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  • Tiffany put the Master under her feet

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A wealthy martial art expert guy wants to prove that his skills are the best. So from time to time he invites experts from different styles to polish his skills. He humiliated his opponents and beat them up badly. He invites a karate master this time. But somebody spoiled the invites and a hostess girl Tiffany showed up. She is very shy and had no idea what was going on. He first wants to send her back, but wants to do some fun and orders her to change to the gi and come and fight him. She appears and asks him what to do and orders her to attack. She tried to attack him and the fight started. She has been completely beaten. He throws her, kicks her and stomps her on the ground. Making fun of her. She will get very tired and sweat a lot. She is getting angry and decides to fight back seriously this time. While she is on the floor he is trying to make a phone call to ask when he will get his real opponent, but he will get surprised when Tiffany kicks her phone out of his hand and kicks his face with a very loud kiya. He is surprised that she is skilled. He starts to beat her more, but she is able to block his moves sometimes. She is always getting up so he starts to get desperate. Everytime he is beaten Tiffany gets a bit tired, but Tiffany keeps getting up and continuing. Tiffany is waiting her time until he is a bit slower and starts posing like a martial art master. Slowly form attack poses and kick her face and start hitting and beating him up. Try to use a lot of real foot to face contact. Sometimes he will get dizzy from her hits and kicks and she will front kick him and he will fall to the ground. She will attack very strongly and she tenses her muscles and hits him on the ground like in the video (hits.mp4). He wants a draw, but Tiffany won't stop. She will smile and tell him that he wants karate with her and she will do it. Please do a very epic ending. Lot of foot to face, Tiffany will definitely enjoy every kick to his face until he falls and barely stands up. She sees he is weak and warns him to stop, but he tries one desperate move on her, she avoids it and does a last kick to his face. How can I imagine this, she will kick his face and the camera will show her from the front and fix angle. He will fall out from the view while some water splash from his mouth (not too much) and only Tiffany remains there (kick_3.mp4). After the kick she will lower her legs, stand in attack pose then the camera is zooming to her sweaty face. This will be the epic final moment. Then go closer to him and finish him with her sweaty feet and show closer with the camera (finish_1.jpg to finish_4.jpg). The camera will go up until her face. Her face will be satisfied. After this she walks out in a sexy movement and looks at the camera. Show her sweaty face very closely while she is smiling and her soles, while she bends it.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany put the Master under her feet

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