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  • Paula destroys the gang with the power of karate

Custom clip request 

Here is the next custom, Paula vs. Rob (karate twin brothers vs. karate woman)

Her Attire like last customs (black pantyhose/black leotard). Her hair perm like pic.1 below, really like that hair, lots of lipstick too. Also pull the leotard sleeves down to hand close to fingers (only if possible and you can do it in certain time or in the replay or cut/resume scene…I know it moves so do the best as much as you can)

Rob attire: he wears exactly like pic.2 in all scenes, same look and hat, we call it karate gangs twins, His look very serious, no laughing at all, his pose and face in pic.2 looks very good.


Rob is in pic.2 attire, playing with his blade waiting for her to finish her, she walks to the scene with her back to camera in karate pose (please show it from her back to Camera walking in just like Ronda custom pic.9-like that angle). She tells him “drop the blade or I finish you with kung fu power”. He says I finish you right here, she now throws at least 2 high kicks front of his face just like pic5,6 angles (important-her back to camera like pic). He can also lowers himself with the blade so kicks come right in front of his eye. Every time she kicks he steps back till the next kick come. I prefer she throws the hi-kicks slowly with focus. After kicks they stare at each other few seconds. He then keeps attacking her with blade she bends miss, she then kicks him in the knee slowly but effective, looks at him then more hi kicks. couple of karate chops too (after chop raise her hand way up). He finally does the final attack to finish her, she finishs him with his own blade. I have an idea, if it is difficult for her to do same move like Sasha, then cut resume scene and only show pic7,8 from both mid view and close up. For example, she blocks the v cut scene then on the resume scene blade going into his stomach all the way in (both holding the blade). Now with the blade inside they stare at each other for 5sec till he falls down. 

Scene.2 Rob in pic.2 attire, twin brother

Scene starts with only his shoulder and up can be seen. Now all of the sudden he screams very loud and as the camera zooms out (or cut resume scene), a blade is thrown inside his stomach from far away, and he is holding the blade with both hand few sec then falls on the floor, she know walks to the scene with her back to camera put hands over waist looks down at him, different angles toes front of his eye, now check his pulse, say “the twin karate brother also finished by my blade throw, all the way inside stomach”. His eyes still open in pain looks at her pantyhose, she fixes her hoes from toes up (she grabs the hose hard with both hands as she feels it). She now walks away kind of far from him and shows him the blade throw replay (put one leg front of the other legs spread apart very strong on the floor, her hand way stretched at him, pretending blade was thrown hard), show from different angles, from behind her too if enough time left.

Scene.3 Rob in pic.2 attire, last twin brother, balcony expert (balcony throw)

Will be exactly like the start scene of Carol or Ronda custom pics 12,14, karate man comes to the scene then turns around sees here in that exact poses mean look and very little mean smile. She tells him “Welcome to kung fu club, we break bones here”. He gets super angry face, then bow each other same ways pic.15 different angles, from behind too, please also show some bows they look the same direction to her toes. This time when they fight, she only throws few hi kicks at him, then focus, after the kicks, they stare at each other, she gives him a mean look for 5 sec. He escapes to the balcony, she chases him up the stairs, he throws the blade at her, please show her pose just like pic16,17 before and after the throw, love that spread apart legs in stairs, legs wide open, also the bent way way down face down very close to stairs pic.17. She now says, let get the last balcony expert twin brothers, haaaa. She continues chasing him up, they both go to karate pose stare at each other 5 sec look, throw karate chop at each other, he know grabs her by throat just like Carol customs pic.18 show different angles she is almost falling down, in the last second karate chops him just like pics.19. This time keep her hand stretched up after the chop like pic 20 (don’t bring it down), he hits the wall behind him very hard and bounce real hard towards balcony rail out of control and jumps without her touching him at all, she just have her hand stretched up the whole time looking. Still her hand up says “karate chop”. She now goes down next to him hands over waist looks up at balcony then down at him few times, then looks up at balcony again pic.21 says, “hummmmm, one karate chop got him, my lord”

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Paula destroys the gang with the power of karate

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