female fighting stories

  • Ivy destroys the criminal Boss as a merciless Terminator

Custom clip request 

Ivy and 2 actors.

Length: 10 minutes.

Clothes and hair for Ivy exactly in:


Black high heeled shoes the same in: 


Black sunglasses.

Music of 'Terminator Carly gets the papers' in Scenes 1 & 2.

Scene 1: She arrives in the building seeing her heels and walk slowly. (Camera in the beginning in heels and then to her ass as she walk).

She wears the sunglasses and holds the machine shooter.

She sees the 1st guard and as she walks without stopping she shoots finishing him off. She steps over his body, continue walking.

She is very strict.

She sees the 2d guard and he falls on his knees begging her but she finishing him off and step over again.

She walks (camera on her ass as she walks).

Scene 2: Room with 2 guards. She opens the door and without delay she shoots both of them. Their bodies will be in short distance. She steps over sadistically and slowly the 1st body (Camera angle low on her heels) and stands in front of 2d who is breathing a little and finishes him, then step over and continue walking.

Scene 3: Boss in the room is very scared hearing the machine shooter and his guards finished.

She gets in the room, leave the shooter, takes off her sunglasses and tells him that he will be punished for finishing her husband.

A lot of kicks in his face, knees and balls and a lot of humiliation begging her for sorry. And also some stepping over.

At last she finishes him off with the machine shooter, wear again her sunglasses,steps over and leave the room.

Scene 4: Stepping over again the 2 bodies of the guards of scene 2 and the others of scene 1.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ivy destroys the criminal Boss as a merciless Terminator

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