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Alex and Tom are hired to guard the access to a hall. Steve and Clark want to steal whatever is in that hall.

Alex guards the first entrance and Tom – the following one.


Scene 1 (2.5 minutes) – somewhere inside, but not in the main room:

Steve and Clark (wearing jeans+t-shirt+cagoules) attack Alex. Alex is taken by surprise but tries to fight both.

However, while Clark fights Alex, Clark goes further inside the building (Steve assures him he will deal with Alex).

Alex and Steve continue to fight. Steve controls the fight most of the time, but Alex makes use of a couple of lowblows and takes control for a short time. However, Alex is quite resilient and even if Steve beats him hard, he

just comes for more. Finally, Steve lowblows Alex and when he backs away holding his groin, punches or kicks him over the head. Alex falls to the ground, knocked out. Steve boasts a bit and flexes his muscles, mocks Alex a

bit, then goes to the next room.

Scene 2 (3 minutes):

Meanwhile, Clark arrives in the room where Tom is guarding the entrance to the hall. Clark immediately attacks, but Tom is ready. A balanced fight takes place. Very soon in the fight Tom gets Clark’s cagoule off. At one point,

seeing that he cannot beat Tom, Clark tries a lowblow, but Tom blocks it and reverses with one of its own. Clark backs away holding his groin.

“Nobody can get me down there.” boasts Tom.

Tom attacks Clark and soon has him dizzy. During this fight, Tom gets the t-shirt off Clark (Clark tries to escape Tom’s hold and leaves the t-shirt slide off him). Tom gets his own t-shirt off after that and boasts by flexing.

Scene 3 (6 minutes):

Steve enters the room. Clark is dizzy and Tom, seeing Steve entering the room, locks Clark in a choke hold from behind.

“Stop right there if you don’t want your friend finish badly!” Tom threatens.

Steve stops and pleads with Tom to spare him.

“What will you do for him?” Tom asks. “Strip!” Tom continues without waiting a response.

“What?” Steve answers automatically, taken by surprise by the request.

Tom tightens the choke on Clark. Clark struggles a bit, but the strength starts leaving his body.

“Ok. All right!” Steve answers and starts to get his clothes off (cagoule, t-shirt, pants). When he reaches the shorts, he stops.

“Come on! Go on!” Tom orders. However, his grip on Clark weakened somewhat and Clark starts struggling more.

Steve, reluctantly, brings his hands to the waistband of his shorts, but he hesitates.

Clark begins to struggle even more, so Tom decides is too difficult to control him, so he punches him in the head and knocks him out. Clark falls to the floor. Steve immediately attacks. A fight ensues.

The fight is quite balanced at the beginning, both Steve and Tom have good attacks. At one point Steve tries to lowblow Tom. Tom reverses it and lowblows Steve. Tom gains the control of the fight and, with the use of some

powerful punckes, kicks, moves and one or two lowblows gets Steve dizzy. Tom finally kicks Steve hard between the legs. Steve falls to the floor holding his groin.

Tom mocks him and gets a cagoule and puts it on. He then mocks some more, then gets Steve on his knees and applies him a handgag from behind ( ). Steve struggles.

Scene 4 (0.5 minutes):

Alex comes around. He gets up, but he is still dizzy. He goes inside.

Scene 5 (2 minutes):

Alex enters the room Tom is and he comes from behind him. Tom is handgagging a kneeled Steve (from the end of Scene 3).

Tom hears Alex come in, and because Clark is beginning to move a bit, he shouts at Alex, without turning “Get him!”

Alex, still a bit dizzy, seeing the back of a guy with a cagoule on his head, he thinks Steve is Tom and vice-versa, so he kicks Tom between the legs with all his power. Tom immediately lets Steve go, who falls to the ground, face

down, almost knocked out. Tom’s legs buckle a little inwards and he grabs his groin with both hands. Tom is almost paralyzed by the pain. Alex, seeing that the guy still stands, brings his hands together and pounds Tom

again between the legs. Tom’s legs buckle even more inwards. The camera catches the expression of Tom’s eyes/face. Alex brings his hands again between Tom’s legs. The camera catches Tom’s eyes rolling into his head,

and Tom falls to the floor, knocked out. In all this time Clark starts to move but is not yet well enough to get up.

