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  • Alex runs the mission using a bag of items for a prank

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The clip takes place after the events of Tiffany finishes 3 men with her open toed shoes in the original description.

Setting: The protagonist in this film is Alex. In the film, he is a wisecracking agent who is tired of their job and is looking forward to quit. But he is in need to do one last mission now that his life is at stake. He gets a call from his boss telling him that their ex-agent Tiffany has given the enemy documents that contain launch codes to some missiles in exchange for the names of the best fighters in the world. It's up to Alex to get the documents back before the evil Naomi launches the missiles in his home town. Before he goes on the mission, the boss tells him that there's a bag of tools waiting for him at the coordinates he'll send after the call.

Scene 1: The enemy base is guarded by two masked men talking about ordering strippers for their day off. One of the guards is excited while the other is pissed off since he's a married man. Before they finish the argument, they see a woman figure approaching them, thinking the strippers are arriving early. But it turns out to be Alex disguised as a woman. The guards see through the disguise immediately, and they threaten to finish him if he doesn't leave. Alex is shown to be disappointed that his plan didn't work, so he decides to throw his fake boobs (these could be whatever you can find, just as long as they won't badly injure the actors) at the guards heads and knocks them out with some punches. He then grabs the bag of tools he hid somewhere, and reveals that the disguise was the boss's idea since it was in the bag.

Scene 2: Alex is now back in his normal clothes and has successfully entered the enemy base. He then sees another masked Hench man, and takes cover before he is spotted. He then looks for another tool in his bag, and finds a banana peel. Looking confused, he throws the banana peel and the guard actually falls for it. Before the guard gets up, Alex pins him down by sitting on his back, and giving him a wedgie. The guard then releases a funny scream and got KOed. The scream alarms one of the guards, and so he runs away.

Scene 3: The guard that ran away arrives in his boss's room, which is where Naomi is sitting in her desk reading the documents, wearing nylon stockings, short skirt, and a button up shirt. The guard tells Naomi that there's an intruder in the building. Naomi then walks to the guard, putting her hand on his shoulder, then kneeing him in the balls. The guard falls into the floor, then Naomi steps on his neck before he gets up. She then asks why didn't he do anything about it as soon as he saw him. He then replies while struggling under her foot,"I was scared since he easily took down everyone else!" Naomi then tells him to do something about it since it's his job. After all he's supposed to be the most skilled henchman. She then takes her foot off and tells him to go.

Scene 4: Alex gets closer to the final room, but then the guard sneaks up behind him and gets Alex in a choke hold. Alex then elbows his stomach to get out and pushes him away. He then reaches for another tool in his bag, but the guard tackles him before he can find one. He then pins down Alex by sitting on his chest and punching his head multiple times. Alex then kicks him off and rushes towards his bag. He grabs an empty bottle, and questions why is he getting bizarre tools instead of actual weapons. As the guard gets up and starts running towards Alex, Alex quickly opens the empty bottle and throws it at the guard. The guard then stops running and awkwardly stares at Alex. The Camera switches to Alex and then back at the guard, who slowly starts to put their hand at their crotch area and starts to scratch it. He then proceeds to ask Alex what did he do to him. Alex gets a closer look at the bottle, and saw a label that says,"STD GAS." The guard is shocked after hearing what was in the bottle, so he faints afterwards. Alex then gets up and leaves.

Scene 5: As soon as Alex opens the door, he catches Naomi changing clothes. She is now wearing open toes strapped heels, denim shorts, and a pink bra. She was going to put on a t-shirt until Alex opened the door. She then asks Alex if he knows how to knock, Alex responds by saying that he didn't know she was changing, and he then asks her why. Naomi says that she was going on vacation now that she knows the codes for the missiles, and she was going to finish the launch command on her trip to Mexico. But Alex realizes that she was actually trying to leave so that she doesn't get finished by the missiles, but her henchmen would. He then asks if she would feel any remorse if they died in the attack. She says no, because her henchmen are weak and can't do their jobs right. This pisses off Alex, and so he tries to fight Naomi, but Naomi counters every attack he throws at her, showing that she is a better fighter than he is. While Alex is getting beaten up by Naomi, he drops his bag of tools and can't reach them. The beat down ends with Alex falling on the floor, and Naomi pins him down by stepping on his neck with her hands on her hips. Alex then breaks out by lifting one of her toes up, with a cracking sound effect, implying that he broke her toe. Naomi then falls to the floor, then Alex rushes towards his bag to find one last tool, which is a boxing glove. He then walks towards Naomi, and punches her in the face, knocking her out. He then grabs the documents and leaves.

Final scene: Alex gets a call from his boss, telling him that he grabbed the wrong tool bag. He was supposed to grab a bag filled with weapons rather than the prank bag. Alex slaps his face and sighs. But Alex told the boss that he still got the job done and has successfully recovered the documents. He then opens them and sees that it was actually a picture of the troll face meme. He says angrily that the documents he got back were fake, Naomi still has the real ones. The video ends with the boss telling Alex that he's not done with the job. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Alex runs the mission using a bag of items for a prank

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