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  • Carly was trapped in a bearhugs

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Carly's outfit is Agent Cobra's gray snake suit.

Rob's guarantee is to wear shorts like a martial arts player.

Since I'm using a translator, I'll include the attached file if it's hard to express in words. Please look at the attached file and do the same as possible.

The main purpose of this video is "bearhug". It's over 80% for a long time. So there are a few settings. Please be aware of this.

It's mainly a front bear hug, and there's also Rob's physical strength problem that requires a long time of bear hug, so basically, it's a front bear hug with CARLY's two feet touching the ground.

But to bother CARLY more. To express Rob's power. Sometimes you have to lift the CARLY high and do a liftbearhug.

Liftbearhug is a setting that is twice as painful as CARLY's weight is also added to the waist.

So, when you do liftbearhug, CARLY needs to be twice as painful and moan loudly.

And what's important is that the tightening point when you hug. Make sure to tighten the slimmer and thinnest part of CARLY's

You have to tighten only the tight black band that emphasizes the waistline of the cobra outfit.

For every bear hug, you have to tighten that part.

I don't want to leave the band and squeeze my ribs or chest. Never!

For me, bearhug is attractive when tightening the leanest waist.

This is really important.

Chapter 1. Meeting. A total of 2 minutes.

Rob: I finally found the cobra. My boss told me to finish you.

CARLY:I'm glad to hear this. I was actually looking for you, too. You are who finished 6 people, including my colleagues.

Rob: Huhu yeah. You're going to be the seventh.

CARLY: I have a question before I finish you.I have to write a report. After I destroy you I will not be able to get the answer. All 6 of us were destroyed because our spine was broken.How did you do that? This is not common.

Rob: Huhuhu that's simple. I tightened it.

CARLY: Tightening?

Rob: Yeah, it's tight.

CARLY: I don't really understand.

Rob: With his arms wrapped around his waist (while pretending to be a bear hug). Hug and tighten it until the bone breaks!

You'll be like that, too.

CARLY: I see. Simply put, it's a bear hug.But that doesn't make sense. No matter how strong you are, you can't break your spine with human power.

Rob: Is that so? In a little while, you'll be in my arms like everyone else and beg for your life.

CARLY: That doesn't happen. All the bearhugs that numerous enemies have tried on me so far have easily escaped. After that, everyone kicked their buttocks.

Rob: No need to say. Come at me, cobra!

The two of them are posing for battle.

Chapter 2. Cobra's overwhelming domination. A total of 2 minutes.

The two started a battle.

Rob: (in a loud voice) I'll break your back! Cobra!

Rob opens his arms and runs to do a bear hug.

CARLY: You're too slow!! You can't catch me.

Avoid CARLY lightly and attack Rob with punches and kicks.

Rob tries to embrace Carly, but Carly continues to avoid and attack Rob.

For about a minute, Carly attacks unilaterally.

Rob fell down after being kicked by a high kick. Rob is moaning.

Rob: Cobra...I didn't know it would be this strong.

CARLY: Honestly, I'm disappointed. One of the people who was destroyed was our agent. How you won...I can't believe it.

Rob is holding back the pain by breathing with one knee.

CARLY: I'll give you the last chance.

CARLY approaches Rob and grabs Rob's hair.

And I'm going to throw the last punch.

Rob: You let your guard down.Cobra.

CARLY: What?

Rob: Got you!!!

Rob hugged Carly, who was careless.

Champion 3. Hell's BEARHUG.Cobra's defeat. A total of 15 minutes.


Cali: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

(This is the beginning of the important BEARHUG)

Attachment is a general BEARHUG.

7.8.9 is lift BEARHUG.

You have to look at this file and include all of these elements)

Rob is tightening it from the front. CARLY groans in pain and fights back like an attachment.

Rob tightens it harder to prevent Carly from escaping.

CARLY: (Painful) Let go of this!

Rob: Hehehh it's much easier to tighten a woman's waist because it's thin. I'll tighten it and break it for you!

After about a minute, Carly gathers strength and hits the heart and escapes.

Rob: Well...Like this...

CARLY escaped but felt pain in her back.

CARLY: It's an incredible amount of strength (while rubbing my back). I can't believe it.It really felt like a bear was tightening.

