each one, Mabel's face changes. She reacts vividly to the blows, screaming loudly. After the last punch, Mabel makes a sort of an ahegao, squinting her eyes, sticking her tongue out, drooling, wiggling, and falling down on Naomi with a soft moan. Naomi, with the words, "Get your tits off me, bitch! What an abomination!" she throws off Mabel's softened body (it's important that the focus is entirely on Mabel), who collapses on her back. Naomi gets up, complaining that she doesn't like Mabel's smell and that she's stained her with drool, stabs Mabel several times in the face with her foot.

The voiceover gloats over Mabel. Naomi kicks Mabel lying on the floor in the face and body. Mabel screams shrilly with each blow. Naomi lifts Mabel up by her hair, bringing her to her feet. Mabel stands in a groggy state, squinting her eyes, drooling and moaning. Naomi says, "You're slut, I'm not done with you yet!"

With blows she drives Mabel to the ropes if they aren't there, then to the wall). Tucks her hands barely alive Mabel behind the ropes, starts hitting all the floors, face (mostly in the face), stomach, kicks her in the groin. Takes her by the throat, and starts punching her in the face ( I want to try to film this moment from first person, out of Naomi's eyes. It would be great to try to shoot it, perhaps from behind Naomi's shoulder, without camera shake if possible). When Mabel goes completely dizzy with her hangs on the ropes, Naomi lifts her head by her hair, showing the camera her broken face, and says, "and where did all your pathos go, bitch?", then lets go of Mabel's head, and kicks her in the jaw. From the blow, Mabel slides to her heel. Then Naomi spreads Mabel's legs wider with her foot, and kicks her in the groin with a running kick. After the blow, Mabel convulses as if she had been electrocuted (her legs are still spread wide apart). Naomi delivers several more blows to Mabel's stomach and face.

Mabel sits leaning against the ropes, her body shaking in convulsions. She squints her eyes, moans, drools from her mouth.

The voice-over says, "It's time to finish her off," Naomi climbs over the ropes and gets behind Mabel's back. Grabs her by the hair and shows her face to the camera. Says, "I'm so sick of your tits today." With those words, Naomi twists Mabel's neck, who lets out a ridiculous scream (I wish Mabel had done a sharp headshake to make the scene look believable, and acted slack-jawed/shaky). Mabel doesn't stop convulsing, then Naomi twists her neck a couple more times, and Mabel goes quiet. Naomi puts her foot on Mabel's shoulder in a victory pose (it's important to keep the focus on Mabel, even as she poses as the winner) The voice-over announces the winner. The camera fades to a close-up of Mabel, under the commentator's barbs.

Scene 2

Naomi is dressed in comfortable sportswear, such as a top and shorts, with sneakers or sneakers on her feet. The voiceover announces Mabel. She comes out sexy, similar to the previous episode. She is dressed as in the video "Alex hires Steve to get revenge on Mabel" (leather bustier, leather skirt, portieres on her feet, boots, fingerless gloves on her hands) Mabel's hair - by convenience, I would like her hair to be loose but not covering Mabel's face, you can make a ponytail if you find it more convenient. Mabel carries a taser in her hand. Standing in her corner, she puts the taser down, performs a few seductive movements, touching her breasts. She criticizes Naomi's appearance, mocking, exalting herself over her. Naomi responds by starting to insult Mabel, saying that there is nothing special about her looks (phrase it however you want, as long as it sounds rude, and demeaning). A voice-over announces a duel stopping the argument. The girls converge, and a mutual exchange of blows begins (the main focus is on Mabel). The girls hit each other with their hands and feet all over the floor. The mutual insults don't stop during the fight. Naomi hits a low kick, but Mabel raises her frontal shin, meeting the kick. Naomi kicks off her leg, grasps it, and squirms in pain. Mabel laughs at her, but Naomi punches her other leg into Mabel's face with anger, interrupting her laughter. Mabel stands swaying in a groggy state, groaning, falling to her knees. (All focus on Mabel) Mabel is on her knees as Naomi takes her by the hair and starts smashing her face with her fists and knees. After a series of punches, she steps away from Mabel, and calling her a lowlife, kicks her straight in the face, causing Mabel to fall onto her back. Mabel lies on her back, her hands resting above her head and her legs left bent at the knees. Her knees are on the floor, wide apart. Naomi kicks Mabel in the groin with a running kick, causing her to regain consciousness and start screaming loudly. Naomi begins to deliver a series of kicks to Mabel's body. After a few punches, Mabel grabs Naomi's leg, and rolls her to the floor. Sits down on Naomi's stomach, and starts choking her. But Naomi, in response, grabs Mabel by the throat and chokes her, lying on her back. (All focus is also on Mabel) Mabel starts choking early. Her hands release Naomi's throat. Mabel gasps, bulging her eyes, and drools. Finally, Mabel's eyes roll up and she is dizzy. Naomi lets her go, and Mabel drops her breasts onto Naomi's face. 