Alex is very happy with the result and starts mocking and boasting, ignoring Steve and Clark. Then he goes to take the cagoule from Tom’s head. When he sees is Tom, he jumps back.

“Fuck!” Alex exclaims.

Scene 6 (3.5 minutes):

While Alex is processing what just has happened, Clark gets up and attacks him.

A fight ensues. At the beginning, Clark is controlling the fight, but he makes a mistake and Alex lowblows him twice consecutively. Now Alex is controlling the fight and Clark is on the defensive. However, Steve comes

around and he attacks Alex. Soon Alex is overwhelmed, and after two lowblows, one from each opponent, he is at their mercy. Steve and Clark take turns at beating and humiliating Alex.

Scene 7 (6.5 minutes):

Tom wakes up; he gets up and, even if he is still dizzy, he attacks Clark. Steve wants to team up with Clark, but Alex manages to lowblow him and then attacks him. However, Steve regains easily control in his fight with Alex.

Clark controls the fight at the beginning, but Tom recovers and starts dominating Clark.

At one point, Steve lowblows Alex hard. Alex falls to the floor holding his groin. Steve joins Clark against Tom.

Tom fights both Clark and Steve. They both try to lowblow Tom, but none is successful. Tom uses several lowblows during the fight and bring both Clark and Steve to dizziness (they both are on the floor at this point).

Scene 8 (6 minutes):

Alex comes around and wants to help Tom finish the job. However, Tom is very angry with Alex and slams him into a wall and chokes him. Alex, panicked, starts to struggle and, by mistake, kicks/knees Tom in the groin. Tom

releases him and backs away. Alex slides down to the floor and falls to one side, almost knocked out. Tom massages a bit his groin to relieve the pain, then approaches Alex again. But from behind comes Clark, who

lowblows him. However, the aim is a bit off and doesn’t do the job well. Tom grabs his groin but turns quickly and grabs Clark and slams him to the wall and starts punching his mid-section. Steve gets up and lowblows Tom

hard from behind. Tom takes a step back holding his groin. Clark quickly kicks him between the legs. Tom moans and falls to the floor cupping his groin.

Clark and Steve get each one of their opponents up and start mocking them. Tom and Alex are both dizzy and unable to fight back. Clark and Steve “play” with Alex and Tom, slamming them into each other, etc.

Finally, Clark and Steve get their opponents to stand one next to eachother (they are completely dizzy). Clark and Steve bet on which one of their opponents will take more lowblows before KOed. Steve bets on Alex and Clark – on Tom. The loser must take a lowblow from the last standing opponent.

Then they take turns on lowblowing Alex and Tom (using kicks, unches, uppercuts or knees). After each lowblow they must get them up again. After the third lowblow, Alex is knocked out.

Clark takes Tom hands and raises it up in recognition that he won the bet.

“Come take your lowblow!” Clark tells Steve.

Reluctantly, Steve takes a standing position, with his legs apart and his hands to the back.

“Come on! Kick him!” Clark orders Tom.

Tom recovered a bit and sees a chance of overturning the situation in his favor. He puts all his power in the kick.

The kick connects perfectly and Steve grabs his groin and slowly collapses on the floor in pain, almost knocked out. The camera catches the lowblow from 2 angles.

Tom turns around quickly to lowblow Clark, but Clark catches his punch and retaliates with a lowblow of his own. Tom grabs his groin and falls to the floor, knocked out.

Clark helps Steve get up. They drag the two opponents in the middle of the room and then go to the hall.

The camera pans over their bodies and fades to black.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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