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  • Rhea destroys the gang stomping the bandits' balls

Custom clip request 

Outfit for Rhea should be bare, very shiny legs in stilettos, mules and a one-piece leotard black suit. All Sven in militia outfits (stairway thugs)

No ankle straps. Close ups of her face, cleavage, legs, and heels throughout. Some makeup on her face. Don't wear anything around your neck. No gloves. There is dialogue mentioned in the script. Feel free to add more to it. Floor camera to the side and between Sven legs when he falls spread eagle to the ground. 

All Sven in different militia outfits (stairway thugs)

A thug stands at the door of the stairway. She knocks to come in. He opens the door and she grabs him by the balls. He screams things like my balls! She says you will give me  information or I will rip them off. His groin is poked up from her pulling him forward but he is against the wall. Then grabs him by the throat. Where is your boss? She asks as he chokes from the pain. He points up and she grabs him by the balls and pulls him to the floor by the wall. She kicks him in the balls and knee him in the face and snaps his neck. 

All thugs yell something.

She  taunts them with phrases like. Do you like what you see?

Come get a closer look?

I'm sorry did I hurt your balls? 

She will fight 2 more thugs one by one on that way up. Beating them with dirty tricks ( teasing them with her legs and heels rubbing on them) and high kicks, punches, fast kicks to the balls. Then ballbust and snapping their necks in different ways and walking over them. One thug will get off a gut punch with little effect on her. After she snaps each thug's neck they will spread eagle.

Large Room of the boss.

The boss, Sven wears a ninja outfit mask shirt tucked in sweatpants with large bulge in groin area. Ninja sits at a desk and grabs a weapon and comes at her. She disarms him and kicks him in his head. He walks back. She takes off her heels and does a split. She uses one heel to hit him in the balls sending him to the floor. She walks between his legs and kicks them open and stomps and grinds his balls for 1 minute barefoot. He screams no stop. Oh my balls! No, my balls! Then she grabs his balls while he is spread eagle pose with a camera behind her. She walks off and grabs a chair to put between his legs. She uses his body as a footrest put back on her heels while she taunts him. Rubbing her legs and crossing her legs. He is in a trance and totally dumbfounded. She tells him that she is now the leader of his gang and that he is her servant. Camera close up of her heels on his groin. She ask him for money while taunting him he says yes and looks at her heels on his balls. She ask for more sexy outfit he lifts his head and says yes. He moans and pаssеs out. She does a victory pose. Then camera fades out to black.

Language: English 

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Rhea destroys the gang stomping the bandits' balls

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