Naomi contemptuously pulls her legs out from under Mabel (it is important that Mabel be completely unresponsive, and not react to anything)

Naomi is very tired, and tries to catch her breath. At this point, Mabel comes to her senses and crawls to the taser. After picking up the taser, Mabel stands up, and with a horny face, caressing and squeezing her breasts with one hand, through a moan, says in a languid, sexy voice, "Is that all you can do? Now you're finished," but she doesn't have time to use it. Naomi kicks Mabel in the face. Mabel lets go of the taser, falls to her knees, and rests her face on Naomi's stomach, to the snarky comments of the voiceover. Naomi says, "get off me, slut," and steps aside. Mabel falls face down and lies with her ass up. ( it's important to keep the focus on Mabel, and the face was clearly visible) Naomi concludes: "only a whore would fall in such a humiliating position" pushes Mabel in the thigh with her foot, flipping her onto her back. Lifts her up by her hair, putting her on her knees. He gets up behind Mabel. Takes the taser, and begins to electrocute Mabel. (It is important to shoot Mabel from the front, so you can clearly see her reactions.) Mabel shakes violently. She screams loudly, foam coming out of her mouth. Her eyes roll back. When Mabel stops screaming, Naomi takes Mabel by the hair, showing her broken face to the camera. The voice-over says, "it's time to finish her off."

Naomi brings Mabel to her senses with a slap. She grabs her head with her hands, about to wring her neck. Mabel begins begging for mercy. Naomi laughs and sharply twists her neck. She shows Mabel's face to the camera once more. Mabel's body convulses slightly, then Naomi twists Mabel's neck a couple more times. ( It's important that Mabel tries to make sharp jerks with her head, for the effect of the scene ) Naomi throws Mabel's body back. Flips Mabel onto her side, kicking Mabel's arm behind her head. Places her foot on Mabel's face. At this point the camera fades out. (Also, as usual, keep the focus on Mabel, and Mabel's face should be clearly visible)

Scene 3

The last scene begins similarly. Naomi, in her gym clothes, stands in her corner, and looks disdainfully at Mabel coming out. Mabel wears a white tank top over her bare body, a leather short skirt, portieres on her feet, boots, choker, fingerless gloves. Either dressed as in the video or dressed as in the video Mabel gets a pleasure from the fight ( your choice, as well as her hair) The voiceover announces Mabel and she comes out with elements of the show, playing to the audience, with a seductive gait, caressing her breasts. She carries a blade in her hand.

Standing in her corner, caressing herself, running the blade over her body, over her breasts. Passionately, with a gasp, she licks the blade. There is a verbal altercation with mutual insults between the girls, after which a fight is declared and the girls converge. Mabel begins to dominate, smashing Naomi. After a series of different punches, Naomi falls to the floor. Mabel begins to work for the camera, moving sexily, touching her body, and telling the camera what she is going to do to Naomi. As Mabel poses for the camera, Naomi comes to her senses. Abruptly, she grabs Mabel by the shoulder, and with the words, "Shut up already, bitch!" she turns Mabel toward her, and gives her a powerful punch to the jaw, which turns Mabel back toward the camera. Mabel stares into the camera in a groggy state, squinting her eyes, swaying, falling to her knees. A voiceover sneers at what's going on. Naomi grabs Mabel's throat from behind and begins choking her. Mabel grunts, sticks out her tongue, and drools. Naomi holds her head, launches a series of insults at her rival, and squeamishly pushes her face forward. Mabel falls down with her ass up. Naomi lifts Mabel up by her hair, and starts punching Mabel in the face. With an uppercut she knocks Mabel off her feet. She falls down and crawls sharply toward her blade. Naomi grabs Mabel's leg, but Mabel manages to reach for her blade and stabs Naomi across the face, leaving a cut. Naomi grabs her face and screams. Mabel stands up and laughs at Naomi, insulting her appearance, telling her that it hasn't made her worse. Naomi becomes enraged. Mabel stabs her, but Naomi catches Mabel's hand, jerks it out, and takes the blade away. Holding Mabel's hand, Naomi stabs Mabel several times in the stomach. One last blow, she traps the blade in Mabel's stomach, insulting her. Mabel screams heartbreakingly, ripping her throat open.

Naomi pulls the blade out with a jerk, and Mabel falls to her knees. Naomi walks around her. (It's important that the camera shoots Mabel from the front. )

Mabel continues to scream wildly, and Naomi drives the blade, into the back of Mabel's head, interrupting her screaming. Mabel's eyes and mouth are wide open. Naomi yanks the blade out sharply, and Mabel collapses onto her back. Mabel's legs remain bent at the knees, her heels remaining under her heel. Naomi, with her foot, tilts Mabel's arms back so that they lie as if up, exposing her armpits.And he turns Mabel's face into the camera with his foot. (All the focus is on Mabel, even as she poses as the winner. Lifts Mabel up by her hair, and sets her down in front of her, facing the camera. Mabel's mouth and eyes are wide open. Sitting behind Mabel, Naomi rubs her body. By the hair, she turns her head toward herself. Says in her face, "Burn in hell, bitch." shows the camera Mabel's face once more. waves her hand at Mabel into the camera, and squeamishly throws her body back, and Mabel collapses onto her back, throwing her arms back. The camera fades to a close-up of Mabel. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mortal kombat. Mabel vs Naomi

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