Rob: I won't tell you the cobra secret.I'm actually a genetically modified person who's several times stronger than a human.

CARLY: As expected...I see... It'll be dangerous if you let your guard down.

CARLY attacks Rob again.

CARLY's kick and punch hit Rob in a cool way.

Rob tries to hug Carly while being attacked by Carly.

Rob succeeded in hugging CARLY, but continues to fail to catch the BEARHUG grip on CARLY's continued attack.

CARLY: Ahhhhhh!!!

CARLY gets caught in BEARHUG again and suffers.

Rob is cheering and tightening with more strength.

CARLY fights back to escape, but Rob tightens it harder every time, so he can't escape easily this time.

CARLY: Ah! Ah! Ah! My back! I think my back is going to break!

After 2 minutes, CARLY uses the last strength to attack Rob and barely escape.

But Carly already got a serious injury on her back.

CARLY: Oh my gosh!!! My back hurts so much.

Rob: It went away well...But you can do it again.Come here, cobra. I'll give you a lovely hug!

CARLY: Disgusting guy, that's not going to happen!!

CARLY starts attacking again.However, due to back injuries, her kicks and punches became slow and weak.

There's no damage to Rob.

Rob: Does your back hurt a lot? Cobra? It's starting now. Don't have a hard time already!

Rob approached and hugged Carly again...

CARLY: (Desperate voice) No!!!

(This is CARLY's "BEARHUG" for 10 minutes now)

Apply all the scenes from attachment 1 to 9 to finish CARLY.

It should include lift BEARHUG. CARLY fights back to escape, but gradually loses strength and eventually loses fainting for 10 minutes.

Basically, it's a long BEARHUG for 10 days that doesn't stop,

Please feel free to do it within the attached file category.

The lines that you must say. During the first lift BEARHUG,

If Rob lifts it up like this, your weight will be on your waist and it'll be even more painful.Please put it in.

And during "Rift BEARHUG", you have to act more painful and painful than usual.

And I think CARLY's waist will break properly. Stop it. Stop tightening it. Please say the same line.

And on the last finish, do the BEARHUG with the same big impact as attached file 9.

And CARLY will faint)

CARLY fainted after being hit by Rob's powerful BEARHUG for 10 minutes.

The last chapter. Ground BEARHUG CARLY's waist breaks. 10 minutes in total.

Rob: shakes the fainted Cali to wake him up.

CARLY: (Dizzy voice)What happened?Oh my god!!

Carly feels severe pain in her back pain...

Rob: Actually, I could have broken your back easily.

I changed my mind.Let's tease him more!

CARLY: No...Stop it... You won.Don't hurt me anymore...

CARLY has completely lost its fighting spirit.

Rob: That can't happen!! It's hell-like tightening time again.

CARLY: Ahhhhhhhhh!!! I can't!

(Attachment 10)

This time, it's Ground BEARHUG as attached 10.

You just have to reproduce the movement completely like attachment 10.

In the attached file, male wrestlers like BEARHUG.

Strong and fast tightening...

I like how female wrestlers react.

Please reenact it exactly the same.I'll increase the time by 5 minutes)

Tighten Rob:CARLY's waist as strong and fast as attached file 10.

CARLY groans in pain.

Rob: Is the cobra painful?

CARLY: That's enough... I'm begging you. Stop tightening me.

My back...

Rob: I'll keep tightening you until your back breaks

CARLY: Please stop...If I tighten it any more... I'm really broken.

CARLY groans in the solitude...It's been 5 minutes.

Rob: Okay, that's it for the prank.

It's time for the end. Cobra...

I'll do my best to tighten it.

CARLY: No!!!

(Attachment 11)

Rob hugs CARLY closely like attachment 11.

And tighten it with all your might)

Whenever Rob tightens up, you can hear the bone sound loudly.

CARLY's moaning is louder and more painful.

CARLY: Stop!!Stop! Stop it now! Stop tightening it!

Rob: I can hear the bone breaking.

Goodbye cobra!

Rob tightened it with all his might 4 minutes later, loud bone noise

Carly's back broke with a loud scream.

CARLY fainted.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Carly was trapped in a bearhugs

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