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  • Sven almost overpowered Goddess Tiffany

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The Story is easy: Tiffany is a Goddess and like other Goddess she likes to tramples the Balls of her Slaves. But they have finally enough and send Rob/Sven to teach her a lesson, to stop her from duing that. Tiffany is in the Room and the Guy comes in, she asks her what he want, and he tells her that the Guys have enough of her cruelty against them, he

is here to teach her a lesson. Tiffany says "Wait, what?" And he says that he is here to fight against her. She finds the whole situation ridiculous.

"You know that i am a Goddess?"


"You know thats its impossible für a mortal to take me out?"


Tiffany is smirking "Are you crazy or just stupid?"

"No, no, i will fight against you"

"Ok, i give you one chance: Fall on your Knees and beg for your life, and maybe i will not destroy you"


Tiffany looks serious " On your Knees!"

But again, he refuses to to so. Tiffany " Okay then... " she is approtching him " ... show me what you can do" For her this all is just a big Joke, and the fight beginns.

Rob/Sven is  a good fighter, from the start he can give Tiffany a lots of Belly and Head punches. But she just takes them all with a little Body reaction and moaning. ( As i said, the did this pretty will in the other Video) And because she is a Goddess, she hits really hard. A few punches are enough to really hurt him. After his good start, the Guy become weaker,

he goes down 2 Times.

But he always stands up quickly befor she can finish him off. (Once she tries to stomp on his Face with her Heels, but he avoits the attack in the last second) But when we near the 3 Min Timer, she dominates him and gives him a hard beating. He goes down and is exhausted. Tiffany smiles: " Do you really thought, there would be a other outcome? This

was just a waste of Time" But he is not ready to give up, he is up again. " We created a Spell against you" Tiffany is laughing " No Spell in this World can harm me" - " But it can me help against you"  Tiffany is approtching the Guy, and he says a Magic Spell Word ( You can choose any) and suddenly Tiffany Hands go to behind her Spine, similar to 

the Pic. Tiffany tries to pull her Arms from her Spine away, but the Spell is too strong. She looks surprised " What sorcery is that?"  " Something to teach you a lesson" He stands up and starts punching her Belly with left and rights. He gives her Belly a pretty good and hard beating. For Tiffany there is nothing what she can to about it, she stand

stands her and takes all the blows.  A little Detail: While is is under Control from the Spell, she always stands straight, so her Chest /Belly is fully exposed.

After a good beating the spell breaks and she is free again, she grabs the Throat of him with one Hand and is looking into his Eyes: " Nice try, put pointless"  She throws him away and the fight goes on.  At the start the Guy is bretty good again, he is avoiding many attacks from her and keeps punching her. But after a while she turns the table again

and start dominating him.  She gives him a hard blow and he goes down on one knee, she is approtching him but he says the Spell again. Tiffany " Serious?Again?" He uses the second chance, he stands up and starts beating the Belly from her with left and rights again. Tiffany moans, but she can take the second hard beating.

When the Spell breaks again, Tiffany gives him a left and a right Head punch and he strumples back. She is pointing with her finger at him " I have enough off this silly fight, you will go down now!" And she is attacking him. The fighting style from her has changed, she fights now more serious and brutal. But again the Guy is pretty good and

avoits most of her attacks, meanwhile he keeps punching her. But after a while enough: She gives him a hard push and he strumbles back against the Wall. She gives him a hard beating befor she throws him into the Room. She immediately goes after him, but says the Spell again against her! but this Time, Tiffany is fighting against the Spell.

She stands similar to the second Pic, Hands on her Bodyside, she makes Fists (the are shaking a little bit) The Guy realises that she nearly breaks the Spell, so he stands up and goes quickly to her and starts punching her Belly. After a few punches she Spell workes and her Hands are on her Spine again. This is the 3 hard beating of

her Belly, and this time she is stuggling with the Pain: We can  see it on Tiffanys Face.  After a good beating the Spell breakes again, Tiffany strumbles back some Steps and is holding her Belly, for the first Time she shows weaknes.  " I am surprised... you really managed to harm me. But still... you can never take me out"

Tiffany ignores the Pain and is attacking him, but he quickly uses the Spell again, but this Time she can break the Spell " This wont work anymore" and she keeps attacking him,  but from now on he avoids every attack from her and beetween them, he keeps non stop punching her.  For a short Time Tiffany can ignore the Pain, but after a while its to much for her: She become weaker and looks exaused. Particularly the punches against her Belly are very painful for her now, she moans painful from them. Near the End she stands against the Wall and he gives her some Belly punches, on her Face and from her monaning we can see that he destroyed her Belly at this Point. When he stops his attack 

she is holding her Belly again " You can never take me out completely, this is just impossible"   His answer " I know" He gives her 2 punches against her Head, and she says " Why are you keep going? This is pointless" His answer is that he still need to teach her a Lesson. The pushes her into the Room and starts punching her Head

with left and rights, but from time to time he  gives her one very painfull punch into her Belly. But it is like she said: Because she is a God, he cannot bring her down or take her out. After a few punches she says "Stop" He says that he will stop wenn she falls on her knees befor him"  Tiffany can´t beleave what she is hearing: "A God should Knee befor a Mortal? Never!" The Guy says okay then and starts punching her again. But after a while she quickly says "Stop" again. She breaths hardly and looks really exausted  And she really drops down on her Knees, she is looking up " See? I give up"  He is pleased about this " I hope you learnt you lesson and will leave us alone now" And he leaves the Room.

When he is out, Tiffany stands again, holding her Belly, she is looking with a hateful Face  to the Door "Nobody threats me like that! I promise, you will pay for that!" 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sven almost overpowered Goddess Tiffany

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